Roast-roasting army: The food and beverage entrepreneurship is a life, the future is only the key

Under the unfamiliar situation in the market environment, catering companies want to live, do the former long-term, what is the secret? At the “first dining entrepreneur marathon” scene, the founder of the roof barbecue founded his own view.

This article consolidates from the red meal network (ID: hongcan18), the founder of the Chinese-owned army theme.

As a “2021 Chinese Dining Goods Competition”, “The First Food and Beverage Entrepreneurship Marathon” ended successfully on December 3. In this 72-hour high-intensity immersive closed-door training, the organizers invited to drink, investment and strategic consulting, etc., from the perspective of corporate strategic carding, partners and talent mechanisms, etc. Carding related issues during the operation of the enterprise, providing the participants with the company’s enterprise advanced path of “strategic X organization X people”.

Among them, the BBQ founder of the wood house is a heavy invited guest of the event, and the students bring their entrepreneurship for 18 years of experience.


△ Rubbecue founder

The market is adjusted during the market, and it is the key to life.

In the past two years, the main environment is not friendly on the catering industry. In my opinion, the entire industry environment is still not optimistic in the next 3 to 5 years. For the roof barbecue, the next few years, our strategic goal is “live”. The company wants to live to go and do the school’s ever-blue, we must clear its mission, vision and values.

Since its establishment in 2003, the roof barbecue has gone through 18 years of development. In fact, it is not long for a company in 18 years, only to the adult stage. These years, as the founder of the company, I have been thinking about a few questions: What is my biggest harvest? As a business, what should the wood house barbecue? What is the essential meaning of corporate culture? What is the truly worth of something?

After a period of sorting, I think the so-called mission, vision and values, with “phase of heart” to describe the most appropriate. Can you become a billion billion-owned enterprise, you need to start from mission, vision and values. Because there is a soul and spirit behind all things.

As of now, there are more than two hundred stores in the country, which is a large number of large-scale busbars and largest enterprises in the hot shop in the roast. In this regard, many people think that the roof barbecue has come all the way to “smooth the wind”. In fact, it is not possible to say a wave of 30% off the entire development process.

I summarize it myself, the entrepreneurial process of the roof barbecue is a process of fighting the monster upgrade. It will have a hurdle every three years, and the problems encountered at different phases have different problems. Today is also.

The above table is organized when I do it in the company’s internal separation, and the time node just caught in December 2019, the epidemic has not arrived. In my pre-judgment, the industry will have a bigger problem in the industry in the next few years, and it is unaffir, and the epidemic suddenly broke out at the end of 2019.

At this stage, we have to face the impact of the epidemic anti-fleet to the industry, more is that China’s original economic model development has come to a vertex and is now in a huge adjustment phase. This adjustment cycle may be 3 to 5 years, and the longest ten years is not over. Therefore, it is a strategic goal of our future enterprise future.


Although the road to the entire entrepreneurship is a twist, it is a process that constantly encounters problems and solves the problem. But what is the long-term development of the company and ultimately needed? Here I quote “Mr. Qi Baishi” said that I am born, like my death, “this sentence to summarize.


Over the past two years, there have been many merchants in the market to imitate the roof barbecue, and we have not taken targeted measures to put them. Because of me, these mimics plagiarize us, but not our competitors, they only copied fur, the company’s real core culture is what they can’t learn.

The facts also prove that this year’s counterfeit brands have basically closed more than half. Therefore, good products have souls, have “heart”, and these are unique, not easy to imitate.

Capital is not universal, entrepreneurs should be done in thinking

During the epidemic last year, we quickly respond quickly, with the help of takeaway channels, successfully found a new growth curve, and the company quickly resumed. However, in the beginning of this year, we made adjustments, turn off the online takeaway channels and stopped all discounts.


As a result, all of our marketing draft activities will be suspended, resulting in the result of nearly 6 billion sales, at least 3 billion gross profit, which occupies 30% of our revenue. Why do you want this? This is of course my own thinking.


Speaking of the recent industry boss sea fishing, listed for three years, has opened a thousand stores. If there is no previous fierce expansion speed, there will be no problem in large-scale closed stores.

I believe that there is no liability before sea fishing. At present, its annual report shows more than 2 billion yuan, what does this mean? Two hundred billion months at least two hundred billion interest, according to the sales of more than two billion sales, according to the sales of 10%, equivalent to the money earned every year.

I remember that when I was studying in Hong Kong, I have made such a problem. Why is it 100 times the P / E Rate (PE)? Because this phenomenon is only normal in the Internet industry, it is almost unlikely that traditional industries such as catering are almost unlikely. 100 times the price-earning ratio means that the company needs to maintain at least 33% of the compound growth rate every year, there is only 1% possible to achieve such a P / E ratio.

For catering companies, the focus of development and expansion is not money, lies in talents. Sea Suriishing “Those” has always been their quite proud of expansion. But the teacher also takes time to train out, it is impossible to pay today, you can open the store tomorrow. Under the crazy expansion of the sea shelf, the speed of talent is definitely can’t keep up.


Listed enterprises, their biggest pressure is that the listing is equal to the runway of a hundred meters, and it is necessary to quickly complete the harvest, make money quickly, but this thing is never possible. Retrospecting the bumps of the 18 years of the 18th year, we really retrieve our initial heart, and more firmness. We have always been drilled to “no, do not open the store, not good to eat, and we will die”.

In essence, what is the core of corporate culture? What is the value?

I think the most basic is not what value you want, but what kind of value is you? In the past few years, our entire operating profits have been very considerable, and they don’t lack the funds of the store. But why not open? Because no one. Can’t keep up, meaning that your operating efficiency and customer experience are not guaranteed. When these are not guaranteed, you are still driving the store to expand, this is actually to dig your own.

At the moment, there is a big problem in the industry. Many listed bosses make the market valuation as profits, which is actually a big pit. For example, when a business market value is 460 billion, the boss is compared with 50% of the shares. Many people think that he has 2 billion worth, he also directly puts these 2 billion to make money, after flowering It is found that it is not coming back, and it is necessary to borrow money.

On this way of financing, I basically gone through it. The company has achieved greater development through financing, which is not wrong. But everyone should consider that all investors will tell you gambling and acquisition when signing the investment agreement. If you promise, you can go to the city. If you don’t have it within this time, you will return the money to invest before, and even need to sign an unlimited joint responsibility.

In today’s startup horse, I don’t come to the table. I am with the student in Block, I want to tell everyone with my own practical experience, not financing, but everyone wants to know what you follow the capital cooperation? Where is your true value? What problems can the capital solve it? What issues should you solve when you should do your best? After all, capital is not universal, and it is not help into the company to solve all problems.

In my opinion, the two values ​​of catering enterprises are talent training skills and customer experience. As long as they do these two aspects, the basic problem is solved, so that the capital is more smooth.

The core value of the company is to create value for employees

What is your true value? I have never been clear before this issue, until later, in the acquisition workshop, the workshop is quite studied in the corporate culture, and it is truly enlightened to the corporate culture.

In the story of Xiao Teacher, he felt that the corporate culture was equivalent to the sacrifices in the temple, and the priests in the church were led by the group of believers, and the content of the learning is the culture of the company, which does not help me think of the “cross” symbol.

I often say that as a team we lead is a team, not a gang. The gang is completely interesting, gathered together. The team is a partner that reached a consensus, which emphasizes the consensus of the goals and methodology.

From the above figure we can see that vertical representative goals, horizontal representatives realize the methodology of achieving goals. In Christian beliefs, the biggest vision can enter paradise after death, as long as you enter paradise, you can live forever and happy forever. How can you enter paradise? This depends mainly on values ​​and needs to strictly follow the rules of the ring.

At the strategic level, Christianity includes two genres and new teaching of the Catholic, they have different mission: the mission of the new education is to actively participate in the world’s affairs, and live the main style, complete the master’s mission, highlight the glory of God; The mission of Catholic is to be atone.

To achieve the mission, vision and values ​​mentioned above, it is necessary to have a methodology as a support. Methodology involves three major points of organization, incentive, and training: First, people are the first to achieve their goals, so a strict organization is to establish a tight organization, which is the so-called church. Second, in order to better retain talents and attract more talents, a series of incentive policies must be made, which can be bless, blessing or salvation. For all personnel management, you need to rely on the Bible training.

Later, I also used this “cross” logic to build on the wooden house barbecue system. In fact, this is also equivalent to the strategic and tactical three axes of Ma Yun. The upper three-board ax is the mission, vision, value; the lower three axes emphasize the talent, organizational, kPi.

In the interpretation of the “cross”, from the perspective of longitudinal direction, the mission of the wood house is “with a group of ordinary people, do extraordinary things, extraordinary life.” The vision is from the previous “Bai City Thousand Store” to adjust to “100 Trunks, I have one”. Value emphasizes “labor, integrity, persistence, sharing, learning, and innovation”.

From the horizontal direction, all the goals are inseparable from scientific and effective operation management systems, sound and complete incentive mechanisms and high-end innovative talent training systems.

Going back, when we are familiar with corporate culture, we will find a basic foothold, which is as a company, what is its value? I think this is an important platform for survival and development of modern people, and it is not a means or path that booked home to get rich.

As a business, the real value is reflected in creating interest value for employee partners.

In fact, all of our catering people are basically “Van Fu”. Catering practitioners can say that it is the best person in society. As a corporate leader, we can help this group to change their destiny, let “ordinary”, this is the real value.

Four years ago, when I talked about the company’s mission with the founder of the leadership workshop, I said that the mission of the roof barbecue is to do the service, and become the best Chinese barbecue chain in China.

At that time, he asked me a question. “Who is this mission?” My answer is the business owner. Then, he asked: “Can you make this mission be excited?” I thought about it, this company mission can only make me excited. The teacher’s sentence made me 醍醐 醍醐 top: “I can only make you excitedly excited, it is a problem, so that your company is not motivated.”

After that, I have been thinking repeatedly and finally understood. The company exists, the core is actually helping a group of employees to solve the survival needs, so employees will also create value for the company. Who should I put the first place for companies? Many people think that the value to create value should be ranked first. But I personally think that the value of the employee is the weight.

To achieve a hundred-storey store, we must first solve the problem of employee vitality, let them be able to integrate into the enterprise inner, consciously contribute to the company. If you rely on the boss, you have to check hundreds of stores in more than a dozen cities across the country. This is impossible. Conversely, if the company’s interests are linked to the personal interests of employees, the employee will make the business of the business as their own business, reach a unified consensus, so that the company naturally operates efficiently.

Looking for beginners, starting with dreams


Recently, I am very popular, the creation of a generation is in order to make money. Nowadays, the times have changed, and many money to create a generation of courage is lost. Today, the second generation must start a business for your dreams. Change is not more than three aspects: the first change people’s lifestyle; the second change people’s destiny; the third is to change the production efficiency of the organization.

Among them, I have a deep feeling on changing the way of life. Many young people have rely on three meals a day, and they are eating prefabricated vegetables. Do I think this is a kind of sorrow? This is why the reasons why the wooden house bebecal is not taken from this year.

Second, in changing the fate of people, digitization and labeling have seriously affected our lives. Things in our daily lives, the news that the news will be recorded, and the system will automatically push relevant information according to your preferences, and life is beginning to mechanize, and it is limited to a specific environment, and forgets the maximum animal. The difference is that people are animals pursue changing, and people should be subjective.

Finally, there are many convenient tools and technology applications to change production efficiency. For example, the scan code in the catering door can improve the efficiency of the store, but the lack of communication between the waiter and the customer, the service of the catering is unfair, which obviously lost the original initial heart. Now the cabinet barbecue store has canceled the process of scanning code, restores the original waiter order service.

People always have a little pursuit. We always emphasize “Belt,” Similarly, the development of the company needs to use “heart”. The “heart” here is the corporate culture, including brand culture, team culture, and organizational culture.


For individuals, we should try to discuss three basic questions about “heart”. From: What is human? who am I? what is the meaning of life? These three basic problems seem simple, but in fact, many people don’t want to understand. If these problems are not figured out, the bottom value does not exist. Entrepreneurship is almost impossible.


What is human? People are self-conscious animals. And “Who I”, I emphasized that people need to find their existence in their lives. From the relationship, people look for existence from the value contribution to others. It can be seen from Chande Nixon’s relationship network that people build self-existed animals by relationships with others, and people cannot survive at all people.

In addition, what is the meaning of life? In fact, the basic unit of life is time, while the time represents a change. That is to say, the meaning of life is to change. The existence of life is to change their lifestyle with others, change the fate of others, and change the productivity of others, which is our value.

On the way to find the initial heart, I think it should be four points.

First, if you want to change the lifestyle of others, you must first understand life. Only by experiencing life can provide better lifestyle to others.

The second must continue to learn, only to continuously improve your own, you can better guide your initial heart.

Third, be brave in the action, in the continuous practice, you can figure out the correct values.

Fourth, to make a summary optimization, you can really find ways to make yourself, and get a long success.