What is the most eye-catching thing to wear to the annual party party? Elegant evening dress recommended

The peak of the annual meeting has arrived, which is something that new professionals are worried about, because what clothes to wear is very important. Here we have sorted out 15 reliable and high-quality clothing stores for everyone, all kinds of styles and styles, no matter how tall or short you are, you can find the one that suits you.

1. Qian Xiaoq’s home exclusive customization

Her family specializes in dresses and dresses, both short and long, which are really beautiful. Some dresses can also be worn in summer, but most of them are outstanding dress styles.


This is the shop of Internet celebrity model Yu Xiaoxiao, the style is sweet, white and rich, and the skirt can be worn every day, as a bridesmaid dress. The shop has a wide variety of clothes, and the styles are sweet and sexy.


The owner of this shop is a slightly chubby but very beautiful and temperamental young lady, and the clothes are of good quality, mostly the owner’s private clothes.

4. The wonderful sorcerer of the country of Ozhi

Her family also has a wide variety, the basic clothes and pants are very affordable, the dress category is mostly lace, the black one is more suitable for thin people, and they are relatively slim.


Both are Internet celebrity stores, and the price of P is lower than that of ALU. P family style is mostly fashionable and cool type, Weibo can search for spicy Jiang Ye. The price of ALU family clothes is not low, but the styles are unique, the quality is heavy, and the styles are diverse.

6. Original design of Furuo twins

This brand will be worn by many stars, such as Shen Mengchen in the show. The sense of design is very strong, the fabric is good, the fit is good, giving people a sense of premium, elegant with a little liveliness.

7, AKILU Fashionable New Vintage High-end Women’s Wear and AVIVA Earth Store

AK’s house is dark cool and sexy route, are bulingbuling small skirts, and quite suitable for bungee. AV home clothes start at an average of 300 yuan, the quality is very good, and the style is white and rich temperament.

8、M Queen

Fairies who prefer the retro style of the court come and plant a grass, corduroy, square collar, ruffles are still popular this winter.

9. Sugar power

Her skirts are full of flavor, light and mature OL, and the current popular elements are well integrated into the design of clothes.


Original light dress, who said that the annual meeting can only wear skirts, a white suit may be more eye-catching.


The small sexy off-the-shoulder style is more recommended, not ostentatious and temperamental, suitable for large dinner parties.

12, Van Fina

If you want to attract everyone’s attention at the party, you may wish to consider the style of gauze skirt + blingbling, high waist and puffy skirt to highlight the advantage of leg length.

13. Heart Manchu Yi tribe

The clothes are very heavy, if you want to attend a dinner party, remember to come here to see the long dresses, each one is very exquisite.

14, Dai Mengxue

Each piece seems to be tailor-made for fairies, with more solid colors, large yarn skirts, and three-dimensional embroidered flowers.


The design of this small dress is very big-name feeling, the price is very advantageous, even if you wear it once, it feels very good value.

Finally, a few tips for choosing a dress:

1. If you are fat and want to cover your flesh, try to choose a loose puffy skirt mainly black

2. Girls with good figures boldly try two-color design with a strong sense of design

3, low-key preferred black cut good Even if it is black, it must stand out in style

4. Match with beautiful necklaces, earrings, hand accessories, bags, and high heels

5. Make a delicate makeup Make a suitable hairstyle

6. Be sure to bring a confident smile when you go out