This year’s super hot baseball uniform is coming, don’t want to look bloated in winter? Then try a baseball cotton suit

If losing weight is a lifelong lesson for girls, then appearing tall and thin must also be. One of the scariest things about winter is that the clothes are thick enough and bloated enough, but the girls still feel unwarm. So warm and not bloated baseball cotton clothes are here, with these cotton clothes, girls can safely say goodbye to winter bloated!

First of all, this orange and slightly brick red baseball cotton suit, baseball cotton clothing and workwear cotton clothing inside the amount of cotton is basically the same, workwear school to overcome how thick we know, but workwear cotton clothing because of the limited shape, basically can not do waist design, so bucket waist girls must avoid workwear style cotton clothing.

Baseball cotton clothing is different, no matter how thick a sweater you wear inside, or how thick a hooded sweatshirt you wear, as long as you wrap a baseball cotton suit on the outside, the bloated is gone immediately.

Baseball uniforms are basically without hats, so you can wear them with a variety of hooded sweatshirts, which not only bring a bit of a preppy feeling, but also wear a sense of layering, and if matched properly, it can also have a bit of a contrast element. The shape design of the baseball cotton suit is more ingenious, close to the neck position is closed, the middle position is relaxed, and to the end of the clothes, it is closed like the collar, this design is a bit similar to the “rugby” shape, so it can achieve the effect of thinning.

The color of the matching hooded sweatshirt can be selected according to the style you want to express, such as the white-black patchwork cotton baseball cotton suit worn by this young lady, if you want to be more vigorous, more simple and cute, you can match it with a white sweatshirt with the same sleeves; If you want to be less eye-catching and cooler, you can wear it with a black sweatshirt that is the same as the body.

If you want to be more eye-catching and become the most beautiful boy on the street, you can wear it with a navy blue and fuchsia sweatshirt, and you can wear different styles with different colors of sweatshirts.

Baseball uniforms can always present different styles according to a little subtle change, such as Miss Tuyi’s sister will be more preppy and age-reducing if she wears it directly with a sweatshirt; But the young lady in this picture is paired with the Bobo fairy hairstyle that was popular in the 90s, and when paired with a black baseball cotton suit, it looks like a Hong Kong-style beauty from a distance.

The material of this white baseball cotton suit is not the same as the previous ones, the first few are either relatively smooth cotton clothing materials commonly found on the market, or vertical velvet materials, and the baseball uniform material on the little sister is a woolen material that has gradually become popular since last year, and its warmth performance is relatively strong.

In addition, several less conspicuous fixing threads are deliberately sewn on it, which not only prevents running cotton well, but also makes the dress look more advanced.

Since ancient times, red and black is a pair of expensive matching color pairs, red collarless underwear and high-waisted small white pants, the whole person’s body proportion is three or seven points, at this time a pair of black small leather shoes on the feet, it can better set off the handsomeness of black cotton clothing.

In addition to matching with hooded sweatshirts, baseball uniforms can also be matched with baseball caps, baseball uniforms and baseball caps are originally inseparable two items, wearing baseball cotton clothing, wearing black baseball caps, girls are revealing a sporty style, at this time, if the lower body can be matched with a pair of gray sweatpants, a pair of black daddy shoes on the feet is more perfect.

If you want to wear the effect of “cute and ignorant students”, girls may wish to choose some light-colored baseball cotton clothes, baseball caps do not wear black or other dark baseball caps, try to wear soft pink, taro, purple, orange hats, so that you can wear a sweet feeling. The girl in the picture is wearing a light pink baseball cotton suit, the hat is a very energetic bright orange hat, in order to appear more energetic, the girl also specially wore a white turtleneck sweater, black backpack back, no one knows how old you are, are rushing to call the junior sister!

With so many good-looking baseball uniforms, aren’t the girls ready to get it?

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This year’s super hot baseball uniform is coming, don’t want to look bloated in winter? Then try a baseball cotton suit