Internet Express | Giants tear each other! Nike sued Adidas for copying a number of its own products

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Nike Adi “hit”! Nike sued the latter for copying a number of its own products

On Monday, Nike (NKE. Nike said in its complaint that 49 Adidas shoes use PrimeKnit technology, which infringes six of Nike’s patents, and that the Adidas shoes that are considered infringing cover casual shoes, football boots, running shoes, hiking shoes, and product lines such as Ultraboost, Terrex, and X Speedflow. In response, an Adidas spokesperson said that the company is analyzing the complaint and will defend Adidas against these allegations, emphasizing that Primeknit’s technology comes from its own years of research. In this regard, some netizens said that Nike Adidas fights casually, and he only supports domestic sports brands.

CAC Interview to Punish Weibo Weibo: Sincerely accept criticism and rectify it from two aspects

On December 14, the WeChat public account of “Cyberspace China” posted that the Cyberspace Administration of China had punished Sina Weibo in accordance with the law. In response to the recent repeated occurrence of information prohibited by laws and regulations on Sina Weibo and its account, and the circumstances are serious, it is ordered to immediately rectify and seriously deal with the relevant responsible persons. The Beijing Municipal Internet Information Office imposed an administrative penalty of a total of 3 million yuan on Beijing Microdream Network Technology Co., Ltd., the operator of Sina Weibo. Subsequently, the official Weibo Weibo of Sina Weibo Community Management responded: Weibo station sincerely accepted criticism from the competent authorities, conscientiously implemented rectification requirements, resolutely fulfilled its main responsibility, and continuously improved the level of ecological governance. In accordance with the requirements of the competent departments, establish a rectification and implementation working group, and make efforts from two aspects: promoting the special rectification of soft pornography and the special governance of homogeneous malicious marketing.

Ministry of Education: Applications for filing of preschool online training apps will no longer be accepted Those that have already been filed shall be revoked

Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued a notice to put forward clear requirements for strengthening the management of education apps and promoting the connection with the “double reduction” policy. The notice points out that the filing of online subject training apps for primary and secondary schools will be suspended until local education administrative departments complete the approval of online subject training institutions for primary and secondary schools; Relevant education apps that have been filed are temporarily removed from the platform. After the offline education app provider obtains the online subject training license for primary and secondary schools, it will supplement the license information on the platform, submit an application for resumption of filing, and resume the online after being reviewed and approved by the local provincial education administrative department; Where primary and secondary schools have not obtained online subject training permits, the filing shall be revoked.

The notice proposes that homework apps that provide and disseminate bad learning methods that inert students’ thinking ability, affect students’ independent thinking, and violate the laws of education and teaching, such as “photo search questions”, will be temporarily taken offline. Only after rectification and reform are in place and reviewed by the provincial education administrative department can the filing be resumed; If the review is not passed, the filing shall be revoked. The notice clarifies that applications for ICP filing of preschool online training apps will no longer be accepted, and relevant apps that have been filed will be revoked. The education APP platform will no longer carry out the “double reduction” related complaint acceptance work. Regarding the relevant policies of off-campus training, the interpretation of the off-campus training supervision department is the mainstay.

CCTV unveils metaverse blockchain game scam is actually just a web game

Recently, the concept of the meta-universe has been hyped hotly, and the concept has been infinitely generalized in the hype, and some scams with the shell of the “meta-universe” are also increasing. According to CCTV news reports, the recently popular meta-universe blockchain game hides many routines. No matter what form of metaverse blockchain game, users need to exchange RMB into USDT, a virtual currency, and then exchange it into the virtual currency used in the game. In 2017, the central bank and others clearly pointed out that the so-called “virtual currency” is essentially an act of illegal public financing without approval. Industry insiders told reporters that the “meta-universe chain game” advocated on the Internet is just a scam promoted by hype through the concept of meta-universe. Many blockchain games are essentially web games, the development cost is very low, and those who claim to be able to make money while playing games, and the monthly income is even close to 100% are scams.

Apple’s iOS 15.2 official update launched the digital heritage function can designate 5 people

In the early morning of December 14, Apple officially pushed the update of iOS and iPad OS 15.2 to users, and the digital heritage function that was unveiled at WWDC21 was finally officially launched. Through the digital legacy feature, users can designate up to 5 people as legacy contacts, and they can access users’ iCloud accounts and personal information after their death. In addition to the digital heritage feature, iOS 15.2 also adds Apple Music voice control solutions. This solution gives users Siri access to a new level of subscription to all songs, playlists and stations in Apple Music. In terms of privacy features, in the updated iOS 15.2, the App Privacy Report in Settings allows users to view how often the App has accessed the user’s location, photos, camera, microphone, contacts and other content in the past seven days, as well as their network activity.

WeChat Pay’s “anti-fraud customer service reminder” function is online to help users determine transaction risks

On December 14, WeChat Pai announced that WeChat Pay officially launched the “anti-fraud customer service reminder” function. According to reports, when users encounter risky transactions in the payment process, the payment interface will pop up the “answer reminder” button, Tencent Cloud Smart Service provides real-time online customer service to assist users in judging the current transaction risk and effective risk warning, further protecting the user’s property safety.

Huawei’s new machine press conference officially announced! The new Huawei P50 treasure box will be unveiled soon

At 9 a.m. on December 14, Huawei’s official Weibo console announced that Huawei’s winter flagship new product launch conference with the theme of “Light and Shadow Intertwined, All Things Symbiosis” will be held on December 23, at which the Huawei P50 treasure box will be released. This new folding screen Huawei P50 treasure box has been known as Huawei Mate V before, its protective case appearance has been exposed before, the back of the upper screen is equipped with a classic “universal double ring” design, which is classified as Huawei P50 series is also expected. At the same time, the conference will also release products including smart screen, Sound Joy portable speaker, Watch D blood pressure watch, Qingyun L420 laptop and other products, full of dry goods.

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