The short tank top with white hot pants sets off the beauty’s small waist and long legs to be charming and sexy

For many friends who like hot pants, I don’t know if you have any special requirements in terms of style, color and fabric, such as only like denim hot pants, or pant legs to add some raw edges, or to be short to the extreme, etc., in addition, if you wear a pair of hot pants, how to match the top, learn to wear friends, you may wish to think about these two problems first.

In the heart of the editor, although it is difficult to control not to look at those hot pants beauties, but they do not have much obsession and preference for hot pants, so any style, color and fabric actually does not matter, if you have to say one, white hot pants are better than denim hot pants, because white is more casual, and denim hot pants are often too spicy.

As for what style of top should be matched with hot pants, on this question, countless young ladies have given the answer, they will not refer to our preferences at all, the reality is that what beautiful women like to wear, what we like, like the girl in this issue, is the most classic and common way to match – hot pants with short tight T-shirts.

Why do you love to wear such a top, because young girls especially like those clothes with less fabric, small size, and short clothes, which can better set off the curves of their upper body, show off their slender and charming little man’s waist, and look more youthful and sexy.

From the perspective of dressing, hot pants with such a T-shirt are actually very “harmonious”, which can be said to be more integrated, or it can be said that the “style” is consistent. The characteristics of hot pants can be seen at a glance, in terms of pants, the fabric is the most economical one, showing the slender and beautiful legs of girls to the greatest extent, so in the eyes of the audience, small man’s waist + beautiful legs + curves + tall figure, such a dressing style, very visually impactful.

Of course, although the saying goes, “people rely on clothes”, but for such a dressed woman, you first need to have a good foundation, otherwise you can’t wear this charming charm at all, try to ask, without a small man’s waist and long legs, how many friends will be obsessed with hot pants girls?

So whether it’s a small T-shirt or hot pants, on the surface we are attracted by this dress, but in fact, it is the girls’ figures, men who like hot pants, mostly like beautiful legs, men who like small T-shirts, mostly like small man’s waist, men who like sexy hot girls, mostly like girls to dress cooler, less, right, brothers.

The hot pants style we see most often on weekdays, in fact, is not much spicy in itself, not like the slap-sized material of European and American girls, mainly because of a pair of beautiful legs, with a charming waist, and another very important point, that is, the little sister’s set of hot pants tells us that as long as the figure is good enough, the more simple the outfit, the more charming the charm, there is no need to pursue any fashion, the perfect body is king.