Household garbage sorting bins, selling crazy! Shanghainese really fight for garbage sorting

Household garbage sorting bins, selling crazy! Shanghainese really fight for garbage sorting

A small trash can, snapping up until late at night. There are fast hands, slow hands, and each person can only buy one.

Yesterday, the reporter found on an e-commerce platform that

Household waste sorting bins are becoming a sought-after item for Shencheng residents


■ Some people like four-color sorting garbage cans, clearly marked, do not spend too much time for specific classification;

■ Some people like double-layer sorting buckets, the top layer is separated from dry and wet garbage, and the bottom layer can recycle used bottles and cans;

■ There are also people who like dry and wet buckets, which meet the daily use and do not take up space.

Grab for a limited time! Household waste sorting bins

Become an online hit

On an e-commerce platform, the reporter found that household waste sorting bins are becoming more and more popular with consumers, and a set of household waste sorting bins priced at nearly 200 yuan,

The monthly sales volume has exceeded 10,000 pieces

This hot-selling trash can is like this oh↓↓↓

Cart-style design

It is divided into two floors

The upper layer is divided into two categories: dry and wet garbage

The lower level can be used for recyclables

It can be a hit,

It is inextricably linked to the popularization of garbage sorting in Shanghai

“Shanghai started sorting (garbage) on July 1, and Shanghai customers are crazy and are snapping up every day. Shop Xiaoer said.

Some buyers left messages saying ↓↓↓

■ The community has begun to sort garbage, and this garbage can does not occupy a place on the upper and lower floors.

■ There are also classification stickers that can make it clear to children and the elderly at a glance.

The store’s customer service revealed that the large-capacity garbage sorting bin with a capacity of 45L is particularly sought-after, often sold out as soon as it is on the shelf, and now the delivery time has been scheduled to 5 days later. “The 45L shelves from 11 to 12 p.m., worried that they will be sold out before the event starts.” At present, only the slightly smaller 32L model is still available.

During the promotional activities of the e-commerce platform, in order to ensure the supply, the merchant had to use the strategy of rushing to buy for a limited time.

Limited to one per person

Wet and dry garbage cans, four-color sorting garbage cans

Also a hot product

In addition to the explosive integrated garbage sorting can, dry and wet garbage cans and four-color sorting garbage cans are also popular products. In order to do a good job in garbage sorting, many citizens

Repurchased trash cans

Option 1: Wet and dry trash cans


No more to throw wet garbage

Multiple trips to and from the kitchen

Since May, Ms. Yang’s community has been in full swing with garbage sorting. “The building manager’s aunt has visited the door many times to publicize it, and we are also learning to develop the habit of garbage sorting.”

Originally, there were already two garbage cans at home, but Xiao Yang still bought a new garbage sorting can↓↓↓

It used to be one in the living room and one in the kitchen.

Now the living room is directly replaced with a wet and dry bucket

After adding sorting bins, Xiao Yang no longer has to go back and forth to the kitchen many times to throw wet garbage.

Many streets and communities have provided free wet and dry trash cans for residents, and there are still them

Many residents have replaced their barrels out of their own pockets

Option 2: Four-color sorting bin

Both the elderly and the children can

Separate garbage from waste

Mr. Wang’s family lives in Yangpu, and the neighborhood committee distributed wet and dry garbage cans to residents early. Mr. Wang hesitated again and again for the sake of home

A new set of four-color sorting bins was added

Mr. Wang told reporters ↓↓↓

When sorting garbage, it is inevitable that you will not be able to distinguish, and there are clear instructions on the lid of the trash can you buy, divided into categories, clear –

■ Throw vegetable leaves and peels in the wet trash can

toilet paper

Disposable chopsticks are dry garbage

■ Paper bags and cartons are placed directly in the recyclable bin

■ Batteries and fluorescent lamps are hazardous waste

There are both text descriptions and simple schematic diagrams,

Whether it is Po or Mom and Dad can tell the difference

He noted that young people can pass

cell phone

Quickly find out the specific classification of garbage, but it is not so convenient for the elderly and children. “Trash cans like this save the family a lot of trouble.”

You can make your own sorting bins

The hot sale of garbage sorting bins reflects that garbage sorting is gradually becoming a new trend in the life of Shencheng residents.

In addition to buying sorted garbage cans, there are also citizens who show their creativity,

Make your own sorting bins

。 According to the size of the existing garbage can, after placing cardboard in the bucket, separating two or three areas, and loading garbage bags, a simple sorting garbage can is produced, which saves money and is environmentally friendly.

What ideas do you have

Feel free to let us know

Source: Labor Daily, author: Huang Xing

Editors: Wang Shuangshen, Wang Wenjuan


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