Bought pants in a specialty store in Guiyang, and received “counterfeit goods”? Clerk: Regular customers understand

Ms. Wen lives in the Economic Development District of Guiyang City

It has been for years

Loyal customers of the “bagpipe” women’s clothing brand

Recently, it was a change of season for women’s clothing

Ms. Wen went to the brand’s clothing store again

Unexpectedly, the usual consumption is very happy

This time, it became a matter of spending money and being angry!

Seen by reporters from Ms. Wen’s WeChat payment record

July 31, 1:30 p.m

Ms. Wen at this house located on Huanghe Road in Jingkai District

Bagpipe women’s clothing specialty store

Bought a pair of pants that cost 475 yuan

Ms. Wen: After buying it home, I saw that the brand of these pants was not bagpipes at all, and the legs were still open, and there were many threads.

Ms. Wen told reporters

The reason why I came to this store to buy clothes

It must be the brand that came from

Didn’t expect it at all

This time, I will buy other brands of pants

Ms. Wen: I came back to them when I found the problem, but the store manager was very fierce, and she asked me to sue her. She said that I didn’t ask her what brand it was first, but this is originally a brand store, do I still need to ask what brand it is? I asked for a return, which was misleading consumers and had a terrible attitude.

The reporter sees

On the packaging bag of these pants

The words “bagpipes” are written

Can be on the label and hang tag on the pants

But it clearly says “Wandian”

One of the pant legs

There are also cases of disconnection

Subsequently, the reporter and Ms. Wen

Let’s come to this clothing store to find out

Bagpipe Women’s Clothing Store Huanghe Road Store Manager: Our company has a total of 7 sub-brands, and the Wandian she bought is one of them.

Reporter: So was there any reminder to consumers when it was sold at that time?

Bagpipe women’s clothing specialty store Huanghe Road store manager: Every regular customer who buys here knows.

Reporter: But this is not something that everyone knows within the scope of common sense.

Manager of the Huanghe Road store of the bagpipe women’s clothing store: When she was in the store, there were other customers who bought it, and she also saw it. It is written here that “special goods, no return or exchange”, which are all things with clear prices.

The reporter did see a post on the wall of the store

“Special offers, no return, no exchange” tips

But it’s not about the brand

and relevant notifications for sub-brands

And just when the reporter wanted to do more information

And help Ms. Wen when negotiating to solve the problem

The store manager said

Reluctant to answer any more questions from journalists

Bagpipe women’s clothing specialty store Huanghe Road store manager: Can you stop shooting, I think this is so embarrassing, what is there to shoot, I don’t cooperate.

Such an attitude of the other party

Ms. Wen was both angry and helpless

Ms. Wen: Now I just want to expose the matter, I think this is deceiving and misleading consumers, and the attitude of dealing with the problem is too poor. Where is this like doing business, who will dare to buy here in the future?

The reporter learned

Ms. Wen has complained about the situation

12315 Consumer Association

It is waiting for processing by the relevant authorities

The editor has something to say

Open doors for business

Let’s not say it must be

Treat customers as if they were gods

But there should be the most basic respect for each other

Since it is a brand store

A new series was released and a new sub-brand was launched

It’s better to be in the sales process

and consumers to explain clearly

After all, “harmony” can “generate wealth”

And “gas” will only make the original trust brand

Consumers chill!

Reporter: Han Junjie, Yang Yang Editor: Tian Yuyan

Source: People’s concern