8,000 college students at home and abroad embarked on a journey of “Sensing Sichuan”

CHENGDU, July 24 (ZXS) — “Sichuan not only has good food, but also beautiful scenery and very cute giant pandas. On the one hand, the knowledge I learned from school can be put into practice, and on the other hand, it also gives me a new understanding and perspective on life. On the 24th, Balina, a Ukrainian student studying linguistics and applied linguistics at Sichuan University, said in Chengdu, “I hope everyone will also fall in love with Sichuan and Chengdu.” ”

On the same day, the “2018 Chinese and Foreign College Students Sichuan Perception Tour” activity kicked off in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, with the theme of “Youth Dreams Meet in Sichuan”, in the next month, 1,000 foreign students and 7,000 non-Sichuan Chinese college students will visit Sichuan for a “Perception of Sichuan” trip.

According to the event arrangement, 8,000 Chinese and foreign university students will successively walk into the Sichuan Pilot Free Trade Zone (Tianfu New Area Area), Tianfu Science and Technology Innovation Park, College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, Historical and Cultural Ancient Town, Rural Tourist Attractions and other places to experience the profound cultural heritage and beautiful natural scenery of the “Land of Tianfu”, and truly feel the rapid development and good entrepreneurial prospects of Sichuan.

It is understood that Sichuan Province will take this event as an important opportunity to attract more outstanding talents at home and abroad to enter Sichuan, understand Sichuan, and then settle in Sichuan and start a business in Sichuan. Previously, in order to build a high-level innovative talent team, Sichuan Province has formulated and issued a series of new talent policies such as the “Implementation Measures for High-level Talents to Sichuan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Docking Service (Provisional)”.

“I have been in Sichuan for seven years and plan to stay here to work and live in the future. Because Sichuan has a lot of opportunities, whether it is entrepreneurship or employment. Sai Jiao from Bangladesh said. Saijiao, 28, is a graduate student in environmental engineering at Southwest Jiaotong University, where his wife and brother are also studying at the same university. He believes that in recent years, Sichuan has provided more and more practical opportunities for foreign talents, which is very conducive to his future development. (End)