Mei Ting’s legs are not very thin, but she shows off her legs, giving people a very comfortable feeling

Fashion Week is really a very good big platform, allowing many actresses to show their dressing talents, Mei Ting also caught up with the trend, carefully dressed herself at the airport, made herself look more fashionable, put on shorts to show off her legs, so aura.

Although Mei Ting is this age, her outfit is not ambiguous at all, and when she wears shorts, her figure is still so good, and her aura is also very full.

Mei Ting wore a black leather jacket with a black top and black shorts, so that she showed her big white legs, which was really eye-catching, and a pair of black boots, full of fashion.

Although her legs are also very thin, she looks very comfortable in shorts, giving people a very comfortable feeling, and her husband is dressed more easily.

In fact, she has shown her legs many times before, and her outfit prefers to add a long coat, which is more temperamental, more aura, and lace-trimmed shorts are more feminine.

Denim shorts are also fashionable, with a white T-shirt on the upper body and a black loose shirt on the outside, the black and white outfit is simple and stylish, and a pair of platform sandals, which also increase in height.

The loose white T-shirt can be worn directly as a skirt, and a pair of white casual shoes under the feet is really comfortable, and it is so trendy to show the legs, so good-looking, right?

Before she also wore a long suit, with shorts underneath, so that the legs were so slender and long, and then a pair of leather boots, it was very trendy and awe-inspiring.