Qingming Festival Baby can also be beautiful

The first small holiday after the Spring Festival is coming soon, and it is the best time to take your baby out and go out. But it is a test for parents, wearing too thick for the baby will not appear “shape”, wearing too little and afraid of catching a cold. So how to dress your baby in this season of changeable climate? How can I make my baby wear it beautifully?

First, choose the fabric of the clothes

The baby’s clothes are best to choose pure cotton, because the cotton fabric is soft, the baby is more comfortable to wear on the body, plus the cotton clothing has a good sweat absorption rate, generally a little sweat will not stick to the baby, and the cotton clothes have good ventilation performance, not easy to cover the body is not breathable. In the dry weather in spring, do not wear chemical fiber clothes for your baby, because the contact between chemical fiber fabric and skin is easy to generate static electricity and dry the skin.

Second, judge the situation and then add clothes

Many parents are afraid that the baby will freeze, so as soon as they go out, they will dress the baby a lot, the baby will sweat once it is active, and the clothes are soaked with sweat, but it will get cold, and it also reduces the body’s ability to adapt to changes in the outside temperature and reduce the ability to resist disease. If the baby is out for exercise, you can reduce some clothes as appropriate, but if the external environment is particularly cold, resulting in insufficient heat production capacity of the baby’s body, you should still pay attention to dressing more. To judge whether the baby is dressed appropriately, you can often touch his little hands and feet, as long as it is not cold, it means that their body is warm and their clothes are dressed appropriately.

Third, dress beautifully like this

Here are some recommended beautiful outfits worn by babies traveling during the Qingming Festival, so that your baby will also become a beautiful landscape!

Boy’s Jacket Spring Autumn Kids 2015 New Little Kids Spring Coat Top…


Note: Varies with market prices, and offers displayed on the page are only representative of the time of publication.

This red jacket jacket is made of polyester fabric and is soft and comfortable to accelerate the heat of the spring trend. Let our baby experience a unique trendy product. The lower body with a pair of simple jeans, I believe it must be very handsome.

Zuo Xi children’s spring wear 2015 new boys’ jeans little shell trendy pin…


These Korean version of contrast pocket jeans, super cool children’s jeans, made of cotton fabric, resistant to dirt and wear at the same time soft and comfortable. Straight-leg pants, classic and generous, suitable for matching with various styles of tops, ribbed waist decorated with color strips, fits the body without fear of freezing. Handsome pleated back pockets that lead the street. The special whitening effect shows a strong retro style. Playing “pants” denim, it’s just different!

Ahmila girl pullover sweater Korean version of girls’ clothes 2014 autumn clothes new…


Jingdong Mall go and take a look

The black cropped top is not only small and cute, but also a master of matching various bright color skirts! High-quality knitted fabric with high cotton content effectively controls body temperature diffusion, which not only fits the body but also feels comfortable and breathable. In a red skirt, boots and hat, spin around, beautiful!

2015 Spring New Korean Edition Children’s Clothing Girls Cotton Long Sleeve Princess Dress Kids…


Purple is not used well, it is easy to look adult, but the purple clothes make people feel well-behaved little girls, and the calm and light purple is most suitable for this season.

Red is bright enough to shine, and white is enough to set off any color and bring out the baby’s innocent and pure temperament. If you match red and white together, it will not dilute the beauty of red at all, but will make red more vivid.

Finally, don’t forget that “spring days, children’s faces”, spring weather is fickle, it is wise to bring a windbreaker or a small raincoat. Before the baby goes out, you can first put a small towel or gauze in the collar of the back of the baby’s neck, and after absorbing the sweat, it will be withdrawn and replaced with a dry one, which can effectively prevent colds.

Note: Varies with market prices, and offers displayed on the page are only representative of the time of publication.

Note: Varies with market prices, and offers displayed on the page are only representative of the time of publication.