The male economy is coming? 5 men’s clothing e-commerce companies are not soft on money

【Editor’s note】Although the natural “chopping party” attribute makes women the target of countless e-commerce users, do men have no business opportunities to tap? NO。 The pain points of men who do not understand fashion matching, do not want to shop, and are too annoying to buy are just a lot of opportunities. Recently, many start-up companies positioned for men’s clothing shopping have been favored by capital, and Ebang Power Network has sorted it out as follows:

Fashion e-commerce Trendy Butler: Positioning monthly men’s clothing subscriptions


United States

Financing Scale:

$1.15 million in seed round

Investment Institutions:

Lead Investor: Hong Kong Capital Union Investments (CUI)

Co-investor: San Francisco venture capital firm SOS Ventures

Participants: Global Trust Fund, a Nevada-based venture capital firm, G. Ryan Ansin, director and angel investor of the Family Office Association, and Los Angeles-based startup Thursday Capital


Jeremy Barnett、Ali Najafian

In January 2015, fashion e-commerce Trendy Butler launched a monthly men’s clothing portfolio in the Los Angeles area, and its performance grew rapidly. Trendy Butler’s co-founder and CEO said the company’s first year has grown at an incredible pace, with millions of dollars in sales and more than 5,000 subscribers.

Above from left, 3 and 4: Jeremy Barnett and Ali Najafian, co-founders of Trendy Butler, participate in the entrepreneurship sharing session

Founded in 2015, is positioned as a technology company that produces fashion, eliminating men’s shopping procedures through menswear ordering services. Site members who pay a monthly membership fee of $65 will receive a monthly discount of about 60%-70% and will receive a monthly clothing set carefully selected by the website editors for around $150-$200.


Million Angel Wheel

China Innovation Capital

“Wang tearing onion” millet

This round of funds will be used for channel development and user expansion. According to the data, since its launch in May last year, WeChat has followed 200,000 users, and other platforms have accumulated about 300,000 users. In terms of e-commerce, the customer order level of 350~600 is maintained. The average age of active users is 23~26 years old, and the average active users of content comments are generally 20~23 years old.

In terms of expression, more joyful and interesting methods such as hand-drawn, P-picture, and star comparison are added to deepen the user’s impression and dissemination. In addition, the platform will also provide personalized responses to users’ personal questions.

Xiaomi, the founder of “Cock Private Style”, said that in the future, e-commerce will use the method of “self-operation + shopping guide”, self-operated as the mainstay, and the shopping guide mainly meets the scattered shopping needs extended by the content.

Men’s Custom Brand Zipper Interactive: C2B Men’s Custom

Beijing, China

Ten million angel wheels


Wu Wei, former vice president of Shengjing Netlink Consulting and Training Group

On December 29, 2015, C2B men’s custom enterprise Zipper Interactive Technology (hereinafter referred to as Zipper Interactive) received nearly 10 million in financing and announced the official opening of its brand ANDwow Beijing Millennium Experience Store. However, the investor zipper interaction was not disclosed.

The zipper interactive platform has been opened to the front and back end of the industry chain for free, and partners can obtain ANDwow’s supply chain resources, sales, design style research and development, market brand promotion, information customer management and other support. “After customers experience products in stores and obtain body data, all data will be uploaded to the server of the management headquarters, and in the future, customers can customize it anytime, anywhere based on mobile terminals.”

Since the launch of the offline experience store in March 2015, ANDwow has opened a number of online and offline experience stores in Xi’an, Xiamen, Lanzhou, Dingxi, Yiyang and other places. In 2016, the number of stores nationwide is expected to expand to 100.

Men’s e-commerce Knot Standard: A custom men’s wear brand priced in the United States

The private equity division of business advisory Marvin Traub Associates, TRAUB Capital

Matt Mueller

This investment will help Knot Standard continue to maintain rapid growth and build the company’s brand and business channels. Knot Standard will open physical stores in more key markets, carry out more marketing strategies, diversify product categories, and further innovate its e-commerce platform.

Knot Standard plans to open five new brick-and-mortar stores in 2016, two in Los Angeles and San Francisco, while the other three will be located in potential submarkets in the Northeast and Southwest.

Knot Standard’s founder and CEO Matt Mueller and chairman John Ballay will continue to own a portion of the company.

Knot Standard, the first bespoke menswear brand in the United States, was founded in New York in 2010. The company’s core products include suits, shirts, trench coats, casual wear and accessories.

Men’s clothing shopping platform walking: use the “walking box” to take the O2O road

Shenzhen, China

Nearly 10 million yuan angel wheel

Hongying Capital, founder of “Youzan” Bai Crow

Dong Baoping Nia

News on the afternoon of November 12, Shenzhen men’s clothing shopping O2O platform “Through” announced the completion of financing today, the investor is.

Walking is aimed at the pain points of men when buying clothes: they can’t match, they don’t want to go shopping, and e-commerce shopping is too annoying. The solution given by Chuanxing is to provide one-stop men’s clothing matching consulting and management services, through professional collaborators, according to the body characteristics of different users, their preferred dressing styles and the attendance occasions of the required clothing. Offline can make an appointment through the WeChat service account, and choose your favorite clothing match at the physical store at the appointed time.

At present, walking through the offline experience store in Shenzhen Shekou, you can complete the matching preferences, size and other processes in the experience store. In other cities, as offline, professional collaborators will understand user needs through questionnaires, telephones, WeChat, etc., complete matching recommendations, and mail clothing to users.

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Financing Scale:

Financing Scale:

Financing Scale:

Investment Institutions:

Investment Institutions:

Investment Institutions:

Investment Institutions: