Classics are also evolving, with 5 subtle trends in classic shoes this season

Fashion trends always come and go, old and new replace each other, new trends emerge, and old trends are out. This season is no exception, those so-called classics, although they are still classics, but the natural curiosity and desire to explore new tastes will not stop because of this, this is the instinct of human nature.

Many shoe trends that are about to go out of fashion may happen to be the “classic basics” that many of us have in our wardrobes, such as standard ballet flats and boots.

Of course, if you still like these classic styles mentioned above, you can still continue to wear them, but if you want to have a more fashionable pair of autumn and winter shoes, then these suggestions shared today will be the most beneficial for you.

Today, my main content is to focus on 5 classic shoes and see how they have changed subtly this season.

in: slingback flats; Out: Classic ballet flats

As consumers pursue comfort, ballet shoe flats are upgraded to a taller design to suit a casual and stylish look. Especially the pointy toe, square upper and heel straps, especially as a key update for a more elegant silhouette. Color plays an important role in cross-season appeal: neutral colors are the best performers, but hues like millennial pink, lilac and red also bring freshness.

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Chinese Laundry



Jeffrey Campbell

in: Western cowboy boots; out: Standard boots

The details of cowboy boots became one of the most popular trends in autumn and winter, becoming the main update of standard ankle boots. Conical heels and Western-style hardware are key to this style. The pointed toe and neutral shades are the most commercially appealing. Whether it’s pants or skirts, it can be easily handled and gives you a touch of wildness.


Urban Outfitters


in: medium-high block high heels; Out: Ultra-high stiletto heels

This core style is ideal for all-day wear. Medium-high chunky heels are key to creating a comfortable and elegant silhouette. Tactile materials add new styles such as suede, crocodile leather, and popular velvet.

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in: combat boots; Out: Basic winter boots

Clumsy combat boots are popular this season. It is very wear-resistant, warm and handsome, which can meet the needs of consumers for versatility and practicality, and is definitely the ideal choice. Many people will think that it is the patent of young people, in fact, it can be worn at any age, as long as you want, there is nothing you can’t. The fitted, more elegant upper is combined with metal hardware to elevate the overall silhouette. High heels and flat soles are key to its practicality.


Jeffrey Campbell

Grenson x House of Holland

Dr. Martens Martin boots

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Classic new versatile Martin boots



in: Boots with thick soles and knee height; Out: Over-the-knee boots

The knee-length style is key to maintaining an elegant silhouette, not over-the-knee boots. Choose a minimal, hardware-free design and bring freshness with soft, patent leather and embossed leather. Round-toe heels are the most worthy of your consideration.

H&M platform boots

& Other Storie top-line high-roller leather boots

Mango tall leather boots

Zara low-heeled leather boots

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