Recently, the e-commerce brother lost a list of 618 wool in the internal group

618 wool is coming

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The following is the 618 list thrown by the e-commerce brother

Let’s do a reading comprehension

Recently, the e-commerce brother lost a 618 activity list in the internal group, come and brush this length.

The rules of the strategy are complex and comparable to the college entrance examination, and not only Tmall, but also Xiaohongshu also has wool.

618 is the wool carnival, each platform has its own discounts, you can buy according to the usual shopping platform, you can buy by yourself (yes, Xiaohongshu silently we have opened a flagship store)

Chatted with e-commerce colleagues, how to help everyone with the wool of major platforms.

How is the wool in these days?

What can be used on each platform?

I’ll tell you about it.

The first Tmall

It costs less than 100 pieces and can make a lot of wool.

From today until June 14

Every festival, you can see the full reduction of super strength, rub your hands! This time the big deal,

With 60 pieces, you can take away 7 snacks, worth 99 yuan!

And there are a lot of snack choices, from star twists to various crisps to various popular preserves, hoarding and walking away in one go, without effort.

Here’s a must to show the way to the new treasures:

Pear jelly and dried tangerine

(Yes, add chicken legs to the e-commerce brother). If you haven’t tasted it yet, it’s okay to stock up on a box while it’s active.

Pear jelly

It is a new product that has recently hit the shelves, there is a large Taizhou fragrant pear meat in the jelly, suck a mouthful, you can feel the mouth full of pear juice explosion in the mouth, clear and sweet taste, ice in the summer, super cool!

And the packaging is super cute! It belongs to the series that I don’t want to throw after reading it.

And the new stars in preserves:

Whole dried oranges

。 This treasure is well boasted, and its popularity is about to overtake plum cakes. The sweet and sour are chewy, and it is a very novel whole dried orange, containing a piece in the mouth, full of natural orange aroma.

Buy it, buy it, buy it!

Meet the above, easily enjoy (over 88 yuan) free shipping.

The party with a sufficient budget can also be seen here.

The store also has 139 minus 15, full 188 minus 20 coupons to enjoy, packaged

Summer snack bag

, easily take away authentic new products and popular snacks, and make the wool happy.

Summer snack bag: pear jelly, spicy duck palm, sweet plum, charcoal-grilled shredded squid, whole dried tangerine, brown sugar twist, butter omelet, taro crisp, tangerine plum cake, marinated beef. Half new, half explosive, all treasures!

Hurry up, Tmall welfare portal offered, if the favorite snacks are not within the full reduction, you can buy them in advance, there will be surprises later! poke

Iger ate enough of the Tmall flagship store


Copy the password above and open TB

The Second Little Red Book

Full discount, up to 60 yuan can be saved,

One word, hoard!

The party lasts until June 18th!

Students who are used to buying things on Xiaohongshu can also find us!

The benefits here are very refreshing, all the small snacks are participating in the full reduction, and the coupons alone can be stacked with 3 kinds (full 399 minus 50, full 99 minus 10, store 5 yuan coupon), up to 60 yuan can be saved, equivalent to a discount for all employees.

Calculate it for more than 300 yuan, you can stock up on almost all the snacks on the shelf, and it is a large portion! Anyway, hoard it!

There are so many that can be hoarded, which ones can be purchased quickly?

Summer super satisfying snack bag,

Worth having! And Xiaohongshu has snack bags to enjoy full discounts, as long as you get the coupon and place an order, you can get a discount of 40 yuan, 118 yuan to take away 10 bags of genuine snacks, isn’t it great.

Because it’s really much cheaper than a single hoard, this limited summer snack bag can already be expected to be sought-after.

And also

Twist flowers, plum cakes, egg rolls, hawthorn strips, drink more tea combinations, and pineapple crisp that everyone has urged for a long time to finally replenish,

Too much to stock.

Hoarded down just to make up for 399 full reduction, very fulfilling. Hurry up and pack all your favorite snacks and take them away.

Sweet potato flour welfare portal: poke

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