Hongmeng, Intelligence, and Ecology Analysis of Huawei Smart Screen V65

Huawei’s Hongmeng system has developed rapidly this year, not only quickly adapted to Huawei mobile phones, but also home appliances, displays, laptops, and even cars have begun to appear Hongmeng system. Huawei Hongmeng provides more convenient and free collaborative support for daily life, office and entertainment through diversified intelligent interconnection, fully demonstrating the unique charm of smart life.

As a common device in the living room, smart large-screen TV has both screen display and voice playback functions, and can become the control center of smart home ecology after the blessing of intelligent interconnection function. Huawei, which focuses on smart ecology, will naturally work smart TVs, and Huawei smart screen V65 is one of the star products with high popularity.

The biggest highlight of Huawei’s Smart Screen V65 is that it is equipped with Huawei’s HarmonyOS system, which works with a diversified home ecology to bring unlimited possibilities for daily home intelligent experience. It has a wealth of cross-device scenarios, freely connecting mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and various home smart devices, realizing multi-screen interaction, voice control, home security and other functions, and improving life experience and quality.

In terms of the basic functions of smart TVs, Huawei’s smart screen V65 is powerful, it adopts clear light control technology to achieve 1000nit high brightness, and it is also the first smart screen to pass HDR Vivid certification, high-brightness HDR can restore more realistic and vivid pictures, bringing cinema-level visual perception. The high refresh rate of 120Hz also makes the video smoother without missing any tight details.

In terms of sound quality, Huawei’s Smart Screen V65 adopts a 9-unit Devialet audio system, and 75W high-power refreshes the audio configuration of traditional TVs. 30W heavy bass with intelligent bass enhancement technology to make the bass more surging; Push-Push vibration balance makes the sound quality pure and high-fidelity. In addition, the unique sky channel vertical 3D surround sound field technology makes the sound feel as if it is coming from the sky, bringing a more powerful sound quality and listening feeling.

The 24-megapixel AI ultra-wide-angle camera is a key component of Huawei’s Smart Screen V65 Intelligent Interconnection. It has a smart lifting function, which provides high-definition video image transmission when it is used and put it down when not in use to protect the privacy of family life. Through this camera, we can realize a variety of functions such as family connection, home fitness, and family education.

With Huawei Smart Screen V65, you can “play TV” with others anytime, anywhere, watch a football game and chat with friends through the split-screen function, or connect to a children’s watch to chat with your child in real time. With Connect Messaging, you can also interact with your family in real time and share what’s new.

Daily health education can also be easily realized through Huawei’s smart screen V65, and the camera’s AI 3D recognition can recognize the movements of three people at the same time, so the whole family can easily check in at home without going to the gym. Cooperate with smart wearable devices to display body data in real time, so that you can fully grasp your physical condition. During online lessons, children will project the tablet screen to the large screen, communicate with the teacher through the camera microphone of the smart screen, and interact with the small screen answering questions, making online classes easy and efficient.

Thanks to the Harmony distributed system, the smart screen can easily control HiLink smart home devices and arbitrarily interconnect with 2500+ items in more than 100 categories. Through the 5-meter far-field voice, sitting on the sofa can control the home status of the whole house through the smart screen, eliminating the need for complex APP and remote control control, making smart life easier and more comfortable.

Huawei Hongmeng multiplies life and brings more possibilities through diversified device interconnection. At the same time, it also divides and simplifies the complex, and controls the whole house intelligence through a single intelligent terminal, which greatly reduces the threshold for use and the complexity of operation of smart home equipment. Huawei Smart Screen V65 is not only an excellent large-screen smart TV, but also a smart control center for the home, which plays a good role in the distributed interaction function of Hongmeng and forms a more comfortable smart ecosystem. If you want to experience a better smart life, this smart screen will be a very high-quality and important choice.