Selection and analysis of eye protection panel lights and classroom blackboard lights

Selection and analysis of eye protection panel lights and classroom blackboard lights

First, eye protection panel light

Eye protection panel lights mainly refer to the eye protection lights used in the classroom. The reason why it is called eye protection is mainly because some technical data sheets of these lamps have the effect of protecting vision and preventing myopia. General regulations require that the illuminance of the eye protection panel light exceeds 300LX, the illumination uniformity exceeds 0.7, the LED color temperature is maintained at 3500K-5500K between each other, close to natural light lighting, the color rendering index exceeds 80, the regulations require no blue light hazard, no high flash frequency, anti-glare, small light attenuation, long service life, green environmental protection. Eye protection panel lamp generally refers to the lighting fixtures required for school lighting, because the lighting fixtures used in school lighting generally have more unified standard provisions, the required lighting fixtures include technical parameter tables, including other lighting performance, safety performance has corresponding requirements, classroom special lighting fixtures can be divided into eye protection panel lights, classroom blackboard lights, recording and broadcasting classrooms with eye protection panel lamps and art classrooms, laboratories, libraries and other teaching activities used in other lighting fixtures.

2. Classroom blackboard lights

The classroom blackboard lights in the classroom are mainly blackboard special lighting. Blackboard is the visual focus of the entire classroom teaching activities, so some standards stipulate that the requirements are higher than the eye protection lamps in the classroom, mainly including the illuminance requirements of the blackboard lamps in the classroom are more than 500lx, the illumination uniformity is more than 0.8, the color rendering index is 85 or more, the regulations require no blue light hazard, no flash frequency, anti-glare, low light decay, long life, green environmental protection, higher standards are more conducive to the vision health of teachers and students.

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