The Tiburon ceramic pot with online appearance is exquisite and attractive, and the dry rice has planted grass

The concept of home decoration of modern young people is becoming more and more trendy, and at the same time, they pay attention to whether the decoration style of the whole house is coordinated. And a specific home, in addition to the requirements in the home, as small as the pots and pans in the kitchen are equally important, after all, most conventional color and shape kitchen supplies are more old-fashioned. This time, I also saw the Tiburon ceramic pot and realized that it was time for the traditional casserole to be abandoned.

The casserole in the impression is either white or black, and it is a combination between red and white, the national tide retro red, placed in the bright new home, is also quite eye-catching, especially in winter, I want the kitchen to appear warm and brighter. That’s why I decided to change to a Tiburon ceramic pot.

One of the common tools in the kitchen is a soup pot, and as a southerner, Cantonese soup needs a casserole, and now I have found a replacement for the casserole, that is, the Tiburon ceramic pot, which heats quickly and evenly, and the soup will be more delicious.

Of course, a good soup pot, in the price will be higher, Tiburon ceramic pot has a total of 2.6L and 4.2L two capacities to choose from, but also provides red, blue, green three colors, individuals can start according to the kitchen decoration color and style to start the right color.

Considering that there are often friends at home as guests, I also decisively chose the 4.2L version of the Tiburon ceramic pot, suitable for 5-7 people, although it is not commonly used, but it is also in the spirit of being prepared. In terms of price, it is also higher than the 2.6L version, which may be dissuaded for some people, especially for the parents’ generation at home, there is no high aesthetic, so only pursue durability, but I still want to make the kitchen look not monotonous, exquisite and practical Tiburon ceramic pot is more in line with my aesthetic.

In terms of practicality, Tiburon ceramic pot is made of spodumene, the pot body can release trace elements and minerals, in addition to soup, can also be fried, boiled, shabu, baked and other operations, because of the material of the pot body, it is also relatively heavy, personally it is recommended to use it for soup, after all, there are professional kitchen tools at home to do the right thing.

The choice of 4.2L Tiburon ceramic pot is also considered that even if it is 2-3 people, when boiling chicken soup or bone broth, you want the soup flavor to be stronger, so the amount of ingredients will be more, and the large-caliber soup pot can boil more soup out, and the 13cm deep pot and 25cm caliber can easily put the whole chicken.

The design of the pot lid is also very interesting, because the soup is relatively long, need to time real-time whether the ingredients are soft and rotten, and whether the taste is light, you need to use soup spoons and chopsticks, but often do not know how to put the used soup spoons and chopsticks better, if the soup alone to stain a bowl is not very necessary, so Tiburon ceramic pot lid is designed with an eaves handle, which can effectively prevent scalding, but also can place soup spoons and chopsticks, which is a very practical design.

People who often cook know that the soup pot heats up quickly, and if you are not careful, there will be boiling water dripping, especially when cooking porridge. The interior of the Tiburon ceramic pot adopts a 360-degree three-dimensional circulation design, which can effectively prevent rolling, and there is ≤30 anti-dry burning protection, which is relatively in place in safety protection measures, but I still always pay attention to the situation of the soup, just in case.

Write at the end

Exquisite and practical kitchen supplies are not only suitable for the current home decoration environment that young people like, but also more visually comfortable when used, and for people who like to check in food to take photos, the unique design of the appearance can also add more beauty to the photos. There are many cheap and practical casseroles, but there are very few exquisite and attractive ceramic pots, and Tiburon ceramic pots in addition to exquisite and attractive, the practicality is not worse than casseroles, of course, the price is relatively high, it is difficult to start, but I believe that the high-priced pot is still worth buying, after all, this is a long-term use of kitchen tools, and the good mood of cooking every day is more important.