Fuxin fabric women have no regrets

Wang Hao, 50-year-old this year, is a member of the 7th Executive Committee of the Women’s Federation of the River District. In the spring of 1997, the 27-year-old Wang Hao created a fabric factory factory to put production. In the past 24 years, she has designed and produces home fabric products, slippers, cloth shoes, and products from all over the country. Wang Qi has adhered to the industry, adhering to high quality development, strengthening technical talents, and solving women’s employment in the jurisdiction, driving the surrounding sisters to get rid of poverty alleviation.

When the fabric product plant has just emerged, there are less than 10 employees, and all products are handled. Wang Wei is in the workshop, designed, cut, hand teaches these women’s operators with sewing machines, hand-sewing, etc. Product wholesale to retailer. In 2005, the market demand, adjust the product structure, change the slippers, then increase production cloth shoes, high-handed bag grade, and the handmade decoration is very characteristic, and the clothing market is unique, 2019 cloth processing technology applied for patents.

In the early days of the plant, workers in the factory are laid-off women and rural women. They have no experience, Wang Wei follows the good lure, patiently tune, hard to train these “foreign lines” into a professional “master”. After introducing the embroidery machine, Wang Wei conducts a centralized standardization training for the mechanics, and the quality of the product is rapidly improved. Nowadays, the sisters in the fabric factory are all enhanced masters, and all kinds of needlework live and the lathe operation is skilled. In 2018, she put Shenyang Five Love Market sales stalls to work for many years, continue to sell fabric products, and the salesperson of many years turned into contractors, and they were strong. After this year’s epidemic, the business is difficult, Wang Qi still insists on paying insurance for more than 20 old employees.

Over the years, the Municipal Women’s Federation and the Wyong Federation of Welfare District have been concerned about the growth of the fabric factory, and actively provide policy support. In 2017, it is 30,000 yuan for the development of special funds for the development of women’s small and medium-sized and medium-sized and medium-sized and medium-sized enterprises in the Provincial Women’s Federation. At the end of 2019, Wang Qi took the new idea of ​​online marketing channels with the help of the Internet platform. After the epidemic, Wang Wei’s smooth transformation line developed, while opening all production projects, opening the shake account production short video promotion products, building a WeChat group training online agent, now through the online investment and retail, increase sales share, And the red fire. Wang Wei said: “Although the work is very complicated, the employee is very sympathetic to understand me, the work arrangement is also inserted. We have more than 20 years of production experience, but also have to accumulate a lot of customers, online investment and new friends can give more years. Sisters together, a living, everyone is very pleased. “


See the fashion, you have to live responsibility. No matter how the market changes, Wang Qi has never adhered to the national brand, adheres to the original product, and reluctantly leading her team to strive, in the road to the transformation and development, and lifting heat.

Source: Fuxin News Net