IQ tax on smart toilet lids, please don’t pay it anymore

Bathroom upgrade, the first step is to say

Smart toilet

About the smart toilet and toilet lid, I have talked to you a lot before, and in response to your needs, today I will talk about a special issue

Smart toilet lid

The penetration rate of smart toilet covers in Japan has reached 80%, less than 5% in China, and the upward trend has become more and more obvious in the past two years. For this easy-to-use and inexpensive treasure artifact, presumably no one can refuse, right?

Anyway, since I changed the smart toilet lid, I don’t want to go to the toilet anywhere else.

Buy a smart toilet or buy a smart toilet lid?

In simple terms:

– Good look, convenient function, sufficient budget for new house decoration, it is recommended to buy a smart toilet directly.

– Cheap and easy to install, the basic functions are also quite practical, if you don’t plan to change the toilet at home, then it is good to add a smart cover.


Price point –

The price of smart toilet is 3000-10000, and the smart toilet lid is available from 800-2000.

Expensive naturally has a reason why it is expensive – the smart toilet function is even more


, toilet and smart functions in one.

For example, foot sense switch, off-seat flushing, etc., which is several times more convenient;

The style is also more


, do not worry about the adaptation of the original toilet, simple atmosphere is easy to take care of. So those who have a budget, they all buy

But smart toilet lid as a piece

Transition products

, the functions are also available, enough to be on the basis of the traditional toilet,

Greatly improves happiness.

Go to the toilet in winter and enjoy

Heated seat

; The buttock wash function is comfortable


The women’s washing function protects feminine hygiene, and the drying function can free your hands.

With the intensification of competition in the market, various brands are making more and more extreme functions.

Sterilization, deodorization, self-cleaning

, you can think of everything.

Smart toilet lid Source: Live self-portrait

Because of the space, let’s talk about it today

, the smart toilet will continue to arrange next time.

At the end of the article, I recommend several cost-effective models to everyone, and I don’t want to look directly to the end.

Can my toilet be covered?

In addition to the following four cases, the rest can be loaded.

U-shaped V does not match and cannot be installed.

Source: Panasonic flagship store

The wall-mounted toilet angle valve is built-in and cannot be installed.

Many wall-mounted toilets are built in the angle valve type, so that the smart toilet lid with the cleaning function cannot be installed.

It cannot be installed without an outlet.

Remember to reserve a three-pin socket (higher than 40cm) for decoration to prevent splashing water leakage. It is safer with a waterproof splash-proof box.

Source: Self-portrait of Ju Fan’er

The dimensions do not match and cannot be installed.

Four data are measured: the distance from the toilet tank to the front section, the width of the toilet, the distance between the toilet lid mounting holes, and the distance from the toilet lid mounting holes to the toilet tank. Take 4 data and customer service checks.

The right side of the toilet is too narrow to fit with a handrail.


From hundreds to thousands, what’s the difference?

Although you get what you pay for, but not the more expensive the better, it is recommended that you see the demand and then buy, the money that should not be spent, we do not spend a penny.

There are two things to keep in mind:

First, if you choose an imported brand, you have to accept a certain premium.

Full-function instant toilet, domestic brands can be won within 2000, TOTO, Panasonic and other imported brands, more than 2000. Unless you sacrifice some of the features, you can pay a low price.


The more features, the more expensive, some features are worth the money, some are more chicken, it is better not to do it at all.

Spend a little more and choose the instantaneous type

The heat storage type is old and is slowly being phased out. Because long-term water storage, repeated heating, it is easy

Breeding of bacteria

And if there are many people in the house, hot water is easy to supply, resulting in

blowing hot and cold


The instantaneous type is live water heating, which is much cleaner and hygienic, and instant heating can ensure a more stable temperature.

Source: Hengjie flagship store

Drying too slowly? Might as well not

My 2,000-piece Panasonic toilet lid has a drying function, but we never use it.

It takes 6 minutes to wait for it to dry, the legs are numb and haven’t dried yet, what??

With a quick temper like ours, there are two choices: either spend more money to buy it

Extremely fast drying

section, save half the time; Or just save some money to buy it

Without drying

Of course, some brand drying is standard, so if the overall cost performance is appropriate, we will keep it for drying.

Source: TOTO flagship store

These features are recommended

There are many brands on the market, and there are many models. In order to open up the price range, there are more and more

Additional features

Let’s talk about a few features that are worth recommending.

Nozzle self-cleaning + nozzle sterilization:

Self-cleaning of the nozzle is to automatically clean the nozzle and spray rod before each cleaning to avoid cross-infection.

Nozzle sterilization is used after use

Wash in warm water for 40 seconds

, removes 99% of bacteria near the nozzle.

Leakage/waterproof protection:

Domestic toilets are not as good as in Japan, and many families do not do dry and wet separation. Therefore, pay attention to waterproof and leakage protection, and the domestic mainstream smart toilet covers have reached the IPX4 waterproof level of the national standard.

Haier’s “anti-electric wall” patent is also a highlight worth paying attention to.

SIAA antibacterial bowel ring:

The seat is the most likely to harbor bacteria, and I like this feature.

These features, choose according to your needs

The following features, I personally think that whether there is or not has little impact, but if you have higher requirements for the sense of experience, you can also consider.

Removable nozzle + more cleaning modes:

I have tried many smart toilets/lids, and I personally have no requirements for cleaning modes and locations.

There are basic models, only simple mode, the same wash is very clean. If the location is not good enough, people can

Move accordingly

, After a long time, there is a tacit understanding with the toilet.

There are many cleaning modes for some styles,

Massage cleaning, wide cleaning, pulse cleaning and more.

It depends on the need~

Pre-stool spray:

This is when entering the toilet, automatically spraying a layer of water mist on the inner wall of the toilet, and the poop is attached to it, which can be better flushed off.

If your toilet has a smooth glaze and is not easy to hang on the wall, then there is no need to adhere to this function.

Induction flap:

There are at home

old man

If so, this feature makes people bend less. This kind of is generally found in high-end models, and money-saving people have to do more.


The toilet blows air to allow activated carbon or catalyst to absorb odors and achieve deodorizing effect. One more feature can increase the price by several hundred. There are definitely some effects, however

If the bathroom exhaust is good enough, you can also use it to remove odor.

Remote control panel:

Usually the button is on the right side of the toilet, and some models are equipped with a remote control, which can be attached to the convenient position at will.

But the original integration is already comfortable, depending on personal habits.

Brand and model recommendations

The following is divided into three steps, and several cost-effective smart toilet lids are recommended.

Economic amount less than 1000 yuan


899 RMB (without drying) / 1099 RMB (with drying)

Haier V1-5205/5206

Comfortable model 1000-2000 yuan

Panasonic DL-5210CWS, 1599 yuan

Panasonic’s star model, not dried. With nozzle self-cleaning and seat heating, it is also equipped with SIAA antibacterial toilet ring, which is a relatively reliable entry-level intelligent toilet lid.

Hengjie 937, 1499 yuan

Jardine F1L515,1899 RMB

Jardine Matheson is also a treasure domestic brand that we found and has done group buying activities before. This nozzle can be removed, which is convenient to take it off for cleaning from time to time.

Enjoy more than 2000 yuan

TOTO TCF8132CS series

2699-3199 yuan, a total of three choices.

TOTO imported big brand, the originator of smart toilet lids, with a sufficient budget, can directly close your eyes and buy this.

Panasonic DL-RN30 2999 yuan

This is what we said above, the double duct extremely fast drying model.

There are also some ultra-cost-effective brands that people do not often mention, such as Yilai, Hanbei, Italian OXO, etc., which are not listed here, and are available in the Zhufaner mini program mall, go and pay attention to it!

Finally, after-sales service is also key. Buy online

If so, check to see if there are services such as home delivery, appointment installation, and warranty time.

In physical stores

Buy, ask whether home delivery and installation, installation costs, as well as warranty period, after-sales telephone, maintenance policy.

Some shops will provide it

Free circuit modification

, families without sockets, you can also not worry.

These are the key points for choosing a smart toilet lid. Remember:

Choose on demand, don’t need to spend more money on the functions you don’t need~

Already installed, come to the message area to talk about the experience, if the article is useful to you, remember



Smart toilet

Smart toilet

Smart toilet lid

Smart toilet lid

Source: Panasonic flagship store

Source: Panasonic flagship store

Source: TOTO flagship store

Source: TOTO flagship store

899 RMB (without drying) / 1099 RMB (with drying)