Little white shoes are tired of wearing! This summer, it is popular to wear “canvas shoes + skirt”, fashionable and tall

Good noon, sisters~

I often joke with my friends: summer is the world of canvas shoes! Some friends deeply agree with this, while others scoff at it, whether they agree with it or not

, I will follow my heart when I go out in the summer and choose a pair of canvas shoes~

The classic and versatile canvas shoes are no less fashionable than any other shoe, and its presence will be stronger in the hot summer~

Ordinary girls wear canvas shoes because of it

Comfort and effortlessness

, and celebrities are willing for it

Refreshing and age-reducing

Pay the bill, from dressing whites to fashion celebrities, all admire its beauty~

For female celebrities, canvas shoes are the representative of casual style, wearing it out, must not be a serious occasion, like

Zhou Yutong

The same to go to a fight with

A date with nature

, is also very pleasant…

Zhou Yutong’s versatile dressing style can rely on black canvas shoes to set off,

Retro port style

‘s wear with nostalgic high-top canvas shoes, the “sense of crossing” is very strong!

Take the route of a mature big woman

Song Jia

Pair it with black canvas shoes with a floral skirt with a temperament, half




, so not to be emotional~

Canvas shoes can take both the high-luxury route and the elegant route, and you can learn when you wear it every day

Jiang Shuying

Match it with

Denim skirt

Literature and art have reduced age

The effect is also to see your true age.

If you want to be more refreshing and feminine overall, you can like

Liu Yun

Wear the same pair

White canvas shoes

, fresh and eye-catching.

Zhang Hanyun

The high-top style canvas shoes on the feet are also very small girls…

If you hesitate between canvas shoe colors, I recommend you start with

Practicality and popularity

From these two perspectives…

Color of canvas shoes:

1. Black and white classic

If from the point of view of practicality, the basic classic

Black and white canvas shoes

More in line with the requirements.

Black and white canvas shoes can enhance the overall while maintaining the original beauty


, If you still want to separate between black and white, it is not impossible.

Black canvas shoes have


Big advantage, the first can

Shape your feet

Whether you have fleshy feet or skinny feet, wearing black canvas shoes will instantly change the shape of the foot

Small and slim

, girls who often feel inferior because of their big feet must try it.

The second advantage is that it can do the most competently.”

Green leaves

“With it, people won’t look at it twice, without it, people will feel that the overall shape is not perfect…

The biggest advantage of pure white canvas shoes is


, wearing it on the feet, you can be fairy from top to bottom, and the effect of white skin girls wearing it is more gratifying.

Pure white canvas shoes

Age-reducing effect

It will be better than black canvas shoes, whether you are a student party or an office worker, it will make you a little girl.

2. Color trend

If everyone is from a fashion point of view, that

Colorful canvas shoes

Wearing your feet will be more trendy and more fantastic.


There are also two starting points, the first is

Keep up with current trends

You can choose the fire of the moment

Tender yellow

, you can also choose elegant ones

Wash blue

, you can choose

Vintage red

It is also possible to choose

Classic coffee

If you want something more trendy, you can also challenge

Color print

Or is it

Colorful tie-dye…

However, it has a big bug

Dressed for not long





will be eliminated by the times …

The second way is

Choose shoes that are similar in color to the piece

, planting grass

Canvas shoes

, quickly recall in your mind what colorful clothes are in your closet, and then decide what color canvas shoes to buy.

How to wear canvas shoes + skirt to be more fashionable?

If you feel canvas shoes too”


“, can also be matched with very feminine ones


Make a difference.

1. The same color matching method, simple and error-free

Canvas shoes and dress matching can be divided into


The first way is easy to learn

Tonal matching

The color of the skirt is the same color as the shoe, which is the most basic

Neat and unified

, which can be maximized

Save time


Avoid errors

, more suitable for little cuties who like to go out with a card point.

One thing to note about when wearing the same color is that the color of the piece and the color of the shoe must match




If you just blindly pursue the trendy, the overall effect will only become more crotch-pulling…

2. Contrast color up and down, personality fashionable

The second is dresses and shoes

Contrast color matching

, contrast color matching can not only be

Irritation of the eyeballs

, improve recognition, and can

Enrich the overall color

, funky personality.

If you are not sensitive to color, you can choose it

Colorful dress

with the basics

Black and white combination

, a simple and complex way of collocation, tasteful and beautiful.

If you are by yourself

Color-grading masters

, you can choose the most formal color contrast on the palette,

Red + green, orange + blue, yellow + purple…

3. Socks higher than upper are suitable for small people

Small girls wear canvas shoes, which is more recommended


The way to wear, the first is

High-top shoes with high-top socks



To divert attention from your height, you can be like

Yu Shuxin

Just as cute love…

When choosing socks that are taller than high-tops, you can choose

Solid color

Just don’t choose


, you can choose

Tight mouth

Stack socks

The style can be selected capable

Pressed edge design

Just don’t choose cumbersome

Ruffle design

The second type of thing that is suitable for small children is

Low-top canvas shoes + “bare feet”

The way to wear, revealing thin ankles and hiding the presence of socks, is also a good one


Tips ~~

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Colorful canvas shoes

Just don’t choose