The beautiful legend of true Sicily: Carla Bruny, the most fashionable first lady of France

Look what the sheep touched today, good guy, the plastic template of supermodel Bella has finally been picked up.

Find a template that suits you, the effect is really good

Left 1, 2: Bella; Right 1: Carla Bruni

Sheep really super understand that Bella would want to copy Carla!!

Who doesn’t want Carla’s face?

Carla Bruni,

Former First Lady of France

(Sarkozy’s current wife)

, supermodel, musician.

Conquering the entire entertainment industry with her face and talent, the man who loved her to death and life lined up from the runway at her feet to Paris.

Including but not limited to:

Actor Kevin Costner, French number one actor Vincent Perez, Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, musician Eric Clapton who won 18 Grammy Awards…

She was also very graceful as first lady, and the French were very satisfied with her diplomatic image, and was hailed as “the most fashionable first lady”.

And she’s not a wife-!

The main achievements are all on their own, and the former president’s husband is also very dragged, and the 2022 French election is approaching, and many of Sarkozy’s supporters hope that Sarkozy will return.

Carla: “There will be no more politics, it’s over!” Because between marriage and politics, Sarkozy made a choice.

My husband won’t get involved in politics anymore because he doesn’t want a divorce

。 ”

The more I talk about it, the more I can’t hold back my pinch!

Now I will talk to you about this truth


The beautiful legend of Sicily: Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni’s opening scene is very Mary Su Bensu, starting with the dream of her mother.

Her mother, a pianist, was a six-year relationship with a classical guitarist from a wealthy Italian family when she was young, and gave birth to Carla out of wedlock.

A few years later, her mother took Carla to marry the son of the founder of a well-known Italian tire manufacturing group, that is, married into the Bruni Tidaisi family, the most prominent and wealthy in northern Italy.

At the age of five, Carla moved her family from Turin, Italy, to Paris with her parents, and as a teenager was sent to a private boarding school in Lausanne, Switzerland.

It wasn’t until he returned to Paris to study architecture and art at the Sorbonne.

Under such changes in family background and living environment, Carla’s elite education and artistic edification have not been left behind.

But Carla, a rebellious girl, suddenly had an idea when she was 19 years old:

Be free! Be independent!

She was born with a good deck of cards, she is one meter seven and five meters tall, her proportions are superior, and she is very beautiful and has a pair of deep blue eyes.

The head of a businessman’s family made her very clear: “Being a model is the easiest way to make money without any experience.” ”

So after she was recommended by scouts, she quickly entered the modeling circle.

Carla’s beauty shines everywhere, and Lafayette led her to the runway for Chanel’s Spring/Summer 1988 collection and was chosen as a model for the GUESS brand.

In the third year of her debut, she was one of the most profitable models at that time,

Annual revenue is as high as $7.5 million, which is $7.5 million in the 90s…

At that time, Carla, along with supermodels such as Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell, divided the catwalk in the late 80s and early 90s and became a well-deserved superstar among supermodels.

As long as the luxury brands and big-name covers can be called, there are no runways or magazines that she has not walked to.

He even walked through the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin with the national flag.

Carla really has a bit of heroine brilliance, Hermès artistic director Jean-Paul Gaultier praised her:

“She is very intelligent and very cultivated, like a heroine in a continental novel or movie.”

Yang likes her to walk punk style, and she has “sister is the queen” written all over her body.

There are also super many classic interpretations, so just pick a little for everyone to see

This year, Kara has a vlog dedicated to reviewing 13 of his classic looks, and these two are really beautiful to the pupil earthquake.

The wedding dress is the finale of Givenchy, and Carla said that it is very happy to be a bride on the runway,

“And it was an honor to finale at the time.”

This is the dress for the Givenchy Haute Couture dinner, fashion week is a heavy workload for models, she has to walk at least 20 shows in one country.

But apparently she misses her time as a model, “busy and fun”.

But her head is really too clear.

When she realized that she had passed the golden age of modeling, Kara decisively retired from the runway.

In 1998, at the age of 31, Carla decided to switch to music because of her hobbies, and wrote songs for French singer Julien Clerc’s new album, and the title song “Si j’étais elle” hit the charts.

In 2007 and 2008, the albums “NoPromises” and “Comme si de rien n’était” were released, both of which were minor hits.

Just like the beautiful legend of Sicily,

Carla’s achievements in the field of supermodels are amazing, and the criticism she has suffered in moral public opinion is overwhelming, and it is not unjust.

The French media even called her in the early days


(Man Eater)

Many women see men as part of their personality perfection and life growth, but apparently Carla is a sexual transition,

She sees men as symbols and prizes to prove her abilities and status.

She was first revealed to be in a relationship with Eric Clapton, a musician 22 years older than her and winner of 18 Grammy Awards, the “King of Blues”.

Then he turned around and got Mick Jagger, the lead singer of the Rolling Stones.

Due to Carla’s brief sideways kick, the lead singer broke up with his girlfriend Jerry Hall, who had lived with him for many years and gave him 4 children.

At that time, Jerry angrily rebuked “there is her without me”, and the lead singer still chose the original match

As a Medal of Honor, her list of ex-boyfriends is simply endless.

Actor Vincent Perez, who has been popular in France for 20 years, was selected as the sexiest French speaker in the world, and he and Sophie Marceau acted in the movie “Fang Fang”.

Hollywood actor Kevin Costner, who has won Oscars and Golden Globes

There was also a story behind the beautiful dress for that dinner, when she was in a relationship with Arno, a French lawyer.

But the most egregious thing is that Carla has even been in love with a father and son.

In 2000, 33-year-old Carla broke up with French publisher Jean-Paul Antowang and fell in love with her ex-boyfriend’s son, Rafael Antowang.

Raphael was a philosopher and a husband who divorced Kara from his original partner.

Kara wrote a popular song “Raphaël” under Raphael’s name, and the original writer wrote a novel “Nothing serious” based on this experience.

She describes Kara’s character in the novel:

“Beautiful and powerful, with a killer-like face, like a terminator.”

Carla and Raphael had a brief 4-year marriage + 1 son

However, in 2006, the divorce with Carla was also mentioned by Raphael, saying that he was “not in love”.

Kara then stopped for a year, and in 2007 she threw another blockbuster news that she was in love with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who had just been divorced for a month.

When Sarkozy’s friend was followed by the media, he said: “Sarkozy is so happy, extremely excited, for a man,

Carla Bruni, like Rolex, is a symbol of status and ability.

In February 2008, the two married at the Elysee Palace, the first time a French president has married at the Elysee Palace…

In 2011, 56-year-old Sarkozy and 44-year-old Carla had a daughter

But none of this prevents her from being a first lady, and she naturally likes to shine and show beauty.

And compared to those “immoral men” who also stand at the top of the food chain, what are these things about Kara?

She even generously said in an interview that she was not a good wife:

“I’m not going to put down my job and iron my husband’s shirt for the next four years.”

She did exactly that, not only continuing to write songs, but also playing a beautiful and moving museum narrator in the movie “Midnight in Paris” in her spare time from diplomatic work.

After Sarkozy’s re-election failed, Kara comforted her husband for a while and went back to her career.

This sister’s energy is really unlimited, and she even has an account on Weibo: it is used to promote new songs…

There are many women in the world who have taken good cards like Carla, but there are very few like her who play good cards into kings,

Young beautiful rich women are too easy to hunt.

Carla is ambitious and vigorous, but she has never been held back, and for the sake of fame or affection to become an empty girlfriend and Mrs. so-and-so,

Instead, try multi-line and find what you like best.

In the early years, he was a model, did not waste his beauty to move up, and later engaged in music, so that the soul after retirement still has a conversion, and every inflection point of fate is very suitable.

So although she has been changing boyfriends, it is clear that men are her concoction, her experience, her inspiration fragment, providing nourishment for her increasingly rich life, rather than being squeezed back.

This requires the heart to be filled with enough self, and the determination of self-worth comes from hard conditions such as interests, career, money, etc., rather than relying on intimate relationships and other evaluations.

Live like Carla, “Try a lot and enjoy life because it’s fleeting.” ”

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