Subverting the traditional PVC figure, he actually made a sand sculpture figure of cat and mouse out of wood!

The cartoon “Cat and Mouse” began airing in 1939, and it has been exactly 80 years since 2019, so this cartoon is already very old. Speaking of “Cat and Mouse” should be the childhood memories of many friends, the image of the Tom cat who has always been bullied and the intelligent Jerry mouse have long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The various nonsensical stories in the play still seem very interesting to this day.

Because the relationship between cats and mice is too funny, it has been made into one evil fun figure after another by a Chinese netizen. Below is the work of this soul craftsman. (Image from Weibo: Keye Diao Ye)

1: Beat Tom

What it looks like after coloring

This is the original picture of the cat and mouse, and it can be said that the production is very similar!

2: Vase Tom

Has anyone noticed the love on Tom’s chest?

Unpainted logs

Such a versatile Tom. Do guys know that this is where the set is?

3: Tom disguised as a dog

My Tom is so well disguised, can you really recognize it?


Animated scenes

4 turns into a bowling pin Tom

Frightened Tom

Wood primary color

5 lick Tom the dog

Even the almighty Tom can’t lick his beloved cat

6: Tom the coffee cup

This big belly is really cute

After watching so many Toms, I feel that Tom is so pitiful, what do you think of these figures?

I don’t know how many more figures the blogger will do to persecute Tom!



Animated scenes

Animated scenes

Animated scenes

Animated scenes