The skin first aid tips of the Korean girl group

BNT News The clean and white moisturized skin of the members of the Korean girl group allows them to calmly face the camera whenever and wherever, even if they appear without makeup, they can still maintain a perfect image. So what is their secret to managing their skin?

With flawless skin and healthy and sexy flexible curves, the secret of the perfect temperament of the women’s group lies in “elasticity”.

Patience is very important, many people understand but are easy to overlook the basic management methods, as long as you persist, you can see the results.

■□ shaping celebrity skin – lifestyle habits

The members of the girl group stand in front of the camera to show their plain confidence, which comes from the flawless skin of moisture and glow.

The busy schedule, both black and white, does not affect their perfect skin condition in the slightest, and the secret lies in their habits.

Maintain regular exercise habits and strengthen physical fitness. Drink water at any time to ensure an adequate supply of water. Eat more vegetables and fruits, and supplement protein and vitamins in the body.

■□ shaping star skin – basic skin care

First of all, it is necessary to confirm the skin type and choose a product that suits your skin type for basic care.

Instead of using too many skincare products, choose a few necessary products to apply for better skincare results. In particular, moisture-creams containing peptides shrink pores and prevent sagging skin, and have excellent firming functions.

In addition, not only girl groups, but also Korean actresses often use masks for skin management. Because the mask is easy to use and can be applied during mobile vehicles or photo breaks, it can effectively relieve tired skin and rejuvenate.

The mask is not only easy to carry and easy to use, but also highly concentrated nutrients can be quickly absorbed by the skin to restore moisture and radiance in a short time, making it the best choice for modern women.

■□ shaping celebrity skin – skin care secret

1. Kiehel’s, Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner

Infused with herbal extracts such as cucumber and chamomile, this lotion refreshes and calms the skin and prevents dryness, a fundamental step in skincare.


The magical cream that the members of the girl group SISTAR Doshun must use every night, is also known as “Duoshun Face Cream”. Infused with a wealth of swede peptide and natural essences, the cream has a unique memory effect that penetrates deeply to impart elasticity and restore its natural plumpness to leave you with elastic skin.


This mask series contains pure natural plant-based Korean essence, and the mask paper made of natural silk and long fiber will not cause any irritation to the skin, and has super moisturizing ability, which can provide seven days of intensive care for the skin. Take one tablet a day for 7 days to see changes in your skin, truly treating your skin in a holistic manner.


Infused with 7 essential minerals, this hot spring-like serum moisturizes the skin, leaving it supple and energized. Kim Min-suk Ma Yihan/Wen FORENCOS Fu Lian Kezi, Kiehel’s Kiehel’s, BIOTHERM Biotherm