Only to find out! The sneakers that Quan Zhilong has brought fire over the years have the same characteristics

“Sneaker Circle Spoiler”, “The Strongest Cargo King”

Kwon Ji Ryong

Finally back!

His personal brand PEACEMINUSONE, the Air Force 1, will be released the day after tomorrow and has become the focus of attention.

In addition to this double joint name, I am afraid that we will also feel the fear of being dominated by more “Quan Zhilong same style”.

Even on the day of Quan Zhilong’s discharge, the G-Shock GA-110 watch he wore has become a hit, which shows its ability to carry goods!

▼ It is said that there are also fans who want to buy the same speaker

As for the field of sneakers, GD is even more terrible!

A few years ago, if a niche sneaker was inexplicably difficult to buy, it must have been Kwon Zhilong’s feet.

Considering the development of the sneaker circle in the past few years, and the waiting of fans and fans, I am afraid that Quan Zhilong’s influence on sneaker culture will be more intense!

▼ Black and white big AIR is the best case for bringing goods

Quan Zhilong can have such a ability to carry goods, and the joint Air Force 1 can have such popularity, in addition to the star effect, his aesthetic is indeed unique.

Recently, the editor reviewed Quan Zhilong’s upper feet, and seems to have found the secret of everything he wears handsome, wearing everything is hot!

Learning this, not only can you wear it handsomely, but you may also be able to buy the same style of Quan Zhilong in advance!

01 Black + White, Kwon Ji Ryong’s secret to bringing goods!

Let’s first review which super hot Quan Zhilong has the same model.

The most memorable thing for the editor is the “Big Air” Nike Air More Uptempo, the quantity is not small, there are many color matches, but it is difficult to find a shoe.

There are also Nike Air DT Max 96, Nike Air Veer and other retro shoes and training shoes that should be extremely niche, which dominated the streets for a while.

▼ Nike Air Veer

It is easy to find that these hottest Quan Zhilong have a common feature in the same model, that is, the color scheme of “big black and white”!

▼ GD Black and White Mandarin Duck Air Force 1

Although Kwon Zhilong has also put on many Air Jordan shoes and fancy graffiti shoes, most of them are black and white.

▼ GD on the Oreo Air Jordan 6

▼ GD upper foot graffiti Vans

Even the black and white Nike slippers can be put on fire by Kwon Ji Long’s feet.

▼ Once made black and white “hook drag” a shoe difficult to find

In fact, black and white color matching has always been a popular color match in the sneaker circle, and it is also the best way to add a sense of luxury to ordinary sneakers.

And the black and white color scheme is not only super handsome in Quan Zhilong, but also ordinary people can wear it very well.

▼ Balenciaga black and white sock galoshes

Compared with Quan Zhilong’s iconic elements such as graffiti, simple black and white matching allows ordinary players to learn it as soon as possible, and it is also more suitable for daily matching.

▼ GD upper foot black and white shell head adidas Superstar

Thinking about it carefully, among Quan Zhilong’s sneakers of the same style, the black and white color scheme is indeed the best sold, and the foot rate on the street is the highest.

▼ The joint Air Force 1 also uses black and white as the main color

This time’s latest joint PEACEMINUSONE x Air Force 1 is no exception, still with black and white as the main color, graffiti, daisies and other elements are used as embellishments or extra play.

▼ Scratch off the black upper to get colored graffiti

02 Super handsome black and white sneakers, don’t miss it again

If you want to be handsome, high-class and versatile, you can’t go wrong with choosing black and white sneakers like Kwon Zhilong!

Come and see what are the most handsome black and white sneakers worth buying recently.

The price is not very expensive, if you have a favorite, you must start early, in case Quan Zhilong really wears it, I am afraid that you will not be able to afford it!

Air Jordan 11 Concord

Market price: about 2000 yuan

When it comes to black and white sneakers worth buying, the first thing that comes to mind is Concord. In fact, Kwon Zhilong is also very obsessed with Air Jordan like us, and it is possible to get on Concord.

Millions of global stocks, plus Double 11 replenishment, compared to other sneakers on the market, the price is not expensive.

Air Jordan 13 Panda

Market price: about 2700 yuan

The Air Jordan 13 Panda is probably one of the most classic black and white colors in the Air Jordan collection, and the most classic color scheme for this shoe.

Year one

Zhao Benshan

On the foot, this year Zhu Yilong put on the foot, twice on the Spring Festival Gala, can be said to be a favorite shoe by stars.

Air Jordan 1 Stitch removal



0 yuan or so

The weirdest Air Jordan 1 this year may be this double stitch removal color, and the current price is quite affordable, so you can easily start.

The black and white body, with DIY elements such as color embellishments and stitch removal, Kwon Zhilong may really like it!

Air Jordan 1 Panda

Market price: about 2200 yuan

The same black and white Air Jordan 1, this pair of panda color matching is more pure. The whole body is only black and white, and there is no problem with the upper foot.

The furry material is especially suitable for autumn and winter. The only problem is that WMNS specifications are difficult to buy men’s sizes, and the price is not low.

AMBUSH x Converse Chuck 70

Market price: about 2500 yuan

Kwon Zhilong once favored Rick Owens, and the AMBUSH joint name was considered to resemble Rick Owens.

Ultra-high top design + waterproof throughout, no problem stepping on snow in winter. As for how to control it, or refer to Quan Zhilong’s black and white combination?

Nike Air Flight 89

Market price: about 650 yuan

In addition to the Air Jordan generation, Kwon Zhilong has no shortage of Jordan fit styles and other unpopular retro shoes, and the recently remastered Air Flight 89 has his style.

As a sister model to the Air Jordan 4, it has the same sole, and the black upper with white hook lines is retro and bright. The most important thing is that the price is really very affordable.

Reebok Pump Fury Boost


About 0 yuan (white)/


About 0 yuan (black)

This year’s Reebok signature shoe Pump Fury is equipped with full-palm Boost technology, and the foot feel has been greatly upgraded. The black and white color scheme has just been released, and you can start at the original price or so

Quan Zhilong also wore Vetement x Pump Fury before, players who are afraid of pure color monotony can add some doodle by themselves, rounding up is equivalent to having the same style as Quan Zhilong!

Nike Zoom GP

Market price: about 800 yuan

This year’s replica of Payton’s signature shoes Zoom GP has excited many practical parties and old shoe controllers. The ultra-high configuration of carbon plate + Zoom and the bright black and white contrast are difficult to refuse.

To say that Quan Zhilong may put on this pair of shoes, I am afraid that everyone will not believe it. But don’t underestimate his ability to dig old shoes, how many pairs of shoes with fire before can we think of at that time?

Nike Air Barrage Mid

Market price: about 1000 yuan

The wide retro shape, black and white, and AIR lettering are several characteristics of Kwon Ji Ryong’s beloved big AIR. And these features are perfectly reproduced on the just-recreated Air Barrage Mid.

Coupled with the identity of rugby training shoes and the Velcro strap design, if it can be replicated a few years earlier, Kwon Ji Long is likely to be on his feet.

Nike Zoom 2K

Market price: about 500 yuan

Among the big black and white retro sneakers, the editor has been planting grass for a long time is this pair of “return label” Nike Zoom 2K. The shape of daddy shoes, but the foot feel light and comfortable, and it is very cost-effective.

According to the editor’s survey, there is a very high rate of foot in China, Japan and South Korea. Even if Quan Zhilong doesn’t wear it, it’s not good to say that one day he will become the same model of other stars.

The above recommendation is not the same model of the prophet Quan Zhilong, hyped up unpopular sneakers.

Just share with you the matching tips I learned from the stars.

The black and white sneakers worth buying are much more than that.

What are your favorite black and white sneakers?

Welcome to share!

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