If I had to choose only one trench coat in my life, my answer would be it! Fashion that never fades

Hello, “every Monday” starts classes on time.

Today our collocation theme is still

“Trench coat”

。 Many big brothers will have questions, why do you have to start classes just a few times ago?

Of course, it is for the “confused” players, and the skills are still not known how to match.

For the matcher himself, there is a particularly fixed concept of dressing, that is, the “two eight principle”, that is, there should be eight points of clothing in the wardrobe to be versatile and comfortable to modify the figure.


Is the trench coat “two” or “eight”?

If you still don’t know how to match after reading the windbreaker theme, then it is recommended to classify the trench coat items as the “eight-point rule”. As for which one to buy, this is a technical job. But the intimate ride is on the line, so don’t worry.

Since you want to choose a trench coat with versatile and practical details, then I have to mention my treasure, which has been “treasured” for more than ten years.

This trench coat must be with me for “a lifetime”, so come today

Heavy grass

, perfectly in line with the “28 Principles”, making single matching simple.


The scope of the eight-point principle

I’ll give you a “version” first, which is to set up the eight-point trench coat in the closet.

The styles are not exactly the same, but they are already the closest styles found by the tie-up (

After all, it has been worn for more than ten years, you can make up for it in your brain


The color is mainly khaki, it is light khaki, and it looks good no matter how it is matched. Similar to a “trench trench coat”, but a little more gentle, it is still fashionable to wear now.

This opens up the first range of choices for everyone.

(1) The eight-point principle – khaki

When it comes to versatile colors, many people think of black and white, but that’s not the case in trench coats, nor in autumn. Black and white are not the most versatile, but low-key khaki has become a better color.

The product that matches the color is the material, after all, the color matching needs to rely on the material to present the texture of the trench coat, so the texture selection of the material is another skill.

(2) The eight-point principle – high-density cotton

The material thickness is moderate, in order to show the feeling of hanging and stylish, so do not pursue blind pursuit of style, in the face of the eight-point principle of the single piece, you can adjust the psychological price appropriately. High-quality cotton and high-quality polyester fiber, generally speaking, are more secure, and also need to have a certain wind and waterproof effect.


The “adaptability” of the eight-point principle

Because there is no one-size-fits-all principle for dressing, even the most classic styling has something that cannot be taken into account.

Take lipstick, for example, exactly

A thousand people and a thousand faces


Thousands of people, thousands of colors

Even if it is a classic such as DIOR 999, there are still some that are not suitable.

The same goes for trench coats, no matter how good and versatile my “eight-point trench coat” is, obviously it’s for me or most girls, but it’s not for everyone.

But don’t worry, we just need to choose this right from the basis of “khaki” and “high-density material”, then in fact, you can

Have the fashion that “fits you”

The length of the dress must pay attention to adaptability, and the long model of a tall person may have become a mopping long skirt in the hands of a small man.

(1) “Clothing length” of adaptability

Tall girls represented by He Sui are recommended to choose a trench coat with a length of 115cm, which can cover the flesh and show off the aura.

For small people, trench coats are more suitable for short or medium-length models.

Recommended lengths are 55cm and 78cm,

The short is playful, and the mid-length is elegant

, so that you have a different style.

Petite people can also control the trench coat and wear your own temperament.

For most women, they prefer a neat waist design, but for some women, loose and comfortable open wear is more casual.

(2) “belt” of adaptability

Therefore, the existence of a trench coat belt is a matter of fit, for women with small belly and fuller thighs, the waist design is more intimate, while for thin women it is the opposite.

After mastering these two points of fit, combined with the range of the eight-point principle, you can choose a trench coat fit that suits you.


The eight-point principle of collocation

Finally, let the tie-up introduce a few practical matching solutions.

(1) Long trench coat + cropped pants

The long trench coat is neat and stylish, walking with the wind is like this, so the fit is looser, wearing the upper body will inevitably look bloated, so it is more suitable for the design of having a “belt”, and can also help you “lose weight” by the way.

Dressing formula reference effect:

The model’s outfit cannot be copied, but it can be borrowed, and the long trench coat and cropped pants can also be opened in this way.

The style is cleaner and simpler, the tiling picture is easier to see the publishing type, and the slim fit with cropped pants is easy to show weight for a loose trench coat.

For most girls, the modeling show is too far away from us, so it is not easy to learn from. Then we can refer to female celebrities and get inspiration from them.

(2) Zhang Xiaofei dresses formula, long trench coat + wide-leg pants of the same color

At the beginning of this year, a movie made Zhang Xiaofei “worth a lot”, but this set of matching is very grounded, very low-key price, very low-key matching, but the temperament is “high-profile”.

I have to say that the use of pants of the same color does make the shape beautiful and handsome, especially temperamental.

Zhang Xiaofei’s private dress style is commendable, wearing a low-key khaki trench coat with a “high-profile” feeling, and the basic model can be so good, I really want to add chicken legs to her.

The same color of pants has appeared, will the same color be far away?

(3) Long trench coat + same color underwear

Although khaki trench coats are versatile and practical, khaki takes up a large area, so it is a bit restrictive to match. But tonal underwear allows you to experiment with a variety of colors, including popular colors.

The underwear does not have to be pants, but it can also be dressed. The cropped skirt is more feminine, giving the basic handsome trench coat a little more gentle temperament.

The tonal inner design is also especially suitable for tall and thin, visually increasing the sense of line and making you look more slender.

Fairy sister is a goddess in the minds of many people, even if she is plain, she can blow up the sky. But helplessly too low-key, rarely contribute to us private clothes.

(4) Windbreaker jacket + dress

Although there are fewer private clothes styling, the promotional images are also very fragrant. This set is very stylish, khaki is very temperamental, with a high ponytail heroic and sassy.

Liu Yifei is worthy of being a lazy baby, and the scheme of matching the dress is really very worry-free.

Summer dresses do not rush to press the bottom of the box, leave it for the windbreaker jacket to match, the effect is so good, wearing the upper body is more gentle.

Tips for tying up

The trench coat is the subject, so much so that people ignore other elements. For example, the belt is like this, and it is hurriedly tied when it is almost time to go out, resulting in a reduction in the texture of the match.

In fact, there are more advanced ways to tie than just bows.

The awe-inspiring trench coat is still more suitable for such a lace-up method, and the simple and clean look is very in line with the “eight-point principle”, which can easily enhance the temperament.

Today’s tie-up seems to be more “short and concise”, although we don’t say much, but they are very practical, the “eight-point rule” is really too good to wear, remember to get it.

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Dressing formula reference effect:

Dressing formula reference effect:

Dressing formula reference effect: