Summer fire rekindles free attack Jeep is the title of the LPL Summer Tournament throughout

On June 8, the “League of Legends” Pro League Summer Tournament (LPL) officially started at Super Brand Plaza in Pudong, Shanghai, in addition to the opening match of the RNG and OMG All-Chinese Class Showdown on the first day, “League of Legends” and Jeep, the world’s leading SUV brand, held a press conference to jointly announce Jeep as the official sponsor of the “League of Legends” Pro League Summer Tournament.

“League of Legends” Pro League Special Address:

As a globally popular e-sports sport, the League of Legends Pro League brings together many top professional players to provide e-sports enthusiasts with a hearty and exciting showdown, and as a global SUV brand leader, Jeep also has high achievements in the SUV field, and its excellent four-wheel drive performance and atmospheric appearance have won the love of many users.

At the press conference, Jin Yibo, head of Tencent Interactive Entertainment’s “League of Legends” brand and e-sports, released a cooperation video, and Ye Johnson, head of Riot Games China, also shared the story behind the cooperation.

Jeep Freedom is Jeep launched in 2016 professional-level super driving fun SUV, “high slope vision, super abrasion, regardless of terrain high-speed movement” to its performance characteristics of an excellent description, after the announcement of the cooperation link, “League of Legends” professional league spring star players Amazing J, Condi, Doinb, MLXG, Meiko on the stage, with Jin Yibo, Ye Johnson and Jeep brand representative Steve jointly unveiled the Jeep Freedom Man LPL limited edition car sticker. After receiving co-signatures from several celebrities, these signed T-shirts will also be given to buyers who pre-order Jeep Freedom Fighter LPL limited edition car stickers on the “Jeep Store”.

E-sports players have always been a group of people who love games, dare to stand out, and compete for the top, and they are full of passion for life. Dare to pursue and embrace the love in their hearts, and Jeep has always conveyed to the public the image of a professional and dedicated global SUV leading brand.

This cooperation is also a new collision between the traditional field of automobiles and the field of e-sports, and in today’s more and more popular e-sports, cross-field cooperation has become more and more, I believe that in the future, e-sports will also be presented to everyone with a more popular appearance, showing a more diversified charm.