Let’s take a look at BJD’s hair

We’ve talked a lot about BJD accessories before, but today we’ll talk about BJD hair

Generally, the material of hair is divided into two types, one is the hair head, the “hair strand” is very soft and particularly fine, it is easier to shape and look more realistic, but it needs to be customized, because the hair head is not as elastic as the high-temperature silk, and it will fit the baby’s head

Therefore, it is more troublesome to customize~ But the advantage of the hair head is that it is easy to take care of, and it is easier to organize and store.

The other is high-temperature silk ~ The hair of high-temperature silk is brighter, and it is more adaptable to slightly larger or smaller baby heads, but the disadvantage is that sometimes it needs to be trimmed when it comes back, and there are some slightly inferior high-temperature silks that are easy to deform, so when storing, you should use a harder small box to avoid deformation or mess with bad care.

Like a longer high-temperature silk, it’s similar to our cosplay wig, basically as long as it’s not messy~ If it’s messy… You may only face cutting it off… Or scrapped. Therefore, you should still pay extra attention when wearing wigs for children~

Many high-temperature wires are very supple~ High-temperature wires like this with a head are becoming more and more common now~ I believe that in the near future, BJD circles will be more and more advanced like cos circles~

Slowly the styling hair also increased~

Of course, many children are their own hair, such as many small rag dolls with their own hair ~ These children’s hair is generally more exaggerated ~ Of course, for Mengxin ~ although the small cloth is relatively “cheap”, there are many people who like it~ But now there are many small cloths that can also change their hair~ So it is emphasized here that the baby does not distinguish between expensive and cheap ~ The picture below is a foreign brand~

So many friends are strange, the child’s head is so smooth, if the wig is slightly larger, isn’t it easy to fall off?

Don’t worry about this~ smart doll merchants have long mentioned that we have figured out a way~

We can use head stickers or silicone head covers for anti-slip~

The advantage of the head cover is that it can protect the baby’s head and prevent it from falling off, but the disadvantage is that it needs to conform to the size of the baby’s head, if your child is special, this may not be suitable for you ~

If the head is sticked, it is suitable for many children, but the disadvantage is that although it is non-slip, it is easy to leave glue marks after a long time… It is more troublesome to clean up, so when buying, try not to buy double-sided adhesive, it hurts the baby’s head, and the glue marks may need to be worn off, resulting in a shortened life of the doll. There is a non-marking adhesive head patch in Japan that is more suitable~ Although it is a little expensive…

If there are conditions, the silicone head cover is still recommended~ After all, it can be reused, and it can effectively prevent the French net inside the dark wig from dyeing the color on the baby’s head~