Comfortable and warm snow boots Let the winter turn on warm mode

The pace of winter is getting closer and closer, and it is about to enter cold and cold mode, what to do, of course, take out the must-have artifact every winter – snow boots!

Warm winters only need a pair of snow boots, warm and comfortable, simple classics, easy to match.

Undefeated classic, fashionable and attractive, buy it with your eyes closed! The boot shape of the mid-barrel will not be picky, and anyone who wears it will show thin legs.

If you want to be small and not bloated, versatile and thin, choose it!!

High-quality wool pieces are the most worthwhile.

Wool is a high-grade fiber that we are very familiar with, which has a good warmth effect and can also absorb moisture and breathe.

If wool is the “top student” among many fibers, then Australian wool is the “king of wool”. It is produced in Australia, known as the “country that rides on the back of a sheep”, and is the finest wool.

Because of the unique natural curl of wool, there is a large amount of still air between the fibers, which has a better warmth effect than other fibers.

Australian fur wool is thinner and longer than regular wool, curled more pronouncedly, and has a richer layer of air. Not only is it softer to the touch, but the warmth effect is greatly improved, which is twice that of ordinary wool.

Put it in and you feel like stepping into the wool pile, soft and warm!

The feet are wrapped in such a thick layer of wool, soft and warm, not to mention how comfortable it is!

Snow boots, which originated in Australia and were originally called Ugly boots, are recognized as the warmest boots.

Australians wrap two pieces of sheepskin to make shoes for winter warmth, so the core of snow boots is wool~

However, the name “ugly shoes” probably means that snow-boots that look a little cartoonish and bulky are “fashion black holes” from the day they were born?

But this is actually the characteristics of snow boots, although very warm but difficult to match, but if you choose the right fit and style, and match well, you can still avoid a lot of thunder and be a warm and good-looking little fairy!

A pair of snow boots turn on the warm winter mode, make the feet warmer, no matter what kind of boots, the snow boots that must be prepared in the shoe cabinet can not be less, it is irreplaceable by other items, and it is also another style and mood change.

Classic maroon, is also the classic snow boots can not be in the classic color, its advantage is the ingenious combination of boot shape and Australian fur, presenting a unique sense of fashion, the line division in the upper and the contrast design of the side, so that it can stand out among many boots.

This year’s snow boots all have a stylish thick sole design, which can “increase” the snow boots! The edge of the shoe has a gear wavy pattern and a contrast design to make the snow boots fashionable.

The temperament is black, and the side of the shoe has a contrast design, so that the black is not dull, and the snow boots can also be fashionable.

The outside of these snow boots is decorated with a zipper, which is easy to put on and take off, and can also make snow boots not dull, even if they are black, they can also wear a fashionable taste.

There is a textured gray, and the side of the shoe is contrasting brown, which is very layered.

The visible fur texture is one-piece, warm like stepping on cashmere, the quality is not inferior to those thousands of brands, but the price is very, very friendly!

The overall camel color matching, casual and comfortable, whether it is going to work, shopping, catching a flight, or even just going downstairs to buy a cup of coffee, you can step on it and wear it comfortably.

In the warm winter sun, there will also be a touch of coziness, with comfortable jeans, comfortable and casual.

Classic black temperament, comfortable and easy to match, Australian fur integration, double the comfort, double the warmth.

Temperament gray, relaxed and comfortable, stylish platform design, can also stand out in snow boots.

Australia’s all-natural all-in-one fur

Constant temperature and warmth, with heating effect, soft and comfortable foot feeling, fur fiber can diffuse the sweat and oil discharged by the skin, the outer layer is suede upper, good wear-resistant feeling, good elasticity, anti-folding and wrinkle-resistant, tightly fitting sheepskin fur, no bloated feeling at all.

Classic booties, simple and clean, very good for leg shape, very comfortable and versatile.

The outer zipper trim can be opened and closed for easy donning and taking off, adding layers to the boots without monotony. With a rounded design at the cuff, one pedal is also possible.

The hair volume visible to the naked eye, the upper foot is warm and soft, and it warms up “in one second”.

4.3CM heel height, fashionable and comfortable, with a height enhancement effect. The wavy design of the side of the shoe makes the sole not dull and more fashionable.

Patented TPR mold outsole, walking like stepping on air cotton, wearing for a long time without getting tired, bringing foot comfort UP UP UP, no longer have to worry about snow boots wearing for a long time! The textured design of the sole makes it more slip-proof in winter.

The main light is light, the upper foot is not tired, although it is a thick bottom design, it feels very heavy, but the upper foot is not heavy at all, and at the same time can play a good height increase effect.

Unique water-repellent process, at the beginning of shoe making, the nano-anti-repellent coating is directly tanned into the fur to ensure uniform penetration, not easy to fall off, and give full play to the anti-splash and anti-fouling performance. Whether it’s snowy or rainy, don’t pat and get dirty and wet.

, for a long time


Wool is a high-grade fiber that we are very familiar with, which has a good warmth effect and can also absorb moisture and breathe.

Put it in and you feel like stepping into the wool pile, soft and warm!

The feet are wrapped in such a thick layer of wool, soft and warm, not to mention how comfortable it is!