What the? The wall breaker is also divided into frequency conversion and non-frequency conversion, and I regretted dying after buying it wrong and using it!

The difference between frequency conversion wall breaker and ordinary wall breaker

First, due to the harmonics generated by the AC motor during high-speed operation, the interference with the heating system of the wall breaker causes the stirring and heating functions of the ordinary wall breaker to be carried out intermittently and step by step. The frequency conversion wall breaker effectively avoids harmonic interference through the frequency conversion control program, and truly realizes the parallel mixing and heating, such as the American Jese frequency conversion wall breaker after the “frequency conversion upgrade”, the two functions can be carried out simultaneously and synchronously.

Second, the fuzzy logic ability of the frequency conversion control program can be based on the amount specified in the recipe program, as long as the portion error does not exceed it, it can automatically fine-tune the stirring power, speed, control heating time, and automatically adjust the required speed according to the food situation. Just like the frequency conversion wall breaker in Jese in the United States, when the fineness of the food reaches the expected value, the main engine of the wall breaker can accurately maintain constant low rotation operation to achieve “non-stop heating”, thereby solving the current problem of heating easy to paste in the industry.

Third, the frequency conversion control program of the frequency conversion wall breaker adopts advanced frequency conversion technology, the voltage is small when starting, and it can be started under low voltage and low temperature conditions, which has a certain improvement effect on the situation that the wall breaker is difficult to start due to voltage instability or low indoor temperature in winter.