With massive resources and LG OLED C1, you can also live well at home 520

The fast-paced work and life has made the leisure time belonging to adults become more and more fragmented, and not wanting to go out has become the choice of most people, and daily relaxation has also become brushing mobile phones. And now only one LG OLED C1 high-end professional gaming TV is needed, and even if you don’t go out, leisure life can become very colorful. In addition to technical functions such as 4K ultra-high-definition resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, 1ms fast response, and adaptation to mainstream game consoles, LG OLED C1 can also be transformed into home theaters, private classes, exclusive KTV, yoga and fitness, etc., enabling TV to empower more new gameplay.

The LG OLED C1 located in the center of the living room is like a work of art combining audio and technology, and the 65-inch large screen is like a “giant screen”.

Coupled with the ultra-narrow border on the four sides and the slim screen, the LG OLED C1 with a bright screen at this time is like a mural full of flow, giving people an impactful visual experience.

The audio and video resources on the LG OLED C1 can be described as diverse and exciting. On the audio and video platform that comes with the system, you can choose to watch movies, TV series, anime, variety shows, etc., domestic and foreign, classic and trendy film sources. If you feel like resources are still not enough? Then connect a TV box to the LG OLED C1 TV, and immediately become able to use huge network resources.

For ease of use, LG OLED C1 also supports CEC connection, and after setup, LG OLED C1’s remote control can directly control the TV and TV box. The unique dynamic remote control can achieve computer/smartphone operation like a mouse pointer, which is much easier to use than ordinary remote controls.

Of course, with this combination, you can install many online audio and video applications at will, in addition to mainstream film and television platforms such as “Youaiteng”, many game live broadcast platforms can install the corresponding client use.

Of course, the way to relax is not only audio and video entertainment, playing games on the large screen of the TV can experience a more enjoyable gaming experience. The sensory experience brought by the 65-inch large screen is very different from that of mobile phones, tablets, and computers, and it feels that the characters and backgrounds in the TV are closer to reality, and the sense of immersion is better. In addition to installing game applications on the system and using the remote control to play games, you can also connect various game consoles through the HDMI 2.1 interface to turn the living room into an e-sports hall.

Girls like to do yoga and dance a little more, for this “demand”, LG OLED C1 and TV box combination can meet you. Open the corresponding APP, you can follow the yoga teacher, listen to soothing music to do yoga together, turn the living room into a temporary “yoga room”, and give your body and mind a comprehensive relaxation.

If there are children at home, you can not only watch various types of children’s programs on the children’s channel of LG OLED C1, but also use the online class APP for large-screen online learning, which is more eye-friendly and meets the different needs of family members in all aspects.

Large screen, slim body, narrow border design in addition to adding design beauty to LG OLED C1 TV, but also laid the hardware foundation for it to become an easel, just connect the appropriate bracket, a professional and aesthetic art easel is born. Put it in the center of the living room, by the window, the living room will immediately become a very artistic art gallery, when the screen is switched, LG OLED C1 will automatically play background music, at this time drink some coffee, flip down the books that have not been turned before, leisure time can also become literary and fresh.

Put down the fragmented reading mobile phone and tablet in your hand, squeeze out some free time, open the “varied” LG OLED C1 in the living room, quietly watch a movie, play a hearty game, sing a song for your beloved, listen to music and read a book. With the company of LG OLED C1, enjoy a rare leisure time on weekdays.