International students hoard trendy shoes encounter black logistics 47 pairs of trendy shoes were smuggled and sold at a low price

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International students hoarded shoes and fell into the transfer trap

Tide shoes meet black logistics

The “coconut shoes” involved

Nowadays, there is a “shoe craze” in society, and many people use it as an investment. Xiaozhang, an international student, wanted to take advantage of this trend and ship the 47 pairs of European limited edition Adidas “coconut shoes” he bought back to China for resale. When I walked the logistics, I never expected that the entrustment was a scammer, and as a result, not only did not make money, but the principal of more than 130,000 yuan was also lost, and the cost of more than 10,000 yuan was also raised. On October 29, the Wujiang District Procuratorate in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, approved the arrest of Xia Shihe on suspicion of fraud.

The 21-year-old is an international student in Italy. In March 2019, he bought 50 pairs of European limited edition Adidas “coconut shoes” in a local store in Rome for more than 130,000 yuan. He kept three pairs himself, and the rest were going to be shipped back to China for resale. Soon, a buyer in Xi’an was willing to buy these 47 pairs of “coconut shoes” for more than 150,000 yuan.

Since he has no transportation channels, Xiao Zhang added a man called “AAA-Import Tax Clearance, Billy” to the local Italian Chinese website, who claims to specialize in international logistics and is also an employee of a logistics company in Hong Kong. In fact, the real identity of this “billy” is Xia Shihe, who works in an e-commerce company in Yongzhou, Hunan Province.

In June 2018, Xia Shihe met Hu Guosong, a cousin of classmate Hu Guotao, at a class reunion in his hometown in Yongzhou (to be dealt with separately). During the dinner, he said that he had just returned to his hometown, and his work had not yet been settled, so he had suitable help to introduce him and left contact information for each other.

After the two became acquainted for a while, Hu Guosong told Xia Shihe that he was in the customs clearance business, simply put, helping people transport goods from abroad to China. He also specifically “pointed out”: “If the goods are worth money, and you have channels, you can take them down and sell them.” At that time, Xia Shihe had already found a job, but after this allocation, he suddenly felt that he had found a part-time job with fast money, and he would just do it.

Since 2019, he has cast a wide net on various websites and forums, saying that he can help goods clear customs at preferential prices. He has made up his mind that if the goods are not very valuable, or it is difficult to realize quickly, he will do business normally, adding about 1,000 yuan to Hu Guosong’s quotation, and if the goods are both valuable and easy to sell, he will smuggle and resell them.

Xiao Zhang just came into contact with “billy”, and he was also worried that the other party was a liar, so he didn’t make up his mind. In order to dispel his concerns, Xia Shihe on the one hand continued to set up close according to the “words”, and often posted some pictures of customs clearance and transportation in the circle of friends, took the initiative to introduce the entire process, price comparison and other information, said that there was a cooperative relationship with an internationally renowned logistics company, and promised “preferential prices, door-to-door pick-up, and full value protection”. In fact, most of this information and pictures were stolen from Hu Guosong and other colleagues. In addition, he forged the address of a company called “Ouli” in Shenzhen through Baidu Map, and forwarded to him the Hong Kong delivery address given by Hu Guosong. After chatting for more than a month, Xiaozhang agreed to give him the shoes for transshipment in China.

Xia Shihe found that a pair of “coconut shoes” could sell for up to more than 5,000 yuan in domestic online stores, so he told Hu Guosong, and the two decided to smuggle the goods and sell them.

On March 29, Xia Shi and his colleagues came to pick up the goods, and the internationally renowned logistics company carried six packed carton shoes, and the cargo information chapter can be checked throughout the process. Therefore, after arriving in Hong Kong, Xiaozhang paid nearly 13,000 yuan in logistics fees, customs clearance fees and other expenses as promised. At this time, in order to avoid revealing the real destination, Xia Shihe proposed to transit in Suzhou first, and Xiao Zhang agreed without much thought.

Then, Xia Shihe contacted his cousin in Suzhou (to be dealt with separately) and asked him to pick up a batch of goods and then send them to his designated address. During this period, he also specially instructed that the express bill for receiving and delivering goods should be torn off, do not use the previous express company, cancel the mobile phone number as soon as possible, replace WeChat, do not answer strange calls recently, do not add strange friends on WeChat, etc.

Not long after, the shoes were sent anonymously to Hu Guosong, and finally he sold them for more than 50,000 yuan at a low price of more than 1,200 yuan a pair. Xia Shihe received 40,000 yuan from it and earned 1,500 yuan from transportation fees and customs clearance fees. Except for a part used to pay off debts, the rest of the money was lost after he invested in other platforms.

On May 1, Xiaozhang suddenly found that he had lost contact with the other party, and the logistics information had been stopped in Suzhou. The trustee inquired and found that the Shenzhen company mentioned by “billy” did not exist. The more he thought about it, the more wrong it became, and he decided to call the police. The police quickly identified “billy” and it was probably Xia Shihe in Yongzhou, Hunan Province. On September 25, he was arrested by the police. After interrogation, he confessed to his crime and expressed his willingness to return the money he had defrauded and seek leniency. At present, the case is under further investigation.