Peak’s new version of the Triangle is here! New cushioning technology + carbon plate, the main lightweight, classic is back

Yesterday, Brother Dog introduced to you the new products that Li Ning just exposed: the 9th generation of the city, today let’s talk about the new product of another domestic brand, Peak’s new version of the triangle! This pair of shoes was exposed at the Peak Fan Festival a few days ago, and his return is a wave of memory killing for many shoe fans, and for all Peaks, and friends who will become Peaks, he is more like a signal sent by the brand, Peak, I am so prominent!

The present life of the Great Triangle

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the shoes, the mid-top height, which looks very lightweight, the upper is made of a variety of materials, and the toe is wrapped with a large piece of material, printed with the triangular logo of Peak, a classic reproduction. Image source: @aq Ah Qiu

Take a closer look at this pair of shoes, which are really worth playing. The large foreskin at the toe toe position feels like a material similar to mono yarn, which looks particularly thin, but in order to enhance the wrapping and support, there are many horizontal and vertical stripes on it, a bit like KPU material, plus a huge Pico logo, the toe cap wrapping and protection, should be good. Image credit: @aq Ah Qiu uglyyuyi

The upper of the forefoot is not only wrapped in a piece of material, but also specially added a piece of material to strengthen the position of the big toe to protect the toe in sports, which is a very intimate design! The new version of the triangle, just a toe cap, it took a lot of thought, which is worthy of recognition. Image source: @aq Ah Qiu

Look at the middle of the upper, the upper position, there is a particularly obvious arc, running through the toe and tail, this piece looks relatively hard; The lower position in the middle of the shoe also looks thinner, there are some lines on it, and the breathability should be very good. Image source: @aq Ah Qiu

The tongue is a suede-like material, particularly thin, with some bumps on it, so that wearing it will not feel clumsy, think carefully, like it again! Image source: @aq Ah Qiu

The feeling of wrapping after the foot is very good to see the picture, the heel has a thicker sponge, the tongue is light and thin, but it can be tightly attached to the anx, the feeling of human shoes being one, I don’t know if I can feel it on it?

The anti-roll bulge on the outside of the forefoot of the shoe is very eye-catching, and it seems that the forefoot has an additional TPU strip wrapped.

The carbon plate area of the midsole is large again, this crystal bottom is too beautiful, look at the grain, it is very ordinary water ripples, but the grip effect of this thing is first-class and very practical.

There should also be a built-in harbor treasure in the heel position, and this slender shape is really good-looking.

I believe that one of the feelings that everyone has when they see shoes is that Peak’s shoes are finally not ugly, which is too rare. Each color is very good-looking, it took a lot of thought, the midsole has a gradient, the logo of the toe cap is filled, each color match is particularly good-looking, really have to add chicken legs to the colorist. Image credit: uglyyuyi

Having said all this, before the point, Peak has made another breakthrough in midsole cushioning this time, using a new material: P-Popup.

The surging technology first appeared on the UP30 running shoes, is the sandwich midsole cushioning layer of the top layer of the material, it is a kind of ETPA foam material, characterized by very light, very elastic, the appearance looks a bit like 䨻, boost, because are foam materials, not too much.

Brother Dog guessed that the forefoot of the new triangle also has a mysterious technology, because the forefoot has a bulge, the probability is P-soon, this technology is also used on the flash 2nd generation forepalm, he is an upgraded version of the magic bullet technology (if there is a mistake please point out), Brother Dog has not experienced this technology, but can be placed in the forefoot, the resilience of the material should be very good.

Whether there is a state pole in the cushioning material, this remains to be determined, because this is a pair of shoes that are very important to Peak, and the state pole is also Peak’s iconic cushioning technology, according to the previous tonality, there will be a state pole to enhance the brand DNA cognition of shoes, this time it is not easy to say, but as the moderator said, keep looking forward to it, more interesting.

Peak stood up

Combined with the information obtained above, Brother Dog feels that the new triangle is completely shoes born for actual combat, and from his body, Brother Dog saw some information:

1. Shoes focus on the concept of lightweight, and this is most likely the direction of Peak’s main focus in 2021;

2. More classic shoes will return in the form of reborn;

3, the colorist adds chicken legs, flash 2, lightning 2020, the color matching of the new triangle will be very riotous;

4. The future state pole will become the most “basic” technology, and p-soon has p-popup will shine.

First of all, there is no need to talk about the lightness, every design of the new triangle is serving this concept, and it is predicted that this will be a pair of top boots of Peak, there is no one! Before Peak’s shoes were all extremely masterful, flashing 1 generation of? But what are his shortcomings? It’s too heavy; What about Lightning 2020? Sink; What about Flash 2? Or sink, the reason is the weight of state-pole technology itself, now with ETPA’s p-popup technology, sinking, will become a thing of the past.

Second, Peak is also a sports brand that has been established for many years, there are many classic shoes in history, Li Ning has made a good start, Peak’s Reborn has opened up another way, plus the classics of state pole, p-soon, popup, Brother Dog believes that you will not be disappointed.

Third, before we all said that the new shoes are too ugly, want to rely on color matching to save, Peak in one step, a good color matching is more, the money is in your hands, but how can it be given to Peak? Colorist with chicken drumsticks!

Finally, praise Peak, technology is the first driving force, eat the sweetness of the state, so soon there is P-Soon, Popup and other technologies, and carbon plate has become a trend, in the future, I believe Peak will give us more surprises.

The past life of the Great Triangle

Seeing the three words “big triangle”, many friends who are familiar with Peak know him, this shoe is too classic, when Peak is still unknown, this shoe can be regarded as Peak’s “masterpiece”, in Peak’s long years, several versions have been released one after another, and it has been sold for many years.

Originally, the triangle was the signature shoe of French player Pitrus, he was known as the figure of French Jordan, and Peak was also “discerning” at that time, but he did not play in the NBA, and it was George Hill who really made the triangle fire.

The technology of the big triangle was the top of the brand at that time, the toe cap was wrapped in a large area of rubber, and the midsole three-stage cushioning technology, this cushioning technology Peak has been used for many years, very chicken, hard, no effect.

But the visual effect of this pair of shoes is too explosive, the shape is really cool, at that time, if you can only choose a pair of Peak sneakers, you must choose the triangle, and you must choose yellow.

Peak has launched several versions of the big triangle shoe, the picture above is the most classic, and then a lightweight version, the upper is lowered, the upper becomes fabric, the KPU material wrap area of the toe cap is larger, and the yellow model is also classic.

There is another one, which has been sold in a small range, is that after the launch of the state pole technology, Peak added the state pole to the middle sole of the triangle, and produced a pair of women’s basketball shoes, few people are familiar with him, and his identity is also more special.

Nowadays, Peak’s new generation of Triangle is here, there are too many surprises, the new Triangle is not without a name, his name is printed on the shoe:

Peak Attitude, take this name, very courageous, but also explain a lot, this pair of shoes reflect the craftsmanship and design level of Peak in recent years, is the master, but also the hope of the future Peak, likewise, is an explanation to the majority of Peak, this is Peak’s attitude!