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2021 Domestic and foreign mainstream laser TV, laser/LED light source overcast and portable projector strategy (serial 1)

In recent years, with the exception of the flagship CH-LS10500, we have not seen Epson launch more laser models in the traditional home theater projector market. However, this does not mean that Epson does not attach importance to the development of lasers, a new solid-state light source, in the home market. In the nascent laser TV and portable projector market, Epson has invested considerable research and development efforts in the past two years, and has launched a number of new models that have attracted much attention. First of all, in terms of laser TV, Epson has launched two laser TV EH-LS300 and EH-LS500 respectively after the first laser ultra-short throw projector CH-LS100, which have two color combinations of black and white (B/W), which can be integrated into various styles of home decoration patterns. In addition to the difference in appearance, the main difference between these two laser TVs is at the technical level. Among them, the EH-LS300 series positioned at about 20,000 yuan has a picture resolution of 1920×1080, white brightness/color brightness of 3600 lumens, supports HDR10 and HLG, and has a built-in Yamaha custom audio system and Tencent Aurora intelligent system. The more high-end EH-LS500 series adopts Epson 4K PRO-UHD display technology, white brightness/color brightness reaches 4000 lumens, supports HDR10 and HLG, and has 16 adjustable HDR functions. In the very critical optical lens part, Fujinon professional image lens is different from most laser TVs on the market, with an optical structure of 16 spherical elements and 3 aspherical lenses, with ultra-high-definition level picture resolution and excellent color reproduction ability.

In terms of portable laser projectors, Epson has integrated intelligent systems and network streaming functions into the portable, easy-to-use models suitable for young people, including EF-12, EF-10, EF-100W, EF-100B. Among them, EF-12 has a full HD picture resolution of 1920×1080, supports HDR10 and HLG, and can achieve 1200 lumens of color brightness through the miniature laser light source in the fuselage, and the light source life reaches 20000 hours. In terms of exterior design, the EF-12 adopts a rather stylish and smart design style, plus the optical lens design of autofocus, which is easy to move and switch between the living room and bedroom space. EF-12 has a built-in intelligent system deeply customized with Tencent, which can directly play online streaming movies and television programs, and can also support wireless screen projection. In addition, Yamaha’s custom audio system was added to the EF-12 body, so that you can achieve good sound performance without the need for a separate surround sound system. The EF-100W and EF-100B are white and black respectively, which belong to Epson’s first 3LCD smart projector based on laser light source, with a light output brightness of 2000 lumens.

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