How to wear boots of different “lengths”? Learn a few matching techniques to look fashionable and thin and more elegant

Women’s love for boots is also self-evident. Look at the various boots arranged in the shoe cabinet, pointed, square, round-toed. Thick heel, square root, thin heel. Short, medium, long, black, white, beige. Various classifications correspond to different styles and temperaments, and the matching skills are also different.

In terms of the length of boots, they can generally be divided into ankle boots, short boots, long boots, and over-the-knee boots. Over-the-knee boots are not analyzed here, after all, this style is only suitable for matching tight short skirts, sexy and feminine, and particularly picky figure, not suitable for most people to wear.

Below we will summarize a few matching tips for ankle boots, booties, and boots, hoping to help more babies who love beauty.

One: ankle boots

The so-called ankle boots refer to the length of the boot barrel that is relatively short, just up to the ankle position. This kind of ankle boots, more of a thin tube design, can outline the slender ankle line. With a pointed toe, it is also more feminine.

Some young girls don’t really like this feminine style. On the contrary, some women in their thirties and forties have a soft spot for such pointed toe and ankle boots.

The pointed toe of the ankle boots is also dominated by classic colors. Black, white, nude, and gray are all more common color combinations. The pointed toe design and smooth cut can tighten the foot line, looking more slender feet, and there is a delicate skinny beauty.

Wear it with an anxile skirt or cropped straight pants, of course, if you want a smart and dashing image, it is also good to combine mop pants. These ankle-length boots are not recommended with skirts that are just above the knee, and it is easy to appear thick calves in contrast to the tightened ankles.

Two: short boots

The so-called short boots generally refer to boots with relatively short boot barrels, of course, the boot barrel is still longer than ankle boots, just stuck near the calf. Short boots are based on smoke tube boots, Martin boots, and British boots, which can be fashionable, handsome and cool, and retro chic.

Boots are a kind of boots that are more suitable for young women, especially girls in their twenties and thirties, who do not like the elegance of pointed toe and ankle boots so much. On the contrary, this more neutral boots can better meet their fashion.

Boots will be more handsome in shape, whether they are slightly more showy Chelsea boots, more handsome Martin boots, or more delicate British style booties. All get rid of too sexy, feminine design, even with a slight square root embellishment, it will not be so exaggerated, and it is not difficult to control.

This kind of boots, which are long near the calf, are more suitable for combining over-the-knee skirts. Whether it is a knee-high skirt or a knee-high dress, the combination is more elegant and generous. Of course, not only can you choose a skirt that is too tight, but also an appropriate straight skirt, or an umbrella skirt, or a pleated skirt, which is more elegant.

Three: boots

Boots are divided into over-the-knee and over-the-knee sections, and over-the-knee lengths are generally the length of the thighs, which aggravates the difficulty of wearing because they do not exceed the knee position. Only some fashionable and modern people with exceptionally thin body proportions will wear it. Most people choose boots that do not exceed their knees.

However, knee boots will not have the trouble of knee folds, nor will they be particularly tight, making people feel depressed because they can’t be stuffed. Relatively loose boots are also a necessary feature of boots, reducing the difficulty of driving and making them more fashionable.

There are two ways to match boots, one is to pair boots with a skirt that is just above the knee, in order to create a clearer layer. The skirt can choose an irregular cut, or a decorative element of personality. Use a more stylish shape to reduce the visual bloat.

When boots are paired with a short skirt or short sweater skirt, or a short coat jacket, you can pay more attention to the color response. For example, a high-waisted short skirt or shorts to match boots, if the color is echoed, not only the overall sense is stronger, but also visually more high.

Well, the above is the fashion information that Xiaomad shared for you today. Now that you know the different lengths of boots, how to choose and match them? Share fashion trend tips for everyone every day, hurry up and pay attention! (Text original, image source network.) If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. )

How to wear boots of different “lengths”? Learn a few matching techniques to look fashionable and thin and more elegant