Refuse bloat! These 4 life-saving thick coats look thin and fashionable

Hi, hello little sisters! Here is your little cute lord~

It is said that northerners rely on heating in winter, and southerners rely on shaking for winter~

Although it is in the south, I really feel colder than in the north (it is also cold in the key room~

I really envy the children in the north who have heating, when can I experience the days when I sit at home and eat popsicles in short sleeves?

Seeing that it is getting colder day by day, this beauty is unwilling to wear a bloated big cotton jacket!

It’s hard to look good and keep warm!

“Cosmopolitan beauty” babies like me, if

I don’t like cotton clothes, down jackets and the like are too bloated, so it’s better to wear these four thick coats like me!

Not only is the degree of warmth, but also more than cotton and down jackets

Thin and fashionable~

Many babies don’t want to wear a solid color down jacket on the bad street in winter, so they can arrange it

Baseball jacket

, It’s not easy to bump shirts!

The unique shape of the baseball jacket makes girls look very handsome when they wear it! Like Ouyang Nana and Lisa are wearing CELINE’s classic baseball uniforms,

Feel free to wear a pair of straight pants or jeans is very sassy~

After becoming the spokesperson of the CELINE family, Lisa will wear the CELINE family baseball uniform everywhere she goes.

The black and white style is more unique~

But now that winter has arrived, we still can


Main~ So you can choose

Tweed, lamb wool fabric plus cotton baseball uniform, warm and casual!

Sisters who don’t know how to match, refer directly

Han Huohuo’s brand DNT baseball uniform wearing method

Every fashionable girl must have a DNT piece!

Sisters who have boyfriends can also arrange the same baseball uniform with him, and the college is full of feeling~

This oversize fit can be worn by both men and women, and it will not look fat like a down jacket~

However, sisters must be optimistic about the material when buying~

Warm places like Guangdong can choose autumn models,

In cold places, you must buy a fleece and cotton model to keep warm!

Plush coats can be said to be super versatile!

Whether it is ladylike, gentle or cute, basically any style can be controlled~

The apricot color is the gentle Korean sister, and wearing the whole body in light color in winter originally gives people a new feeling,

Lazy and refined coexist~

In addition to the same color matching, you can also choose to wear a contrasting color,

There are only 2-3 colors in the whole body, simple temperament, gentle and refreshing~

Go to school or go shopping, you can come to a pair of jeans to increase the sense of leisure~

Loose up and tight down

The combination is also thinner!

The slightly fat sisters also have options

Black straight-leg pants, look thin and full score!

With a short plush jacket, it immediately shows the height and leg length~

It’s okay if you want to give the match a little “careful machine”

Layer denim shirts to add layering

, At a glance, it is a girl who is very good at dressing~

Especially cold weather can also be directly wrapped in a long plush jacket, with a pair of super thick plush leggings underneath, only revealing the slender calf part~

“Cosmopolitan beauty” babies can also wear more

A plush jacket with a sense of design

, Similar to this coat or suit, a knit is very nice~

Sisters who are afraid of cold can also arrange scarves,

In winter, you’ll be wrapped in fluffy little things!

Baby who is afraid of fat in a plush coat, Moe Mengzi also has an artifact – that is

Pie overcomes!

It can keep warm and look thin at the same time~

Pie overcomes actually

Cotton or lint on the inside, and a workwear-like stiff fabric on the outside, very windproof!

A thin knit inside is very warm~

Some pies also designed two collars,

When you go out, you can wrap it tightly by buttoning up your collar, and you won’t drill at all!

And many pies have super comfortable fur or splicing with fur

(Sisters can buy eco-friendly furs to keep warm ha~.)

If you are in the north, choose a long pie to overcome more warmth, with a fluffy big fur collar, and the scarf will be saved!

The slightly fat sisters join the pie to overcome the thinness!

But at the same time, you should also pay attention not to choose too loose, the fit is slightly loose~

How can cool girls miss a biker jacket in winter? This

Lamb wool panels or leather suede biker jackets have been on fire for years!

In the choice of materials is also more and more, not only suede suede, but also tweed models, more and more warm~

But the windproof is definitely the leather motorcycle jacket!

If you put the collar up, you can protect your neck, and you can go out on the street with straight-leg pants~

Worried that the straight pants will be a little windy, the sisters can directly arrange tight little black pants and mid-tube boots, and the legs are very warm~

Little black pants also remember to buy plush!

Winter is to put all kinds of fleece on the body

, After all, the taste of a cold is too uncomfortable (I know it well)

Amway’s thick coat today

The sisters hurriedly arranged it

Such cold weather

Be sure to keep warm

After all, every girl is a baby