Male star street shooting | Wang Jiaer challenged the “grandma cotton suit”, and the new sweet tea film Reuters photo was milky and handsome

It’s another lively weekend, and the “melon eaters” can temporarily put aside the roller coaster-like mood and come to the male star street photography office to take a break!

The mainland chapter is all “fresh blood” with beauty and wear, the boyfriend is bursting, the foreign chapter is not far behind, the activities of the major new films Reuters photos are dazzling, pure pure eye washing issue, Let’s go!

On December 14, Wang Jiaer appeared at Beijing Airport

Today’s unique opening by our “all-round man” Wang Jiaer, a Bape black “granny-style cotton suit” light with casual pants, sports sandals + socks small details are also very chic.

Such a well-behaved and cool “men and women eat all” Jiaer, it is difficult not to enter the pit~

On December 12, Jing Boran appeared at Shanghai Airport

“Façade Well” is late but arrived! This week’s airport look explored a different mix and match style. The brown-green Botter hooded tweed coat is casual and comfortable, with a white shirt and black V-neck sweater. Roar!

On December 16, Chen Feiyu appeared at Changsha Airport

Our “Arthur” set is a bit of a little man oh~ black hoodie buttoned leather jacket, dark gray jeans with BV boots. The inch hairstyle and this outfit are quite suitable (ps: It’s rare that I didn’t see a black knitted hat on Feiyu’s head haha).

On December 12, Wang Ziyi appeared at Shanghai Airport

“Comedian” Brother Wang also appeared this week with his “out of the circle canvas bag”~ The costume chose a low-key and casual gray sweatpants suit with a black cold hat, and the overall look looks very suitable for “lazy people out on the street” ha.

On December 15, Ma Boqian appeared at Beijing Airport

Ma Boqian is also a famous “fashion boy” in domestic entertainment, and likes to highlight his personality with mix-and-match and eye-catching accessories. The black down jacket is layered over multi-coloured underwear, and the leopard-print shoulder bag is cool and sassy. Editors are also often cute by some cartoon charms from Margo, and this time is no exception 👆!

On December 17, Wang Hedi appeared at Changsha Airport

Wang Hedi is a street shooter, wearing a black down jacket and gray trousers, and the LV box bag cross-body makes the overall matching simple and not simple, a set of boyfriend power.

On December 16, Oscar appeared at Shanghai Airport

Oscar appeared in a black printed skull sweater, small trousers and leather boots, tall and handsome and you can’t go wrong. There is news that Oscar may go to South Korea next year to participate in the new season of the draft, if it is true, then it will still be fiercely expected to be billion!

On December 13, Lingchao appeared at Beijing Airport

As the only outfit in this issue that is not “bound” by dark colors, Lingchao’s younger brother’s identity is particularly eye-catching. Cream sweatshirt layered with splash ink T-shirt (fans guessed that it was hot and took off half deliberately did not finish hahaha), streamer sweatpants are also very characteristic, personality 100 faint!

On December 16, Ji Lingchen appeared at Shanghai Airport

Ji Lingchen also continued to be on the list this week. Warm black hooded down jacket with vertical striped gray sweater, handsome and dashing, tall and stylish aura is definitely full of turning back at the airport.

On December 11, Huang Xiaoming appeared at Shanghai Airport

You may not think that Brother Xiaoming is the “big brother” of this issue of street photography, but he is the youngest “little brother” in the outfit (not), a 13 De Marzo blue baseball jacket, with slacks, small white shoes and then + fisherman hat, vitality and age reduction~

On December 17, local time, Timothée Chalamet appeared in Oxford, England

Sweet Tea continues to shoot the new film “Wonka” in England. I thought it was just a standard fairy tale plot, but many spoilers have unexpected highlights!

I love some British college-style tea, this “magic robe” can be directly packaged and sent to the HP crew!

On December 13, local time, Benedict Cumberbatch appeared in LA

It’s been a long time since I saw Benny who was “freshly opened”! Although the dress is very “American country feeling” haha. Arrived at the chicken feather studio to record the show, “Little Spider Page” Benny is online, looking forward to staying!

On December 10, local time, Robert Pattinson and his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse appeared in LA

Radish and girlfriend party with friends. After the party, Radish also moved a lot of gifts from the trunk of a friend’s car, happy like a child who got Christmas presents for the first time haha, so much love!

Hyper-realistic daily pictures, netizens laughed: “Is it that every Batman will become a comedian~”

On December 12, local time, Emma Corrin and Harry Styles appeared in London

I forgot about Emma and Ha Roll and this collaborative play! It is the LGBT-themed film “My Policeman”, which is recently being remade in London.

The scene of the two meeting is filmed, and the modern and classical atmosphere are intertwined. Even if there is no face in the light and shadow, it is so beautiful, I really want to watch the main film~

On December 10, local time, Ryan Gosling appeared in LA

Commander Gao continued to remake the new film “Gray Man” with Peach in LA, a set of gray-blue formal clothes of an elegant gentleman, and the temperament is a whole mastery! The American version of the “overbearing president” ceiling is there.

On December 15, local time, Jared Leto appeared in LA

Young Master Lai Tu attended the screening of the new film “Gucci House” in LA. Continuing to interpret “a hundred combinations of old leather clothes” is the thrift rabbit certification. The cool and sweet scissorhands are also nobody~

On December 17, local time, Chris Evans appeared in LA

Peach buys flowers on the streets of LA and wears a simple navy blue casual outfit, with slightly tight clothing that perfectly shows the contours of her muscles. It’s really easy to blurt out a “husband”!

On December 13, local time, Jason Momoa appeared in Hawaii

This wave is “true colors”. Jason was also slammed while surfing in Hawaii, showing the real-life Aquaman style, healthy and sexy YYDS!

On December 15, local time, Ryan Reynolds appeared in New York

“Little” finally didn’t jaywear~ This day in New York to record the show, black suit, black mask, coupled with RR exclusive long legs, is the need to request the degree of suit welding on the body haha, very cool!

On December 9, local time, Megan Fox and her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly appeared in LA

The first “couple file” appeared this week, and Meghan and Gun Ye went to see a charity concert together. The two fingers are tightly linked, and the sugar that has seen similar actions is still sweetened in a different scene ~ royal sister + rock cool man, is this the most popular “sister dog feeling” in recent times?

On December 15, local time, Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez appeared in LA

It’s almost a weekly “fixed item”. Big Ben J.Lo, the “little couple in destiny” joined hands to record the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” program, J.Lo wore a baby blue coat with the same color bag fresh and gentle, Big Ben khaki coat with a blue shirt handsome and stylish, walking on the street is a beautiful landscape, J.Lo’s eyes are all honey flowing out ~

Yeah! This week’s wonderful street photography will end here, remember to see you at the same time next week!

Image source: Visual ChinaNetwork

Edited by Stacy

Written by: Li Yuli

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