Zhongliang Real Estate Anhui North AreaCool net red water cup is coming, Zhongliang free delivery, is so proud

Say important things three times

Free delivery! Free delivery! Free delivery!

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July 20-21 with the collection of praise pictures

Zhongliang No.1 Courtyard Marketing Center

You can get a cool Internet celebrity water cup!

The hot summer comes to Zhongliang

Spray water cup wayward collar

Liang Shuang, there is a cup in the mouth!

(Live view)

A new way to drink water A new trend of Internet celebrities

The harsh summer has arrived, muggy heat

If you don’t do anything, you can sweat

Drinking water to replenish that is a must!

If you want to drink saliva to cool down, open the water cup

It was found that the water had long been heated

It’s not cool to drink at all!

Especially just after the exercise

Dry mouth cannot be relieved

It’s still sticky, don’t mention how uncomfortable!

So Zhongliang No. 1 Courtyard gives this to everyone

A spray water cup that is popular all over the world and used by fashionistas

Such a nice and stylish cup

Naturally, it was well received as soon as it was launched

Sports enthusiasts from all over the world

Fashionistas love it

Even stars carry it between filming!

With this water cup, open the drinking water

Spray to cool down, quench thirst and quench heat, don’t mention how cool!

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Spray cooling cascades on the go

Spray to cool down and drink water to cool off

Be your handy cascade!

Just one touch

The stickiness on the body is lifted in 1 second

The water mist spewed out was fine and dense, like a layer of cloud smoke

Spray onto skin

As light and thin as toner

It not only dissolves the heat of the body

It can also be used in hot summers

Moisturize and energize the skin!

It’s like carrying a small waterfall with you

Quench your thirst and quench your heat!

Large capacity, small weight

This cool water cup is a great companion to take with you

Whether it’s hiking, hiking, cycling or going to the gym

You won’t get tired with it

It can fully meet the water needs of a person to go out

And it’s lightweight, and the takeaway is completely stress-free!

(Project renderings)

Summer Fun Vacation A refreshing summer

Liang Shuang has a summer, and there are cups in the mouth

Zhongliang big brand, cool hot summer!

Summer big FUN price, not only super cool water cup free delivery

There are also surprise special rooms waiting for you!

During the event, Zhongliang launched boutique special price listings every day

The highest discount is more than 75,000 yuan!

Hundreds of billions of beams, fortunately will come to the spring

Great benefits are coming, a refreshing summer!

Thousand Years Linquan City Centennial No. 1 Courtyard

The first phase of the construction area is about 105-131㎡ riverside beautiful house is decreasing by the minute

Building area of about 27-129㎡ all-round small households & shops Simultaneous hot sales

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