The swimsuit beauty in the heart of a straight man looks like this? Slim is not the standard! Fleshy girls are the best

It’s the summer favorite of straight men again, in addition to watching the ball, staying up late in the dark, and going to the beach

Look at swimsuit beauties

It was also quietly put on the agenda.

(Happy straight man running to the beach to see swimsuit)

Xiao Zhi was surprised to find that many girls on the Internet obviously have proud figures, but they madly complained that they were too fat to wear swimsuits and wanted to lose weight!

Looking at the photos that were about to come out, Xiao Zhi couldn’t help but be angry, no, angry.

(The cry of the heart: don’t lose weight, please don’t destroy the heavens!) )

For the vast majority of straight men, that’s not fat at all,

A little meaty, the front and back are the best body!

For example:


Let’s get back to business.

In fact

Girls really don’t understand boys’ aesthetics for swimwear

In the eyes of boys, girls wearing swimsuits and good or bad figures are not necessarily related, even if they are slightly fat, they can be beautiful.

Let’s take a look at the ancestor of the straight male world

Jiang Wen

In “Sunny Day” directed in 1995, how to let fat girls wear swimsuits and wear goddesses.

In this film, Milan, the social lady played by Jingjing, fascinated Ma Xiaojun.

In a scene in the swimming pool, Milan, wearing a red swimsuit, came to Ma Xiaojun, and the little brother’s eyes were straight.

(Teenager, your eyeballs are about to fly out)

According to the aesthetic standards of many female netizens, Milan’s figure is definitely worthy of a tiger’s back and bear waist, even if you wear a plus-size swimsuit, it is definitely not good-looking!

(Serenity’s swimsuit looks fashionable today)

So the question is: why didn’t Ma Xiaojun fall in love with the slender and amorous Yu Beibei (played by Tao Hong), but was fascinated by the Milan fan with a tiger’s back and a bear’s waist? Look at the face?


(Yu Beibei even took the initiative to kiss Ma Xiaojun in the play)

On the surface, we all know that Milan is a beautiful adolescent sexual fantasy of Ma Xiaojun.

Deep reasons,

A plump and sexy body has a natural allure for men

, and the so-called fat man is a world of difference. So a girl like Milan who looks fleshy, the boy will find it very cute.

Well, and Apricot Suzuki from “Head Text D”.

The fleshy Suzuki apricot wore a white swimsuit and Zhou Dong came to the beach to have fun, and the first time he saw Suzuki apricot in a swimsuit, Zhou Dong was instantly shy.

(Zhou Dong: Why is it me who covers my chest? )

According to the views of many girls, Suzuki apricot is not only slightly fat but also flat-chested, but in the eyes of boys, he dares to take the initiative to ask himself

Confident girls are the cutest ones

Girls who dislike their wide shoulders can also be stunning in swimsuits.

Look at Haruka Ayase’s “Calling for Love in the Center of the World” lying on the beach with the male protagonist, whether the shoulders are very “broad and majestic”, but still very goddess~

And MAX in “Bankrupt Sisters”, isn’t she a goddess in the minds of thousands of otaku people?

Maybe you think the above examples are too floating.

Obviously, the face is good-looking, what does it have to do with the figure

? Or maybe you think you’re fat, and wearing a swimsuit is without a goddess!

Don’t worry, Xiao Zhi will give you another chestnut:

Famous beauty in the fat world, Naomi Watanabe.

(Blow, blow, my flesh indulgence)

With a height of 157cm and a weight of 100kg, does it sound stressful? Let’s look at people’s occupations:

Model, actor

。 Suddenly a tingling in the scalp, can’t help but want to go up to diss?

Don’t be surprised, Naomi Watanabe is on INS

Japan’s first female Internet celebrity

, sitting on 6.9 million fans, finished the explosion of thin people such as Masami Nagasawa and Kiko Mizuhara, and also founded their own trendy brand PUNYUS. The most important point,

She didn’t win in a funny way

(Isn’t it trendy and cute?) )

Naomi Watanabe often shares all kinds of dry goods, makeup and outfits on INS, and the brands recommended by her are always swept away by the majority of sister paper, which is the power of idols.

Look at the swimsuit photos of the 200-pound girl, you will feel that the world is wonderful

Many girls may still not understand, haven’t swimsuits always been the patent of thin people?

Xiao Zhi by the way,

The perspectives of boys and girls are completely different

The majority of female compatriots always feel that only thin, very thin, super thin Victoria’s Secret angels can wear swimsuits out of the feeling of a goddess, but in the eyes of boys, this is not the case.

Even slightly fat girls, if matched properly, can still amaze the eye

Why do you say that? Let’s look to history for answers.

Speaking of fat, I have to mention the Tang Dynasty, which was an era when fat was recognized as beauty. Take the term “Huan Fei Yan Thin”, Huan and Yan refer to Yang Yuhuan and Zhao Feiyan respectively.

Zhao Feiyan is a beautiful woman of the Han Dynasty, and Yang Yuhuan is the same name, it is said that she can do “palm dance”, that is, she can stand on the palm of her hand and dance, Xiao Zhi silently made up for the scene of willows fluttering in the wind,

Too slender, so it’s not beautiful

Yang Yuhuan is notoriously plump (should be thinner than Naomi Watanabe), because of her “three thousand favors in one”, so the big fat girl has become a fashion, Bai Juyi wrote a poem to complain about the scene at that time: “So let the world’s parents heart, not reborn male and female”…

(The earliest image of Yang Guifei)

Slightly fat is a manifestation of wealth

, which means that life is good, not bad money! In the past of social turmoil, fat was a symbol of class, so slightly fat girls looked graceful and luxurious.

In addition to Yang Guifei, the beauties in European Renaissance oil paintings are all breasts and fat buttocks, with convex front and back upturns, such as the famous painting “Mona Lisa” that we are familiar with, with a big waist and a round waist, but still very beautiful!

Slightly chubby women represent greater fertility

。 Among the earliest Paleolithic artifacts unearthed, a clay sculpture with distinctive female characteristics represents the god of fertility at that time.

You see, being slightly fat not only represents a high social status, but is also worshipped as a god!

So in the matter of swimsuits, what is the aesthetic of boys today?

Xiao Zhi secretly told everyone that dressing thin and undressing with meat is the benchmark for many boys, but!

Generous and unpretentious, cheerful personality

The girl is the real killer.

Seeing this, will female compatriots still be troubled by choosing swimsuits?

Self-confidence is always the best retouching software