Small stall owners, big dreams! Jimo’s first Christmas Rainbow Market recruits “flea market” stallholders for free

I believe that many Qingdao people know the Star Market held in Signal Hill every year. For more than a decade, this lively market that transcends nationalities and cultures has been attracting visitors from all over the world! Now it’s the Christmas season again, and this year’s Christmas Rainbow Market has come to Jimo for the first time. The friends who live in Jimo no longer have to travel by car, and they can experience the atmosphere of Christmas abroad at their doorstep.

Jimo’s first Christmas Rainbow Market recruits “flea market” stallholders for free

It is reported that this Christmas Rainbow Market will be held in MCC Rainbow Street from 12.24 to 12.26. In addition to Christmas decorations, various delicacies and exquisite handicrafts, this year’s Christmas Rainbow Market also prepared a “flea market” for children (free registration telephone: 0532-68873716), which is not only a delicious, beautiful and fun Christmas rainbow market, but also an off-campus classroom to help children establish financial management and environmental awareness!

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Small stall owners, big dreams! If you have a lot of toys in your home that are old or that children don’t like, unused children’s books, etc. In order to revitalize the children’s idle items, the Christmas Rainbow Market has set up 8-10 “flea market” stalls for children, and children can apply for free to become the “cutest little stall owner”.

This activity is not for economic purposes and is not driven by price, so that every child who participates can get rich experiences and feelings from it. Through participating in activities, children can learn fair trade and cultivate the good virtues of thrift and thrift.

The “flea market” is accompanied by parents and children themselves as “cutest stall owners”. The items exchanged can be children’s toys, books, or idle items at home, or handicrafts made by children. While entertaining, it also allows children to know how to cherish objects and cherish resources. At the same time, the reuse of idle items spreads the concept of green consumption and advocates children to strive to be environmental protection warriors!

As long as you have children aged 4-14 in your home, you can sign up for the event for free!

Number of applicants:

10-15 children, until full

Event Location:

Qingdao Jimo Shilin 3rd Road and Hongyan River 1st Road Intersection (MCC Heyueli Rainbow Street)

Number of recruits for the event:

10-15 groups of families

Activity Fee:


Delicious, good-looking, fun! The Christmas Rainbow Market is waiting for you!

In addition to the loving, environmentally friendly and public welfare parent-child “flea market”, this Christmas rainbow market has more delicious, beautiful and fun activities. Take photos, check in, play, shop… There are many more prizes waiting for you to claim!

The whole market will restore the European Christmas atmosphere, bringing together exotic snacks, overseas imported snacks, Christmas special ornaments, trend badges, Internet celebrity food, as well as many internationally renowned brand goods, Christmas gifts, home goods, hot drinks, coffee, children’s toys, etc. In addition, eight “Christmas cars” will be assembled on site to create a trunk market. Car owners will bring Internet celebrity grass and good things, personalized car models, cultural and creative figures, trendy play, etc., to gather in the market to exchange and trade, and open up a different shopping experience.

Jimo’s new fashion check-in block – MCC and Yueli Rainbow Street

This Christmas Rainbow Market is hosted by MCC Dexian Mansion, a subsidiary of MCC Real Estate, and is the first session in Jimo District! The market is located in the self-built commercial street of MCC Dexian Mansion – MCC and Yueli Rainbow Street, which belongs to the western commercial and trade city section of the main urban area of Jimo, near Mashan Geological Park, Danang Park (under construction), Jimo Ancient City, etc., with both natural landscapes and history and humanities, and profound cultural heritage.

As one of the first 16 central real estate enterprises of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, MCC Real Estate ranks among the top 100 real estate enterprises in China and has strong brand strength. Among them, Dexian products are one of the high-end product series of MCC Real Estate, and Qingdao Dexian Mansion is the fifth in China and the first Dexian product in Qingdao.

MCC and Yueli Rainbow Street is a new fashion check-in block in Jimo District, and it is also a 30,000-square-meter characteristic commercial street built by MCC Dexian Mansion Project. The commercial street covers catering, leisure, entertainment, social, family, parent-child and other formats, creating full-time surprises in different life scenarios with rich and diverse and composite symbiotic formats, providing consumers with a consumption space with both scene and technology. At the same time, with favorable opportunities and leading advantages in regional demographic dividend, commercial street characteristics, theme formats, brand strength, investment promotion and operation, Qingdao MCC Heyueli Rainbow Street has also solved the worries of investment customers.

【How to participate in the event】

12.24-12.26 Check in to Zhongye Dexian Mansion • Christmas Rainbow Market, after receiving tickets for free online, forward any activity information to your friends, you can enter the Christmas Rainbow Market with screenshots, and receive Ping An fruit, punch in the blind box, participate in the hourly lottery activity, etc.!

Event site consultation office: MCC Dexian Mansion sales office

(Intersection of Shilin 3rd Road and Hongyan River 1st Road)

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