Scooping soup spoons (new legend)

One of a hundred

Da Yuan set up a stall for spicy soup at a convenience market near a neighborhood in the city. On this day, a middle-aged man came to the stall, holding a long paper bag under his armpit, standing not far away.

Da Yuan felt strange, a little impatiently raised the stainless steel pot lid, and used a soup spoon to knock on the pot lid – this is his deliberate noise, usually a means to attract guests, but then there is a warning meaning: don’t wander around here and mislead people’s business!

Seeing this, the man hurriedly stepped forward and smiled, “Good master!” My surname is Fang, you can call me Lao Fang. I’m going to set up a stall here and sell spicy soup, but it’s a fan spicy soup, and it doesn’t conflict with your meatball spicy soup. No, according to the number of roads in our line, I will say hello to you first, and hope to take care of you more in the future. ”

There is a rule in the spicy soup shop, called “one hundred and two”, that is, it is not allowed to open a second one within 100 meters. Seeing Da Yuan’s hesitation, Lao Fang hurriedly opened the paper package under his armpit, took out a wooden soup spoon, and said, “Don’t worry, my booth is guaranteed to be a hundred meters away from you.” Our hometown does this a lot, so the industry tools are also a little famous, no, I bring an extra spoon with me, you can make do with it. I promise, more than that stainless steel spoon in your hand…” He couldn’t find the right word for a while, and searched his stomach for a long time before saying, “It’s more in line with the current environment.” ”

Seeing that Lao Fang was so sincere, Da Yuan smiled. To say, Da Yuan has just moved here from the country market, and he is not qualified to be a pioneer in the mountain. Comparing his heart to his heart, he said sincerely: “Brother Fang, you are polite, the market here is bigger, not as big as the countryside, and it can fully accommodate the two of us.” ”

For the spoon handed over by Lao Fang’s hands, Da Yuan did not intend to accept it: “You also said that everything must be in line with the present.” We used to sell soup, pay attention to wooden barrels and spoons, the advantage is that it is not heat dissipation, easy to insulate, but bulky! Now with a stainless steel spoon and a thermal bucket, it is light and easy to wash, who still uses it? Da Yuan said while sticking the steel spoon into the soup bucket and stirring it around: the steel spoon is light and convenient, and it is easy to scoop. In contrast, the wooden spoon is thick and heavy, and the steering is not effective, and it must be much more clumsy.

Seeing this, Lao Fang said a few polite words and left with the soup spoon. Da Yuan looked at his back and muttered in his heart: Oh, no matter what, there will be many opponents in the future!

Unique skills

It didn’t take long for Da Yuan’s premonition to come true: with the opening of Laofang’s stall, his business gradually deteriorated.

On this day, it was time for breakfast, Da Yuan specially prepared half a pot of ingredients, but he saw that it was past eight o’clock, and the pot had not yet been sold. He was anxious, so he knocked on the lid of the pot with a soup spoon and shouted: “Take a look at it, hot spicy soup!” But many familiar customers turned a blind eye to him and went to Lao Fang, and some people glared at Da Yuan inexplicably.

Da Yuan didn’t have a taste in his heart, and quietly sneaked in front of Lao Fang’s stall, mixing in the crowd and secretly looking: Hey, I can’t see that Lao Fang has any unique skills! Although one is vermicelli spicy soup and the other is meatball spicy soup, there are noodles in meatball spicy soup, and minced meat in vermicelli spicy soup, but the main ingredients are different.

Looking again, Da Yuan’s gaze locked on the wooden spoon that scooped soup in Lao Fang’s hand: Could it be that the soup spoon in his house is really exquisite?

Da Yuan was thinking about it, Lao Fang found him and saw that he was here to “explore the camp”, and Lao Fang also said bluntly: “In fact, our soup tastes good, if you can change to me, business can also rise.” ”

Da Yuan was confused and asked, “I came to you, so where are you going?” ”

Lao Fang smiled meaningfully: “Go to you, let’s swap!” ”

When Da Yuan heard it, he was not angry: the snack business pays attention to the flow of people, and Da Yuan’s stall is close to the entrance and exit of the community, in comparison, Lao Fang is more here.

Seeing that Da Yuan’s face changed, Lao Fang was about to explain, and there were guests at the meat dumpling stall next to him who ordered spicy soup. Lao Fang answered, said hello to Da Yuan, and sent the soup first. Da Yuan stayed in place, and saw a new spoon of soup next to the old square soup bucket. He thought that if Lao Fang’s unique skills were really on that spoon, he really wanted to take one back to study and study. But when people wanted to send him, he didn’t want it, now open his mouth and ask people to take it, how is it embarrassing? Da Yuan gritted his teeth and quietly hid the soup spoon under his apron…

Unexpectedly, as soon as Da Yuan turned around, he was pulled by someone. An old gentleman shouted at him, “Why are you messing with other people’s things?” At this time, when everyone heard the movement, they all gathered around, and Da Yuan suddenly blushed. Lao Fang also walked over, and everyone turned out the wooden soup spoon from under Da Yuan’s apron. Some people said: “Lao Fang, he sees that your business is good, he is jealous of you, and he wants to steal your spoon and smash your field!” Don’t be afraid, we’ve got you back! ”

Lao Fang pondered for a moment, suddenly “haha” smiled, threw his hands at the group, and said: “This is the spoon that my brother Da Yuan asked me to buy, I asked him to go to the stall to pick it up by himself, but I didn’t expect to cause everyone to misunderstand.” Then, reflexively, he pulled out a spoon from the spicy soup bucket and said, “You misunderstood, you see, my spoon has been immersed in the pot.” My spoon is Tsubaki, and the king of Tsubaki, the aroma of Tsubaki wood and the spicy soup of vegetarian-based vermicelli complement each other the most; The spoon that Brother Yuan took was made of peppercorn wood, which could solve the fishiness of meatballs and spicy soup. ”

Mutual tolerance

Everyone dispersed in disbelief, and Lao Fang waved his hand indifferently, and Da Yuan returned to his booth with a red face.

After this “robbery”, the meal will pass, and the cauldron soup will no longer be able to sell it, and it will be lost. In the past, Da Yuan would use a spoon to stir in the barrel: there was salt and starch in the soup, which could turn out all the meatballs underneath and float on it was very tempting, but after that, the soup and ingredients would be separated by layers due to uneven heat and cold, affecting the taste. Alas, at the moment, time is tight, and in order to reduce losses, Da Yuan can’t take care of so much.

Da Yuan Gang was about to pick up his steel spoon and stir, thinking about Lao Fang’s words just now, in order to block his tongue, he had to “fake the drama and really do it”, and changed the wooden spoon to gamble and stir it up. After a while, he was surprised to find that there was no obvious layering change in the soup in the bucket. He quickly understood the reason: wooden spoons do not conduct heat, unlike steel spoons that dissipate heat quickly, in order to maximize the texture of the soup. He then summarized several benefits of wooden spoons: it is not easy to cut off fans when scooping up; If you bump in the bucket, it is not easy to hurt the pot.

In this way, when Lao Fang gave himself this wooden soup spoon, was it really a piece of goodwill? Da Yuan pondered, as soon as he looked up, he saw that not far from the stall, there were two uniformed Market Supervision Bureau staff, staring at him intently.

Did someone complain just now? Da Yuan was uneasy, and saw a city supervisor pick up the phone and say, “We are at the scene.” Yes, the signature is Yuan’s meatballs and spicy soup. Sorry, the report was false. People don’t violate the law, we have no reason to deal with people. ”

What’s going on? When the city supervisor left, Da Yuan was still stunned in place. Lao Fang collected the stall, walked over, and said, “Why, you still haven’t understood?” ”

Da Yuan asked, “Understand what?” ”

“Looks like you haven’t learned it yet!” Lao Fang rubbed his hands and said, “We used to do business in the country market, the place was large, the stainless steel utensils were bright, and when we made soup, we deliberately touched the soup bucket with a spoon, and it made a crisp sound, which seemed to be a prosperous business, but it was different when we entered the city.” Nearby is a residential area, and the partition wall is the building. Some old people are shallow, some children are sleepy, some people have to go to and from the night shift, let’s go out early, and then make a ‘bang, disturb people’s dreams, will definitely be complained! ”

Ah, why didn’t I expect this stubble! Da Yuan was excited: No wonder some guests have seen him recently. In contrast, Lao Fang’s stall is much more “quiet”, coupled with his honest business, and the spicy soup tastes good, which naturally won a good reputation from nearby residents. Oh, fortunately, I used Lao Fang’s wooden spoon just now and escaped punishment.

The more Da Yuan thought about it, the more excited he became, and said, “It turns out that you did this for my own good!” Lao Fang scratched his head and said: “Not only for you, you think, you are so ‘banging, once the residents’ report is implemented, maybe we all have to move the stall!” ”

“But if you didn’t help me just now, I would definitely have to be punished, or even driven away,” Da Yuan’s voice was quiet, “Isn’t it better for you to do the independent business here?” ”

Old Fang smiled blandly and said, “I can’t say the big reason, but peers don’t necessarily have to be wrongdoers, tolerate each other, help each other, and the business will definitely get better and better!” ”