These sports sweatpants are beautiful and sassy, and fashionable people wear them

Striped contrast panels

Very retro-futuristic,

Let sweatpants also create a strong fashion sense.

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These sweatpants are sassy and beautiful



After Lixia, he wore less and less day by day, and the fat on his waist, thick thighs, and flat ass could not be hidden; The weather is hot, sweating is still sticking to the body…

Girls wonder every day: what exactly can they wear to look thin and good?

Relaxed and young and free

Retro sporty style

, with its own nostalgic filter, is a popular trend at the moment.

It has also become this year’s popular “flesh covering god pants”, which modifies the shape of the legs and creates a toned body curve

Looking through ins, supermodel bloggers now wear sports sweatpants, and it has long been more than just pants with sweatshirts.

Wear it with a yoga vest, T-shirt, and slim top; The top is short and the bottom is long, and the body proportion is elongated.

Wear it daily and outdoors, comfortable and comfortable, and the whole body is full of healthy and sunny youthful atmosphere.

Many sweatpants are still similar to those in winter, and now they are thick and stuffy, and it is important to choose the fabric and choose the style.

Today I recommend a sweatpant suitable for spring and summer wear–

Couple’s fast-drying pants

Simple and loose

Couple fit

Paired with a soft material with a drape feel, this loose ankle tightens abruptly to accommodate all leg shapes.

Handsome and neat, you can also mix with your boyfriend!

It is very retro-futuristic, allowing sweatpants to create a strong fashion sense.

The cinching design exposes the slender ankle and releases the curves of beauty.

High-waist fit, enhance the waistline, visually lengthen the body proportions;

Elastic elastic design, easy to put on and take off, no strangulation.

The fabric is comfortable and light on all sides, which is breathable and skin-friendly, and is full of elasticity.

Wear it to give your legs room to bend and feel surrounded by gentle clouds, and you can move out of the street.

What’s also nice is that it also

Fast drying, fast drying, fast drying

Even if the heat of more than 30 degrees wears it, it will not sweat wildly when you go out, but a small cool breeze blows, which is as refreshing as a small air conditioner for walking.

Fitness yoga sweats pants are not stuffy, summer exercise keeps the skin breathing.

in common

Blue, black, pink

Three colors, whether it is paired with a T-shirt or a couple sweatshirt, has a different experience effect.

It is both comfortable and positive, giving young and toned a different charm.

The fabric is light and quick-drying, absorbing sweat and moisture-wicking

Walk with the wind and be dashing

Fabric is the soul of a garment, and smoothness and comfort are the feelings of these quick-drying pants after the upper body.


Four-sided stretch-drying fabric

(96% polyester + 4% spandex).

It is soft and sticky to the touch, very light, slippery on the body, light and breathable without restraint.

Its breathability is higher than that of ordinary fiber fabrics



In addition, the shape is gentle and flowing, and it has strong drape, which can accelerate the air flow, and the strong sweat absorption performance also makes the wearing more adaptable.

Even if you sweat all over, you won’t feel sticky! Stay away from the embarrassment of sweating.

What’s more:

It also dries quickly

As the name suggests, quick-drying pants dry faster than other clothing, allowing the wearer to keep their bodies dry and more comfortable when exercising outdoors.

Especially when returning to Nantian, it is really important to do it quickly.

This point Miss Yura quick-drying pants are also worth mentioning: easy to clean, dry quickly, Xiaobian specially cleaned and tried, the hair dryer dried after a while.

Not only cool and dry, but also a certain degree of water repellency, compared to ordinary clothes drying speed is relatively fast, can keep the body dry at all times.

This fabric is not pilling, machine washable, anti-abrasion and resistant to silk.

Oversize fit to define the figure

Slim 10 pounds, wear long legs in 1 second

Details are the only way to highlight the quality of a product, and these quick-drying pants can be said to be meticulous in the details.

Compared with tight jeans, its wide-leg fit will not expose leg defects, and even girls with pear-shaped bodies can wear long legs.

Loose and moderate, coupled with a high waist and bound feet, it shows thin and long legs, and it is easy and comfortable to wear without picking people.

Whether you wear it at home, go out in formal wear, fitness exercise, shopping, shopping, watching movies, dinner, it can stand alone,

You can also make up a couple and girlfriend.

The waist of the trousers adopts an adjustable elastic waistband, and the drawstring elasticity can be adjusted freely, and the elasticity is very good.

It doesn’t matter if you are fat or thin, the size is very complete,

80-175 pounds

They can be worn and cover almost all body shapes.

The elasticated waist design does not have a strangular feeling, and it also shows the waist line.

The cuffs are designed with rubber bands with bound feet, which is visually neat and stylish, adding a cool feeling.

Colleagues wear it tall and thin,

Visually tall 2cm

, the weight directly dropped at least 5 pounds.

There is a pocket on the left and right and behind the back for small items such as mobile phones, keys, etc. for daily needs.

3 colors, versatile and popular

Yoga, running, and going out on the street are all suitable

The sporty style has always been popular, and before the school uniform boom, the colorful sweatpants with striped decoration next to the pants became a trend, and later the contrast suits launched by major brands swept the runway.

These quick-drying pants are also made with a special twist

Geometric contrast building with striped embellishments

, allowing you to take your sporty style to new heights of fashion.

Three colors, full of workwear, turning into a girl with a return rate in the city in minutes.

Coupled with the fact that sweatpants are extremely inclusive of the body, the pear-shaped body and small thick leg defects of the parents can be covered up under the loose design.

In hot and cold weather, bring a sweatshirt over your shoulders, and your fashion sense is rising.

Casual shoes are also a good partner for sweatpants, this sweet and explosive pink + white shoes are simply walking with the wind, more sassy.

A pair of socks can save sweatpants with the same sporty feel. The small white socks are directly put on the sweatpants, and the corset pants have a little more layering.

Striped contrast panels

Blue, black, pink