How to wash summer quilts of different fabrics?

Seeing the sunny weather outside, there is an urge to throw everything into the washing machine to wash it again, especially the cover of the bed cushion, the moisture and sweat for many days. Sticky and not dry, it is a breeding ground for mite bacteria.

According to statistics, the normal amount of perspiration 24 hours a day is 600 to 700 ml, more in summer, sweat is easy to be fully absorbed by bedding, especially the core, because of the filling reasons, should be cleaned regularly.

It is recommended that everyone wash the summer cool quilt once a month to once a month.

So Xia Liang was thrown directly into the washing machine machine to wash it? The answer, of course, is no! Like MMs use skin care products, different skin types have different needs, of course, summer quilts are different materials, and washing and care are also different.

Cotton summer quilt

Can be washed with a variety of soap or detergent, you can soak in water for a few minutes when washing, but not too long, so as not to damage the color.

Its optimal water temperature is 40~50 °C, you can master a small number of times, that is, each clean water rinse does not necessarily use a lot of water, but wash several times. After washing, it should be cooled in a ventilated place, and should not be exposed to the sun.

Tencel summer quilt

Tencel is a plant fiber taken from European forests, suitable for hand washing or roller gentle mode washing, it is not recommended to brush, use neutral silk detergent, try not to screw after washing. All light fabrics are recommended to be laid flat to dry, not exposed to the sun. Improper washing can cause “pilling.”

Silk summer cool quilt

The summer cool quilt of silk fabric should be removed and washed separately, and if the washing of the cloth is slightly contaminated, it can be gently brushed with a small amount of clean water and ironed at low temperature with an iron.

The washing temperature is controlled below 30 ° C, use neutral detergent (avoid alkaline washing powder), soak the core within 5 minutes, wash gently, and dry in the shade. Because silk is a protein fiber, it can cause yellowing and brittleness when exposed to sunlight.

Chemical fiber summer cool quilt

Chemical fiber fabric summer cool quilt needs to ensure that it cannot be cleaned with hot water to avoid destroying its chemical fibers. Avoid chemical fiber fabrics losing flexibility and becoming hard. Soak in the washing solution for 15-20 minutes, select “Gentle Mode” in washing machine mode, and flatten the quilt shaking when drying to prevent it from being recoiled.

In cleaning summer cool quilts need to pay attention to:

01 Dry cleaning is not recommended

Dry cleaning is not recommended, dry cleaning will add dry cleaning agents, damaging fibers, especially natural fibers. Some people consider the value of summer cool quilts, such as silk fabrics, etc., and some want to save trouble, want to dry clean, ordinary dry cleaning agents are toxic substances, contact with the skin is very harmful, so can only wash Oh.

02 Control duration

The soaking time before cleaning should not be too long, and try to use a mild, neutral detergent. It is best to control the cleaning time within half an hour to avoid the deterioration of the fabric feel and the phenomenon of fiber clumping. Strong washing time will make the fabric rough, and the filler is also easy to damage because it is thin.

03 Do not expose to the sun

When drying summer quilts, it is recommended to reverse the summer cool quilt to the back without printing, and cannot be directly exposed to the sun. It should be dried in a ventilated place as well.

Source: Home Specialist