2019 spring new dress female, cotton crushed flower professional women’s long section spring shirt skirt

It may be that the shirt is too official! Just thinking about getting the pattern to attract people, the upper body shirt and the lower body skirt are combined into the beautiful dress, the unsuccessful, and a few females, the fun of the same color is not open. , Enriching the infinite imagination, breaking dullness with interesting things, a little bit of playful and not lost.

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“The hot oats” is kind and comfortable

The design of V is embellished with the lace, enriches details, and has long’s neck lines, showing a charming clavicle, and has a little bit of sexy, but also baked his face to look small, sleeves made a speaker pattern , Modify the arm lines make your hands are free, interpretation of different girls.

“Cardigan” seven-point sleeve


The cardigan design is easy to wear, and it also forms a vertical strip in the visual. It is more intimate to more compliance with the human body in the spring.


“Quality Belt” fun letters


The cardigan style is relatively friendly, not loose but not tight, comfortable, a high-quality PU leather belt is light waist, can be simply decorated, the seemingly small, a big energy, lame Waist, or the proportion of good helper, full of fun letters bring vitality to the skirt, add a few small playful.

“Fashion print” cotton fabric

The cotton cloth is widely used in the apparel, precisely because of its nature of its fabrics. Its feel is soft, comfortable and breathable, natural and environmentally friendly in line with the needs of the human body. Rendering a cloud average comfort. Full of funny letters full of skirts, fashion elegance and no dynamic.

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