The INTIMISSIMI bandeau bra offers endless possibilities

SHANGHAI, May 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Spring is coming to an end, and the breath of summer is on our face. How to be stylish in hot weather and stay elegant from the inside out? Whether it’s a relaxing excursion, a comfortable commute, a focused party moment, a casual get-together, or a leisurely time, INTIMISSIMI selects bandeau bras with different styles and functions for each woman, giving endless possibilities for summer wear.

INTIMISSIMI’s classic bandeau bra perfectly combines “functionality” and “beauty” to create a comfortable and elegant “nude” experience. Colors are mainly black, skin tone, and light skin tones that are easy to match, and almost every piece can be called a must-have treasure in the wardrobe. Navigate every occasion with ease and unlock versatile looks.


Asia-limited collection

Easy excursions

Travelling short distances requires flexibility and comfort, and the DAILA Asia-limited lace bandeau bra provides excellent support and a double-tulle hem for comfort. The detachable and adjustable shoulder strap makes it stress-free with any top, making it easy to create a variety of elegant outfits.

Glossy series

A sophisticated and comfortable commute

The DAILA bandeau bra with ultra-light fibre has good stealth function, the smooth and unmarked cup surface is designed to match all kinds of commuting clothing such as shirts, and the unwired design and good fit maintain vitality and confidence all day long. The detachable shoulder strap makes it easy to switch between commute and appointments for highlight moments.



Focused party moments

Focused party moments need a romantic and elegant underwear. MONICA’S MICROFIBER GATHERED BRA FEATURES A COTTON INNER CUP AND A DETACHABLE SHOULDER STRAP FOR EASY COMFORT, OR WORN AS A VERSATILE BANDEAU WITH THE STRAP REMOVED. The unique low-bra cup design creates a sleek line that better closes the bust. The clever side adduction and enhanced beauty of the bust are a great choice for both style and comfort.


A casual get-together

Cozy and casual gatherings need to be beautiful while paying more attention to comfort, and the GIOIA bra without underwired cotton cups is soft and skin-friendly for a stress-free day. Wire-free design for a bondage-free experience. The inside of the underwear is created into a special shell-shaped structure, providing stable support and protecting the chest, cleverly fitting the body shape, presenting a more smooth and simple line sense, unique feminine style, the casual laziness and fashion tension perfectly balanced, with a variety of styles, to create a fashionable advanced trend shape.


Enjoy a relaxing time

The LAURA’s ultra-thin cup underwired low-cut bra provides support while ensuring comfort and bringing a soft fit to the bust. The silicone on the cup strap provides a double guarantee of support. Wear it to your heart’s content, without fear of slipping awkwardly. The smooth, unmarked cup is hidden under the coat, making it perfect for a leisurely time. Lightweight, effortless without sacrificing elegance, it instantly has a refreshing shape.

The INTIMISSIMI bandeau bra collection also comes in a variety of other styles and colours to meet everyday wear needs, creating versatile looks and unlocking more possibilities. Series products have been launched in stores nationwide, brand official websites and Tmall flagship stores.

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