Wan Qian was praised for her first appearance at the Spring Festival Gala, and after the show, she changed into an embroidered mesh short skirt that was super eye-catching, full of high-end sense of screen

“Sister Riding the Wind and Waves” has brought fire to many older girls, and Wan Qian is one of them. After the end of the Spring Festival Gala, Wan Qian’s low-key and people-friendly way of dressing was liked by the majority of netizens. In fact, Wan Qian is usually a master of dressing, others wearing transparent mesh with embroidered short skirts will look too enchanting, but she can wear a full screen of high-end sense, have to admire her temperament.

First, the skirt shape that shows the temperament of the goddess

As the temperature gradually rises, girls will give priority to skirts when choosing clothing, and choose a refreshing outfit with bare arms and legs, which will exude the elegant charm of the goddess, making the whole person temperamental and feminine.

Transparent mesh has a certain sheer effect, will show a particularly sultry state, but also let the girl’s sexy and enchanting side be presented, but always choose transparent mesh skirt, it is inevitable to fall into the stereotype because of the obvious perspective, so girls will add eye-catching and high-end designs to this fabric, such as embroidery, such as splicing or matching noble dresses. Wan Qian adopts embroidery with Chinese style and nobility, through gold, black and white tones, so that the color of the clothing is not so fancy, it is a low-key and elegant and atmospheric design.

Girls must highlight their curvy beauty when wearing skirts, and the appropriate use of high-profile tailoring can make the perfect body line be presented, which is the type favored by many personality girls. Wan Qian added gold sequins and heavy embroidery elements to the clothes, so that the overall clothing exudes the elegance and charm of classical Chinese clothing, and will also give people a kind of elegance and temperament like a lady.

Red sequin short dresses will have a complex and messy feeling because of more sequins, such clothes are suitable for stage wear, as a daily wear, many girls will feel that this style is simply too high-profile, they can’t control it. At this time, you may wish to start from the shape, using a short or simple design to cater to the public’s aesthetics, just like the design Wan Qian now chooses, using simple small leather bands at the waist with a short skirt to create an age-reducing and generous temperament.

There are many pleated skirts will have the feeling of a princess dress, such clothes will bring a little exaggerated beauty, but if combined with panels or pure tones will not look too fancy, just like the light yellow plain long skirt chosen by Wan Qian, but the eye-catching sequin belt is added to the waist, with a cape-style top and a slender skirt, bringing a retro and textured multiple charm.

Short slim dresses often bring the texture of a suit skirt, highlighting the capable and elegant president temperament, but such clothing will not make the perfect femininity highlighted, then use design elements to highlight the sense of elegance, such as Wan Qian’s choice of skirt this time using bud pleated overlap style, through the overlapping opening with a simple top, and red sequined shirt jacket to present an eye-catching and classic shape.

As a stage costume, girls will use some clever ideas of personality to show the charm of girls’ temperament through these exaggerated elements. Wan Qian chose a bandeau top with feather elements on the upper body with a slim skirt that covers the hips, through black and white color contrast to make a simple and atmospheric effect, but also through the appropriate tailoring to make her temperament charm fully displayed, such a skirt is not only suitable for stage wear, but also suitable for important events. If the clothing is more eye-catching and personal, the girl’s hairstyle and makeup can choose a delicate and simple style.

Second, classic formal wear looks fashionable and handsome

Wan Qian is a treasure girl, her dressing style will show multiple charms, sometimes sexy, sometimes handsome and generous, when choosing a classic texture jacket, it exudes a very handsome and charming state, and such clothing with personality elements will also bring super fashion effects.

The small black jacket combined with metal buttons and a very positive shape will exude the charm of girls’ ability and temperament, such clothing will have the feeling of Zhongshan clothing in the Republic of China era, and the main reflection of publishing beauty when matching this type of clothing. Wan Qian chose a white lace shirt inside, which retained the sweetness through lace elements, and also brought the texture of Zhongshan clothing through thin suit pants, retro and fashionable shape, showing multiple charms.

A classic garment, if the use of personality accessories or splicing embellishments, will make girls fashionable, fresh and romantic. The small lapels with a sense of design, through the long lapels and the shape of lace, combine this sweetness and handsomeness, creating a super eye-catching sweet cool style.

The improved version of the little suit can create an elegant and atmospheric effect with a statement skirt, and Wan Qian’s small suit adds a lot of sequin belts to the waist and a V-neck cut, showing a simple beauty, but also bringing sultry and invisible charm. In addition, it is paired with a short white skirt to create an elegant and handsome beauty.

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