Fashionable pipe trousers for the workplace! 1 second “pull” 1 meter 8, cool and advanced is very fashionable, with temperament to enhance the aura

Since ancient times, people rely on clothing

What clothes to wear for what occasion

It’s all exquisite

Especially cosmopolitan beauties

If you want to speak with strength, you must not fall behind

After all, jeans white T-shirt looks

There is no trouser shirt to be professional

(Intern) (Manager)

In the film and television works of various metropolises

Those workplaces

Female managers

Most of them are formal wear


Regular trousers are too rigid

Especially in summer, the heat is unbearable, so

Many people choose portable ones

Cropped trousers

Because it’s professional, stylish, and versatile


(Zhang Zilin)

Wear it with a shirt

Fashionable, elegant and intellectual

(Jiang Shuying)

(Song Qian)

Wear it with a T-shirt

It is also casual, energetic and youthful

(Tang Yan)

(He Sui)

So a jo is both commuting and leisurely

Versatile cropped trousers, you can’t do without

For this purpose, through repeated comparisons of fit and quality

Finally, the following one was chosen for everyone

Classic versatility

Cropped pipe trousers

It feels slippery and cold to the touch

It is very comfortable to wear and perfect for summer

And it


The effect of the leg shape is good

Whether you are fat or skeletonous

Wear them all with long legs

Show height, thinness, temperament, and enhance aura

No wonder a lot

The little sisters love it too much

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Classic 3D stereoscopic cut

, wide top and narrow bottom

Very inclusive,

Very flesh-covered

It perfectly covers the circumference of the thighs

And thus better

Shape your legs

Especially caused by prolonged sitting

False crotch width and large thick legs

are able to cover up well, so that you are still a little fairy

Sister Li, the mother’s mother in the office

After trying on the upper body, satisfied

Don’t want to take it off

The wide and thick legs of the false crotch are perfectly hidden

If you don’t say it, you can’t tell that she has given birth to a baby

It also specializes in treating various leg defects

Whether you have O-shape, X-shape, XO legs

All of them are long “I” shaped legs

And also

Small split ends in the heart

Elongated legs and more than a little longer

Compared to what jeans, flared pants

Not only good-looking, but also super temperamental

If you say you are fat and have a waist

Then don’t worry,

High-rise design

The meat covering effect has not been lost

The back is intimate

Elastic band design

I can eat a lot of meat

Pro-test, after the upper body

There is also a space of about 10cm

The welfare officer personally compares the upper body

Raised swimming rings for several years

Cover cleanly

Especially when going out for dinner

I can’t see it even if I eat it

, so that you are always beautiful

One does not lose

Big brand quality

of pants

Wearing it is full of luxury

Supple and silky

Skin-friendly fabric

Not only soft and slippery to the touch

Also extraordinary

Lightweight and breathable

Wear it on the body without stuffiness at all

We put it on our arm

Slipped in less than 1 second,

It’s silky

Hundreds of small pores in the fabric

It can quickly expel hot air from the body surface

Especially when the wind blows

When the air travels freely,

It is: cool

Covering flesh and showing thinness is more than that

The fit of the pants is good, thanks to it


The drape is good and not easy to wrinkle

Whatever you rub it, it works

Smoothed out in an instant

Not a single fold

Good drape + good breathability

Even if you sweat, you are not embarrassed

Of course also

No static electricity and no biting meat

(Electrostatic bite)

(No static electricity, no biting meat)

We in the summer, pay attention

In addition to not being stuffy, you have to ask for it

Not heavy

Light enough to fly

Dressed like I didn’t wear it, I was dumbfounded

(Pipe trousers) (Jeans)

So wear it even in summer

Also very, very


Super cool

In addition, cropped pipe trousers

dense weaving method,

Not easy to wrinkle and pill

Environmentally friendly plant printing and dyeing process

Strong color retention and fixing ability,

Wash for a long time without fading

Wear it for a year and it’s the same as new

As a working lady

The essential trousers,

Stylish and versatile

It is the essence of survival

As a versatile cropped pipe trousers

It’s not just easy

Weekday to Friday commuter packs

It’s okay

One pant for three seasons

, super powerful


Shirt + suit

The upper body has a more high-class feel

Easily interpret the cold manager in the workplace

It is temperament, but also professional


T-shirt + trousers

The upper body is relaxed and lively

Show the affinity of a gentle little sister

It is youthful vitality, but also sweet


Coat + trousers

There is a big temperature difference between morning and evening, wear a trench coat

Another charming confident little woman


Sweatshirt + trousers

Loose and comfortable sweatshirt with a mix of trousers

The overall is refreshing and looks full of personality


Be careful with machine shirts + trousers

Or lazy, or advanced

An intriguing sense of uniqueness

As for the matching of shoes

It can be said that it is versatile and has no taboos

High heels, single shoes, loafers

Professional, sexy and aura

Little white shoes,


cloth shoes



The casual feel neutralizes the serious formality of the trousers

Casual, casual, girly

A bar that can be salted or sweetened

Beauty pants

The young lady who passed through said yes

Or the workplace, or fashion

And look at these fleshy trousers

1 second to remove defects, return hello figure

If there is a temperament to enhance the aura, it is a cow

A pair of pants that can kill everything in seconds


Interview must wear god pants

Fresh apricot, versatile black

are all error-free colors

Any choice is a good match

The original price was 159 yuan

Now summer on new fracture prices

79 yuan a piece

Limited to 1,000 pieces, fans only

Sold out and restored to the original price

First come, first served

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Cropped pipe trousers

Cropped pipe trousers

Cropped pipe trousers

Cropped pipe trousers

Cropped pipe trousers

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