Borrowing an anti-hypophoresis “Fortune”, Heilongjiang shot! One pharmacy was fined 35,000 yuan

On January 22, Heilongjiang Provincial Market Supervision Administration was heldPrevention and control of new coronavirus infection pneumonia drugs, supplies price remindersFor the provincial pharmaceutical industry association, mask manufacturers, pharmacies, Chinese herbal medicines distribution units, large business overtime, etc., reminded and issued reminders.

The contents of the admissions are as follows:

1. Each operator and related units should strictly abide by the “Property Law of the People’s Republic of China” and “Regulations on the Implementation of Clear Coding Markets on Commodities and Services”, “Provisions for Prices Fraud Behaviors”, etc.Consciously enhance social responsibility, effectively strengthen price self-discipline management.

2, each operator and related unitsFollow the principles of fairness, legal, honesty and credit,为消费者提供价格合理的商品和服务.

3. Each operator should strictly implement the “Property Law of the People’s Republic of China”,It is strictly forbidden to join each other, take the opportunity to raise the price; hoarding,推动口罩等医用商品价格上涨.

4、自本提醒告诫书发布之日起,有关经营者应高度重视,加强自身价格管理.凡发现经营者有上述违法行为,市场监管部门将按照《价格违法行为行政处罚规定》有关规定,没收违法所得,并处违法所得5倍以下的罚款;没有违法所得的,A fine of 500,000 yuan or more in the amount of more than 500,000 yuan is 500,000 yuan or more than 500,000 yuan..并对典型案例通过新闻媒体公开曝光.


Daqing City Market Supervision Bureau conducts market inspection supervision of mask prices, visits major pharmacies, investigates three typical cases, hereby notify!

Borrowing an anti-hypophoresis

Daqing People’s Medical Co., Ltd.Sales of the “one-time medical mask” produced by Xinxiang Huang Shuo Co., Ltd., which has exceeded a shelf life, suspected of operating expired medical equipment, which violated the Regulations on the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices Regulations. According to Article 66 of the Medical Device Supervision and Administration, Article (3) of the first paragraph (3), confiscation of 62 packs involved in the case, andFine RMB 35,000.

Borrowing an anti-hypophoresis

Daqing City and Spring Hall Medical Sales Co., Ltd.Sales “Sunflower Medicine” brand gift anti-mask cover, “3M” 9002 anti-grain mask, unit price is 45 yuan / piece, sales factory name, factory “Wei love” mask price 45 yuan / bag, suspected of no clear code price and The behavior of the prices violates the provisions of Articles 13 and 4 of the Property Law of the People’s Republic of China, according to Article 40 of the “Price Law of the People’s Republic of China”, “Price illegal Administrative Punishment Provisions” Article 6 City Market Supervision BureauHas been investigated, currently performing relevant legal procedures.

Borrowing an anti-hypophoresis

Daqing Kangzhi Medical Sales Co., Ltd.销售赠品口罩,价格为20.00元/个,该行为违反了《中华人民共和国价格法》第十四条规定,涉嫌哄抬价格,推动商品价格过高上涨.依据《中华人民共和国价格法》第十四条,市市场监管局Has been investigated, relevant evidence is under investigation and evidence.

Daqing Market Supervision Administration prompt:在新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎疫情防控中,严禁囤积居奇、哄抬物价、制假售假等违法行为.发现违法线索,请拨打12315.


Borrowing an anti-hypophoresis

Borrowing an anti-hypophoresis

Borrowing an anti-hypophoresis