Five Android can be used with painting software, easy to get started

Recently, the house is at home,. The idle time of the class explores the mobile phone painting.


Mobile phone drawing finger or capacitor pen, hand-painted panels can.

Recommend a few drawing software:

Mei Yi

Little fairy who likes P map knows that this is equivalent to a mobile version of PS, and all functions have.I accidentally discovered the painting function, of course, the tool inside is relatively simple.


2. Draw bar (my favorite)


This is my most commonly used, and it’s more features in it. The color brush is rich, and it is convenient to get started.

There are also many excellent works inside, you can enjoy your appreciation, buy.Of course, our own excellent works can also go to the auction.

3. III strokes X


I prefer the hook line function in it, you can extract a photo of the outline, do it yourself.


4.Medibang Paint

This is a more professional, perspective, composition, and various majors.


5.Sketch book

Relatively, the tool is relatively simple, suitable for novices.

Here are a few steps when I use the software.