Hema pushes affordable ice cream this summer, nostalgic old popsicles, and realizes “ice cream freedom”

Recently, the Beiqing-Beijing headline reporter visited Hema and saw that it launched two of its own brands of heavy red bean popsicle and heavy mung bean popsicle, priced at 3.5 yuan a piece of old popsicle to let consumers relive the classic taste of childhood, and also launched 2 yuan fresh milk ice cream. At a time when the average price of ice cream has exceeded 10 yuan, Hema has taken the parity route in the cold drink industry.

“Ice cream starts at 10 yuan?” , “Ice cream freedom is getting farther and farther away from the masses? “Just in the middle of summer, many netizens are discussing the higher and higher price of cold drinks, and many consumers miss the affordable cold drinks they ate when they were children.

Red beans and mung bean popsicles have a place in the childhood memories of consumers across the country. This time, Freshippo reproduced the classic old taste, and also put a lot of effort into innovation.

It is understood that in terms of technology, in order to make the “Hema brand” old popsicle in the taste of the traditional model, following the traditional matching and filling process in the 80s of the last century, please go to the teacher with more than 30 years of filling experience, manually boil mung beans and red beans, through the right grasp of the heat, to ensure that each bean can be crispy without breaking, maintain the integrity of the appearance, and the mouth can bite the bean.

“The health needs of today’s consumer groups have also been fully considered and reflected in new products. The two new popsicles launched by Hema do not add sucrose, so that consumers can eat popsicles to relieve the heat with “0 burden”. The relevant person in charge of Hema introduced.

In addition to the old popsicles, Hema also launched ice cream made with fresh milk in April this year, which costs 2 yuan, and the sales of the popular store can sell about 1,200 sticks a day.

“Today, consumers can buy new products from mid-to-high-end brands such as Menglong, Baxi and Helu Xue or co-developed with us at Freshippo, as well as affordable ice bricks, ice cream and popsicles.” Hema is responsible for the procurement of ice products, Xiandao said that there is also the “big butt face ice cream” of the Hema IP series that has just been listed, priced at 9.9 yuan a piece, using pasteurized milk and cocoa liquid and other ingredients with a scientific ratio, the taste is slightly bitter and sweet, plus the 3D effect of the Hema head shape, after being on the shelves, it was quickly sold out in some stores.

It is reported that more than 16 new products from brands such as Helu Xue, Baxi and Häagen-Dazs have debuted in Hema this year, in addition to co-branded models with Menglong, Zhongxuegao, and Helu Xue and other brands exclusively sold in Freshippo.

Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Li Jia

Editor/Tan Weiping