Spicy Yoko redefines aesthetics! The short and stubby body wears a leopard print coat, which actually has a different fashionable beauty

When it comes to the definition of beauty, slimming and slimming always becomes an essential condition. It is true that the slender and tall body will appear to be spiritually capable, but the short and stubby body is not unbearable, and Moringa Yoko subverts the definition of beauty, bold and confident and unabashed.

Throughout most international catwalks, slender and tall is always one of the essential characteristics of models, thin waist and long legs and excellent waist-hip ratio are even more pluses, and gradually, the general aesthetic of society is also inclined to thin and tall figures.

Until this slightly fat girl named Yoko Spicy was born, it was everyone’s aesthetics that was subverted.

A green tulle top paired with red slip shorts is full of enthusiasm for a fierce collision of colors. Compared with the classic bright red-green contrast, what is more eye-catching is the body of spicy Yoko, which is not the generally recognized thin waist and long legs, but quite plump, but full of beauty.

Black and white tones

(1) Knitting set

If the large area of color contrast distracts attention from the figure, then the most low-key black and white combination will not hide anything. The big-necked knit top is designed with black threading for added layering. The bottoms are paired with black close-fitting shorts for a classic black and white color scheme. This body match does not have any effect on modifying the curves of the body, but exposes the already plump body, but the effect is not bad, it turns out that the sense of fashion is not exclusive to thin beauty.

(2) Suspender jumpsuits

Generally speaking, people will try their best to cover up the fleshy parts, and stay away from suspenders with fishnet socks. However, in fact, the white slip jumpsuit is added to the bow design to add layers, and the large round chain design is added to the texture with the pearl necklace. Although the black fishnet socks expose the small thick legs, they balance the monotony of pure white and have a bit of retro atmosphere.

(3) Slip dress

The performance of the slip dress is also quite good, with a pure white background and red print, full of youth. Although there is no collarbone to stand out, the V-neck design also has the effect of lengthening the neck proportions. The addition of white stockings fills the white space on the legs, and the orange heels brighten the overall tone, bursting with fashion.

Bright color matching

(1) Red sequin dress

The big red sequin skirt is designed with a slip, which not only has the innate enthusiasm of red, but also adds brightness and liveliness. The addition of a pearl necklace adds a touch of sophistication and balances the white space on the neck.

(2) Navy uniform

The short cream top has a V-neck fold-over design that greatly lengthens the neck proportions, and the open navel design enhances the waistline to lengthen the leg proportions. Red plaid shorts also enhance the visual center of gravity, and although the legs are short, they can be adjusted by matching.

(3) Green dress

Despite being a standard five-short figure, it can also have a sense of style. The green dress has a wide V-neck design, which alleviates the dullness of the slim fit of the upper body. At the same time, it contrasts with the large skirt and accentuates the waistline. The bright color scheme is even more eye-catching, and walking the red carpet is definitely not lost!

Shoulder padding set

Who said that the short and fat body cannot have a strong aura, and the shoulder padded shirt makes the shoulder and neck curves clearer, and the sapphire blue color scheme adds more temperament. The extra-high skirt is slim-fit and trimmed with vertical stripes for a powerful yet sophisticated look.

Everyday outfits

In daily life, many slightly fat girls will resist this layering method, in fact, the effect is good. The fluid polka-dot dress with a loose print jacket is new and stylish.

On January 16, spicy Yoko posted a new blockbuster, and she boldly tried new elements again with a standard five short body.

Long black tulle sleeves for a sheer effect and feathers at the chest for a dynamic finish.

Whether it is leather or corset design, it often gives people a dull feeling, but wearing it on spicy Yoko is not inconsistent, and the whole body is pure color without any decoration, and the heaviness is balanced by a sense of luster.

White off-the-shoulder top with taro stockings, the color scheme is novel and unique, and the hairstyle is even more vintage.

The mink coat is recognized as an aging element, but I didn’t expect that there was a different kind of beauty on the five short body spicy Yoko. A necklace is added to the chest to balance the weight of the material, and the tassel design adds a dynamic feel. The accessories on hand are also unambiguous, full of pearls and nobles. The fashion power of Yoko Yoko is really good, not a slender body, but the texture of the blockbuster is still online, redefining aesthetic standards.