58 square meters of simple style small apartment, folding table and wall bed are very practical

Today I share a set of simple style small apartments with a construction area of 58 square meters, the house area is not large, only made a bedroom, but the designer also arranged a wall-hung bed in the living room, mainly to facilitate the use of guests at home, the dining table is designed to be folded, but also convenient for the position of the living room sofa to change.

Floor plan

Between the entrance and the kitchen, a low shoe cabinet with frosted glass is used as a partition, the bottom of the gray-blue cabinet is left empty, and the combination of literary hexagonal bricks and wooden floors is very beautiful.

The kitchen cabinets and hanging cabinets are also chosen in gray-blue styles, which echo the surrounding wall paint. The multi-colored hexagonal tiles make the kitchen look layered and full of style.

On the side of the entrance door near the restaurant is a time-consuming stool for changing shoes and a clothes hook, and the dining table is a foldable style that can be placed against the wall when not used.

The dining room and living room are separated by a black-framed glass folding door, there is no TV in the living room, and a white locker serves as a storage point for children’s toys, books, green plants and other items.

The sofa background wall in the living room has been changed to a custom cabinet, and a bed is hidden in the cabinet, and the style of the coffee table and sofa can be selected to be lighter, so that it is more convenient to move.

When the living room is used as the second bedroom, the sofa is placed in the position of the dining table, and the advantage of deformed furniture is that it can make more flexible use of the space of the small house, so that the same area has more functions.

The bed and bay window in the bedroom are combined, and the entire space is designed with a tatami carpet and comfortable cushions on top, making the combination of turquoise blue and gray look fresh and natural.

Since there is no TV in the living room, the owner has prepared a projection screen in the bedroom, and lying on the tatami mat and watching TV makes people feel more comfortable and leisurely.

The bathroom has a design of separation of dry and wet, and the mirror cabinet extends above the toilet, so that there is more storage space. White bathroom utensils and gray wall and floor tiles make the bathroom look simple and relaxed.